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ICF_Wax 09-17-2008 11:35 PM

North Downs
Anyone who can get to the North Downs, feel like going up there this weekend and Banging a Big drum...:mfr_lol:

I'm all up for that, see if we can hear each other over a long distance,...

Time DAte etc.... I'm going to be around the Redhill Area this Weekend, anybody near there is welcome to join me.

VinnieCooper 09-28-2008 01:59 AM

Re: North Downs
That was Good Fun just got Back about an Hour ago, Long Walk in the dark, always nice, we could hear you guys Most of the Way back.

Did you get anybody else from here involved? Or was it just Me, There Was only 5 of us, couple of mates and some Girls.

How many people were with you it sounded like there was a Proper Rave going on, Down your way.

The Girl who got that whole Howling thing Started, was :thumb_yello: So Cool.

YouGuyS: Bang Bang Bang.... Howl
Us: ..... HOwl LOL
You Guys: W-Hay!!!!...Bang Bang Bang

Bloody ROCKIN'.

I need to get a bigger Drum, How Come your Drums are SO LOUD? How many did you have.

We couldn't have been more than a few Km Away. Have to do that Again Somtime for Sure.

Indigenous Cultural Foundation
Is the WAY forward My Man.

Since you dont Spend Much Time Online I will try and Spread the Idea On Here if thats OK. I'm using the Indigenous Cultural Foundation Name Myself now with that Micro-Farming Project I Told you about.

Keep up the GOOD WORK, have to get some more people Involved with that.

By the Way it was you Guys who set that Place up With the Railway Sleeper Benches Right? -

Kinda had your name on it, I Dont Know How you Managed To get them all up there,
there is absoulutly no Car access at all. Must of used a horse or somthing Lol.
How did you even know thats where we'd be???
Should've bought more People With me.

Have to Keep in touch from now on.....
Cheers .... Dude.

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