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Freya 11-20-2008 04:13 PM

Need some insight
Need some insight here...

2 nights ago I was having trouble falling asleep. I'd doze off and then something, a noise, a twitch, would wake me back up. At one point as I was just dozing off I got the physical sensation of something laying down right next to the left side of my head. At the same time, in my mind, I saw something with teeth latching on to my head. Kind of looked like a leech. Talked to a friend about it the next day and ask the angels to take it to where it needed to be. Then 1 night ago I'm beginning to doze off at night and again, I get a weird feeling on the crown of my head this time. No vision with this one. The next day, I lay down for a little nap and I decided to ask "who are you?". My response was Anubis, with a vision of the dog that represents him. Last night I slept fine. Nothing abnormal happened.

Any insight is greatly appreciated.

Connecting with Sauce 11-20-2008 08:50 PM

Re: Need some insight

Originally Posted by Freya (Post 83825)


A greek dog figure... hope it helps. Or even God figure with a jackal head.

Freya 11-21-2008 03:43 PM

Re: Need some insight
Yeah, I of course went and did a lot of googling on Anubis. Just trying to figure out what was going on and why Anubis. Thank you for the info.

saintsalmon 11-22-2008 03:31 AM

Re: Need some insight
I was more under the impression that it was one of the egyptian gods. And even read that Greeks got some of their Gods from the egyptian. So you probably went to Wiki but I read this book The Orion Mystery and Anubis was very important like wiki said in the mumification process and such things but what was interesting also was that some discoveries were preceded with seeing a jackal which is Anubis, and following Anubis. And it seemed that Anubis might be seen as a sign that discoveries were on the way. Either way remind this presence that it is your body not its. you are your own property, you are a child of god or light, if you believe. things like this. What ever is going on I suggest that you not welcome it in. There is no need to fear. Fear negates love. This might all sound corny about god/angels but i do believe that this is your best defense. Ask for help from god or angels, light workers. Drugs can weaken your natural defense against intruders as well as negative emotions, and actions harmful to others and dependencies. I will see what else i can find out. Untill then. Follow the path of light. stay positive Ill try to get back with more info on Anubis.

Sending you some love as well
peace be

Alexandra 11-22-2008 05:58 AM

Re: Need some insight

RedeZra 11-22-2008 08:08 AM

Re: Need some insight
yes ive experienced something similar several times in bed ...as if some portion of the air next to me takes on some ethereal substance and brushes up to me ...most of the time its pleasant wave like motions ...a couple of times the soft ethereal motions felt kinda sweet sexual ...once i felt a definite tap and press upon the crown of my head as if some ethereal substance was trying to enter...!? Never occured to me to ask whos there but i will next time...

macrostheblack 11-23-2008 12:47 PM

Re: Need some insight
I have had an experience similar to this many years ago. When i had gone to bed I suddenly felt a very soft touching hand(?) on my head. It stayed there for along time leaving me alittle concerned. There was no vision or sound with this experience. I eventually fell asleep and awoke at 6.am. What ever it was had gone but had left a tremendous sense of peace in my bedroom. I look back at this and think it was some form of healing but not entirely sure.

Freya 12-03-2008 04:55 PM

Re: Need some insight
Thank you all for your responses. Whatever was going on has stopped. So I guess thats a good thing. lol

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