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Wormhole 01-09-2010 07:40 PM

What does the "Great Gathering" mean to you?
Many resonate with Miriam Delicado, and then again, many do not. However, the idea and message of the "Great Gathering" is a relevant one to many. I feel that it is important to examine this message alone. My question being, what does the idea of the "Great Gathering" mean to you? Please share, as the information that you share helps us to understand this message and creates a force of energy behind it.

For those of you who are more interested in Hopi Prophecy and detailed information on this subject, I have included this link:

To me, the "Great Gathering" is a time and space where/when all people have the opportunity to unite with the common energy that all people not only need to change, but from that moment forward... have. That the dynamics of how we treat each other, from that moment forward is based from the heart. That the dualistic power that is the "old message" will no longer hold any worth. That our mother planet, ourselves, and our ancestors will have the opportunity to live free lives through respect and sustainability. That through living through the heart we are once again attached to our mother planet in unity, and we both begin to heal as our natural instinct to protect the living nature of being becomes once again intact.

I believe that tis process is already happening, as the energy grows to a point of intensity through "knowing" that our way of life must be sustainable. All over the planet people are waking up to the obvious, we are not going to make it if we keep moving in the direction we are moving in. We need to STOP and reconsider our actions. To me the "Great Gathering" is the world wide STOP. The inhale before we breathe freely, for the first time for many of us, and truly change direction.

Please share your impressions and visions of what the "Great Gathering" means to you.


futureyes 01-09-2010 08:30 PM

Re: What does the "Great Gathering" mean to you?
hi wormhole ...

as soon as i read your post i was reminded of something i wrote a couple of years ago ...
woke up one morning ... immediately felt the pull to get on my computer and write what came ...

and this is what came ...

the gathering of the ships ...

we are the tallest ships ... our sails are massive ...
sails risen from truth .. expanded from our love ... and our wisdom ...
in this moment ... we are in the midst of sail in deep oceans ...
we are being taught ... we are learning ... coming to know our truth in whole ...
each one of us ... sails in different oceans ... as sovereign ships ... seeking our own truth ...
we are of the new world ... but really of the old ... brought forth to this moment ...
our waters have been calm ... and they have been harsh ... so harsh at times ...
but our sails withstood ... truth kept us standing ...
as long as we were seeking our truth ... and trusting it ... our sails stood tall and proud ...
that has been our work ... to keep our sails up ... and keep our ships ... moving forward ...
we have been guided by a higher power ... from within ... guided to where we need to be ...
learning what we need to learn ... sometimes effortless ... many challenging ...
we as ships ... endured the storms ... the massive waves ... may have turned us over ... we may have gone under ...
and some have ...
we now sail in calmer waters ... we are coming in closer from the center of our oceans ...
closer to our lands of new ...
soon the ocean waters will be very still ... only ripples will move us forward ... ripples moving such tall ships ...
and it will be ...
and we will arrive ... our sovereign ships ... our sails set high ... white and pure ... whole ...
our tattered sails we will have mended ... on our profound journeys ...
the storms within our oceans ... will finally calm ...
our stories of old ... will be left behind ... they will remain ... within the depths of the oceans ...
we will set sail ... returning to our lands ... these lands will then be different ...
these lands will be the lands of the new ... the new earth ...
our ships will come together ... it will be called the great gathering ...
individually ... we have voyaged long to arrive to where we gather ... each a different journey ... yet each similar ...
each variously experienced ... each coming to know our own truth ... through our love ... and our wisdom ...
each knowing our purpose ...
each knowing the greater purpose ...
our ships will land in many parts of this world ... together ... we will create a new world ...
and our massive sails ... will be seen by all ...
for many who have still to take their journey ... they will want to know more about our ships ... where did they come from ...
why are they there ...
when gathered ... we will teach of peace ... love ... wisdom and truth ...
and the new way ... will begin ...
and the old ... will remain within the depths of our oceans journeyed ...
within the new ... fear ... pain and suffering of old ... will no longer be ...
all stories of old ... left behind ...
only truth will be brought forth ... only love ... abundance and respect to each other ... and our mother earth ...
and the new way will begin ...
and it shall be called ... the great gathering ...


rhythm 01-09-2010 08:45 PM

Re: What does the "Great Gathering" mean to you?
Wonder full
post future eyes ....
your words always manage to move me
to a deeper place in side ...
nice thread to thankyou
namaste rhythmmm..

