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seeingterra 03-04-2010 09:19 PM

Important update regarding Camelot site changes
From projectcamelot.org

" 4 March 2010

Our Camelot Portal will go LIVE sometime tonight...

Project Camelot Portal:

the Portal will contain all the links below.. so if you want to just bookmark one location this is the link to use:


Some other links you should bookmark:

Kerry's site:


Bill's site & the Avalon Forum:


Project Camelot Library (this site):


Project Light Warrior:


Special note on Donations:

Since we will now be moving into our own investigations as mentioned in the Camelot in Transition message above... all donations will go either to Bill or to me and not into a joint account once the Portal is active. A joint page with links to each of us will be found on the Portal and links to that page will soon be found throughout this site... for anyone wishing to contribute to our work. "

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