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Zynox 09-25-2008 04:11 PM

Too Classic to Miss - Half Pint Humans and the Spiral Web
an e-mail exchange, reflecting ripples of perceptions of deceptions and slices of truth:

germination -
we best get cracking to spread the new meme,

we had the ides of march ...

what shalt we ensconce this as,

the ohms of october?

and one time, at band camp, cliff from half pint predictions gave me secret orchestrated wisdom about the ohms of october ... and i felt so connected like a member of a network forgetting to reflect on the wheels within triangles levitated within boxes as my emotions went elliptical ... and venus trined, at midnight ... goobers, and marianettes

~ lease peace as shifts happen ~
siblings' scribblings -
I'm doing my part ;-)
I swear the thyroid hormones are already working their magic.
My sense of smell is up a notch and I was dreaming all night.
Appetite has perked as well
What's your basal temp?
Anyway and onward
Octo = 8
Then turn that sideways by 90 degrees = infinity
So basically two zero's side by side joined at the Galactic Center (what pregnant discussion would be without ref to the GC)
Signifying ohmic resistance to complete unity?
The eternal duality encoded in one symbol
Perverted by the Trinity over centuries
Then modernized and scientized (sanitized?)
E = IR
Holy ****!!! - Executive Intelligence Review
LaRouche = 8 letters
Crypto-catholic bumbler that one
Then there's I GO R
Where GO = E as in EGO
And P = I squared R
Square R (codebook pg. 737) = E
Un-square both squares and that = PIE
Who needs to decode the bible anyway?
I think DaVinci had way too much time on his hands.
Oh no - time, hands, clock
His famous Golden Mean Man
What time was that???
Ten to two or was he watching football??
Probably trying to communicate over the centuries with Big Red about something or other.
The copters are landing.
Gotta go.
~ how many googles does it take to become resolved? ~








many more at http://www.rense.com/1.mpicons/dees1.htm

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