Wormhole 01-09-2010 08:49 PM

Re: What does the "Great Gathering" mean to you?
That was very beautiful! I also wrote of the "Great Gathering" in an earlier post on the Pacific Northwest Ground Crew thread, both of us long before we had even heard of Miriam. This is one of the gongs that we hear in our heads, clearly making the connection and KNOWING that it has importance. Your imagery and poetry is extraordinary, as usual. It really carried the feeling of the journey form here to there.

This connection that we are making, the heeding of the gong, is what creates the energy/force that propels us closer to the point of synergy and ultimately to a critical mass. I wonder who else upon this forum has also heard the gong.

Please share.

Snowbird 01-09-2010 09:07 PM

Re: What does the "Great Gathering" mean to you?
I think that Miriam is wonderful and I try to follow her helpful presentations.

I continue to picture the Great Gathering from the perspective of a real gathering(s) all over the Earth. In my mind it is associated with the decloakings that I believe will happen soon. From that point, I am visualizing fundamental global change to the positive for all of the Earth's people and more importantly, Earth herself.

mudra 01-10-2010 12:29 AM

Re: What does the "Great Gathering" mean to you?
Thank you Wormhole ...a wonderfull thread ..

The great gathering is taking place around the Universal Heart ...This is where the barriers of judgements fall apart as we move through the veil of illusion and see that we are One .
It is the mirror image without ourselves of a process that 's taking place within where we let go of our belief systems and completely realize the Love that we are .
The great gathering goes hand in hand with the emergence and opening of our sacred Heart .
So within .. so without

Love Always

Wormhole 01-10-2010 02:51 AM

Re: What does the "Great Gathering" mean to you?
Thank you for all of your individual impressions of what the Great Gathering is. I think that it is important to point out that this is not about following the teachings of Miriam D. This is about the heart of ALL of US, unified yet autonomous, aware in oneness yet sovereign through our own journey. Here on this thread we see the truth of our becoming heart based beings while being true to ourselves.

To draw attention to the fact that many of us have heard this call long before Miriam's voice was courageous enough to point out the words so simply and without embellishment. Have we not known this all of our lives?

For many of us, the answer is a resounding YES. I respectfully request that we listen to our hearts and quietly hear the truth, and then become it.

I say this with the greatest LOVE for all who will listen. Old friends and new.
Peace of mind, strength of HEART,

futureyes 01-10-2010 03:13 AM

Re: What does the "Great Gathering" mean to you?
beautifully written wormhole ...

i especially love ... "the heart of ALL of US, unified yet autonomous, aware in oneness yet sovereign" ... for this truly feels where we are headed ...

lovingly and wisely ... we are "becoming heart based beings" ...

in the grand scheme of how long the old paradigm has been ... i feel things have been and will be changing very quickly ... the momentum will speed up ...

before we know it ... the old ways ... we won't know any longer ... and we'll wonder however it happened so quickly ...

and time will no longer compute as it once did ...

the great gathering ... i for one am VERY EXCITED! :thumb_yello:

nice thread wormhole ...

namaste ...


Wormhole 01-10-2010 04:33 AM

Re: What does the "Great Gathering" mean to you?
I am glad to be here and NOW, too!:original:

Shaynard 01-10-2010 05:42 AM

Re: What does the "Great Gathering" mean to you?
"The Gathering"means a great deal to me. before finding Miriam, and others who use that ''term" I was always drawn to it myself in my own "works". So I do feel extremely connected to others who are sharing the same.

