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love and gratitude 03-06-2010 07:50 AM

Spreading the word about HOLLY GREIG
This is a BIG story that is being covered up in the UK/Scotland

The TOP of the Scottish legal establishment are feverishly trying to bury this massive crime

PLEASE HELP We NEED help you all you non-UK truthers out there to pick-up the telephone and let Grampian Police Force in Scotland know that WE KNOW that they have Robert detained. International calls get noticed

Ask WHY he has been detained

You will get a pro-forma reply before they hangup on you, but don't worry, this ring of top child-abuser bastards are going to be exposed (they include top cops, judges and child 'care workers' in the UK)

More details on this thread HERE


So the Holly Greig story is that about how a paedophile ring in the Grampian region of Scotland had been using a Downs Syndrome child for their amusment and its now being covered up by various members of the judiciary in Scotland.

The main journalisty-investigatingy person, Robert Green, was arrested on his way to a protest over the weekend, and was in court yesterday.

n the summer of 2000, Hollie told her mother, Anne, that she had been repeatedly sexually abused by her father, Denis Charles Mackie and brother Greg. The abuse had begun when Hollie was just six years` old. Hollie said that Greg had also been abused by his father.

Anne Greig reported this immediately to the local police station in Aberdeen. During the course of that summer, Hollie, who has Down`s Syndrome, began to provide more names of abusers. It transpired that Denis Mackie had been sharing his daughter with a ring of sexual abusers, which included a serving police officer with the Grampian force, Terry Major and an Aberdeen sheriff, Graeme Buchanan.

In the years that have followed, Anne Greig has persisted in her attempts to bring the abusers to justice, not only for the sake of her own children, but also to prevent these dreadful practices continuing against others, which includes adults with learning difficulties as well as children.

The measures to cover up this terrible story continue unbounded by the authorities.

The Hollie Greig story is now widely known by the media, police, legal, medical and political professions.

The facts are beyond dispute.

The only question that remains will be as to who has sufficient decency and courage to bring this and other issues to a just conclusion.

Please investigate this story, as this is a good opportunity to spread to the world the evil doings of the elite, especially their rape of young children.

Please spread the word. Everyone should jump on this cause. This must go world-wide asap.:mfr_omg:

swordsmith 03-06-2010 10:11 AM

Re: Spreading the word about HOLLY GREIG
It's an outrage, do what you can.
For people who dont believe this is the way it works I recommend reading Cathy O'brien's "Transformation America".
Very interesting looking at Icke's connecting of dots with regard to Dunblane and the perp, Hamilton, having been a freemason .
The one thing that keeps me optimistic is Pluto in Capricorn for the next decade at least, but it' s no reason to do nothing.

What a sick case this is, and at the same time,much more prevalent than one might have thought.
There needs to be a big cleanse.

love and gratitude 03-08-2010 10:48 AM

Re: Spreading the word about HOLLY GREIG
Keep this thread going for as many people to know about this stiuation. A WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY
here to expose the tyrants, traitors and evil doers.

john-d 03-08-2010 05:31 PM

Re: Spreading the word about HOLLY GREIG

Originally Posted by love and gratitude (Post 251427)
Keep this thread going for as many people to know about this stiuation. A WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY
here to expose the tyrants, traitors and evil doers.

Lets just hope there is some justice this time .

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