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Lola 03-12-2010 05:26 AM

warehouse full of boys?
Hi, I am an abductee and I have had many strange experience involving underground bases and what I am pretty sure are massive warehouse/hangar structures. I find myself inside. There is a tent-city setup on the inside. Were there are "rooms" partitioned by tarps and sheets hung on ropes or wires. And the strange thing is the only people I see here are young boys (I'm a 23 year old female)... I have this feeling that I am supposed to be watching them. And there's a man that's wearing an official high0ranking military suit. He has white hair and often brings me the same little boy (about 3-4 years old)... and I just KNOW that he is my son. But in "real life" I have never had any children.

this man has appeared to me before, always presenting me with the same boy, in another larger building, that looked like an empty mall.

Has anyone had this experience with the tent-city within the warehouse?

I got chills when recently I heard a young man call into Coast to Coast and described almost exactly what I just described and the guest (I forgot who, but I think she was a psychic)... she told the caller that these were actually lost souls! :shocked:

I thought: Uhm... what!? Why am I being given the task of watching these "lost souls?"

Well, I ask it here, because all this ties in, no doubt, to my abduction. I'm sure this boy is a hybrid.

I know this large warehouse/hangar is somewhere in the desert, in the middle of nowhere. How I know this, I'm not sure. I may have seen it from the outside and am remembering that only subconsciously?

Note: standing inside the hangar, you can't even see all the sides of it, and the lighting above the tent set up does not reach the walls of this structure, that's how large this thing is!

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