Miriam is a beautiful light, and she's done great work. So have many other's as well.. All of them I am thankful for.

Just as I am for this thread and the posts within it.

The "gathering" has grown in many ways. I view this very site, and each thread within it, all of us here, a part of "The Great Gathering". Leading us... well.. Somewhere new. Somewhere.. Wonderful.

In light, of love

Wormhole 01-10-2010 08:18 PM

Re: What does the "Great Gathering" mean to you?
Thank you for shining yet another light upon our walking path.
Peace of Mind, Strength of Heart,

1love 01-11-2010 02:25 AM

Re: What does the "Great Gathering" mean to you?
The great gathering, to me, will signify a new circle in the creation of consciousness.This circle or centering may initiate a balancing of the people and the planet as symbolical of the heart chakra or center chakra of humanity. This circle or chakra activation could be looked at as a new step or pace of vibration for the planet and humanity. Even if people are not there physically, the awakening of their heart spiritually with the oneness of all could indeed prove to be a gathering. Much love to everyone and check out this rendition of Marley's One Love http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xjPODksI08

THE eXchanger 01-11-2010 02:37 AM

Re: What does the "Great Gathering" mean to you?
a great gathering to us
is this:
get up; in the morning; gather all of your aspects together,
put both feet on the floor; and; go out into the world,
and, eXpress your best eXpression

go to bed; at night; gather all your aspects together,
put your body into bed;
and; go into the dream_time
commanding/and, demanding
that NOTHING less that is less than
100% in alignment with your missions/purposes/or tasks
can come in, to meet you, or to greet you
and, that way ~ you are going to have amasing dreams

also - at night - ask that your old filing cabinents
within all your lower/and, higher minds
and, within all your lower/and, higher hearts
get cleansed/cleared/and, purged of anything you NO longer require

any 'great gathering' depends on YOU - coming to any eXchange
with yourself / your selves / or with others
being the very best you can be

there are real simple ways-to do that

it starts with asking - and; setting your will, as, your way,

which iS THE 'only' WAY !!!


"order yourself UP...and,
allow NO one else,
to monkey with you" (13*)
only those things that
are in 100 percent
alignment with missions/purposes/tasks"

(13* - sub your own soul sigil/or soul signature here)
and if you do NOT yet know it,
simply make one up - call yourself,
any name; you wish to call yourself.

THE eXchanger 01-11-2010 02:42 AM

Re: What does the "Great Gathering" mean to you?
also - great gatherings occur in any particular moment of a NOW

so; the pivot of the NOW-has to always, and, in all ways-
be a great gathering !!!

Wormhole 01-11-2010 10:20 PM

Re: What does the "Great Gathering" mean to you?
I love how the "Great Gathering" is both personal and universal at the same time. Everything is relevant as the energy from the heart gains in it's momentum and begins to amass into the physical manifestation of action. I can see the wheels turning as more of us spin into action and recognize the gong resounding within.

When living in love and through the heart we find strength and power in our words and frequency. Our appointed tasks become us and are in unison with the best and greatest manifestation of the universal purpose. The positive manifestation of creation aids us through being aligned with our own intentions. Through standing on our own two feet, knowing that this a choice that has been ours to become and make everyday of our lives, we can know that we are indeed realizing our highest potential as sovereign beings on the planet.

Thank you Susan and 1Love for your contributions to this thread!

I choose to see the world as a being capable of healing herself, and being healed by her children. Each day we can bring the world closer to the "Great Gathering", a time of positive universal intention made manifest by YOU.

Peace of Mind, Strength of Heart,

Wormhole 01-12-2010 01:03 AM

Re: What does the "Great Gathering" mean to you?
I also want to honor the practical advice that yo have given to help align ourselves to our Universal Selves and our Universal Purpose. Great way to live!

Peace of Mind, Strength of Heart,

Miriam Delicado 02-16-2010 05:24 AM

Re: What does the "Great Gathering" mean to you?
Hello everyone, I wanted to let you all know that I just got back from Colombia for the past 5 weeks. Long trip but worth the time. The Great Gathering is closer all the time.

I was directed to come to here by a friend who told me that some of you had shared some remarkable statements from your hearts.

Wow, I am happy that I listened to her and now I have had the opportunity to read this thread here.

Work is always being done by me to make this a reality and I must say that as I get things in place it will all come together and be clearer for us all.... that includes me. This is a collective movement and I am working with many people to get the foundation going.

Keep checking both my websites. New things being shared there from my trip to Colombia with the Sacred People of the Sierra Nevada.
Love to all of you, Miriam

Carrie1971 02-16-2010 06:37 AM

Re: What does the "Great Gathering" mean to you?

This of all the "clips" has more of what I think we are coming towards.

Stardustaquarion 02-16-2010 09:24 AM

Re: What does the "Great Gathering" mean to you?
For me the great gathering is the "evacuation" of all Krystiac souls from the Milky Way galaxy into the God's worlds

There will be a separation in 2012 of those that choose the path of ascension and transmigration to other worlds and those that choose the path of de-evolution who will stay here and eventually face the changes that our Sun is undergoing

I understand from the communications from the Guardian Alliance that the more than fifty percent of the peoples of Earth are choosing the path of de-evolution and that is fine too, that choice was taken in 2003

The separation won't be in the sense that one day we will be here and the other somewhere else. That is not going to happen. Until we are ready for stargate passage, or natural death and Krystiac Bardoah rituals, we will co-exist with the people that have chosen the opposite path and may not be easy

So preparation at all levels is indicated for the journey ahead and strenghtening our capacity to be at peace in the face of chaos and serene in the face of anger

All the peoples of earth, including the indigenous peoples have been invited to join in the "slide" into Higher Earth if they so chose

Earth changes, disruption, the continuation of the economic chaos are expected and their severity will depend on the quantity and ability of the gridkeepers to keep the energies of the planet balanced. Who are gridkeepers? anyone that feels the call. Training will be given in the years coming to 2012 as to what needs to be done

Indigos are specially being called because they have the capacity to do the work of many

There will be people that will also be trained to help people that die of natural causes to ascend. How many we don't know, it depends of how many answer the call.


Wormhole 02-18-2010 06:23 AM

Re: What does the "Great Gathering" mean to you?
As always, I am deeply moved and humbled by the beauty manifested upon this thread. Thank you so much for sharing from your hearts, keep it coming! We are all in the act of co-creation and all of us have the responsibility to answer the call and use our gifts, whatever they humbly are, to be the change.

When we speak from the heart the universe answers in remarkable ways! When we hear truth, we understand. When we live in that truth, we KNOW. Knowing is the resounding gong of the moving universe. Always in motion, never asleep, ever creating. To KNOW is the first stage of BEING.

Welcome home Miriam.

From the Heart,

omshanti 02-24-2010 05:58 PM

Re: What does the "Great Gathering" mean to you?
hello wormhole and others...

and perhaps to BE is the first stage of KNOWING...

indeed, i do love :wub2:to read posts about the heart.
in terms of mayan cosmology, attuning to the heart of the galactic centre: the Great Mother...

the evocative poem by "future eyes"- the ocean metaphor/seascape is so central to our watery planet earth. i envisaged boats- circular (vortex/toroidal?) with coloured sails...not the tradional linear kind forging ahead with angular sails...
and each boat is listening to the pulse, or the gong as many have beautifully expressed.

I wanted to put forth the need to release fear at a very deep level.
and this must start on a personal level. yes, as within, so without..

hippihillbobbi 03-14-2010 06:38 AM

Re: What does the "Great Gathering" mean to you?
Such a beautiful and powerful thread! i'm bumping-it -- just in case there are others who missed it earlier like i did.

"Ya'll come," now, and then, to the Great Gathering. Hope i see you there/here. :lol3: cause it sounds like it's gonna be a real blast! LOL :trumpet:


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