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THE eXchanger 12-20-2009 02:07 AM

Re: Baby, Young, Mature, Old Souls ... Michael Teachings

Saturday, December 19, 2009
Word for the Day: Saturday, December 19, 2009
The Word for Today is Resolve.

This word can either be a noun ("Don't lose your resolve"), or a verb ("I resolve to exercise more"). I am not quite sure which of these the Michael Teachings has in mind.

Try out both of them.

check out his daily short

Michael Transits
This BLOG refers to the Michael Teachings. One general site is www.michaelteachings.com. At the moment, this BLOG assumes prior knowledge of these teachings, as I respect copyrights. However, I provide two URL's to the teachers who taught me the foundation behind these Transits: www.mef.to and www.michaeleducationalfoundation.com

This guy is brilliant ~ Kenneth Parker

ps; gnosis5 - check this out

he says; I'm a computer professional,
who designs Universes in my spare time.



lindabaker 12-20-2009 04:59 AM

Re: Baby, Young, Mature, Old Souls ... Michael Teachings
eXchanger: the michael site is great! I did the self test and came up with 4th level Mature Sage. Where do I go for feedback/confirmation? Thanks, LB

THE eXchanger 12-27-2009 09:36 PM

Re: Baby, Young, Mature, Old Souls ... Michael Teachings

The recent disclosure of XXXXX's "other" self has brought up
a few issues for all of us in some way,
I'm sure. Great healing is coming out from the disclosure,
but I know there are those who are extremely uncomfortable with all of this.

A couple of issues I've seen over time on such matters
have led me to the questions:

How does one speak of such atrocities
without being condemned for speaking about them?

And how does one listen to such reports
without our own sense of well-being feeling violated or offended?

I know that a lot of us have been indoctrinated
into a New Age way of thinking that says if anything "negative"
is mentioned that it's pretty much an extension
of the concept of "sinning."

Others may have some fantastical notion t
hat to mention anything "negative" is somehow a lesser energy
that will consume or neutralize the possibilities in "higher" energies.

Others interpret this division of "positive" and "negative"
as some sort of on-going checks and balances
that must be monitored tediously
so that ONLY what is deemed "positive" gets banked,
leading to a stressful and judgmental battle within,
and even toward others whom you've deemed as speaking "negatively."

Whatever your reasoning, it's become a standard in the New Age
community to avoid "negativity" at all costs;
to speak in any way that hints of negativity is taboo.
This is why even the most deceitful and fraudulent of "channels"
among us can secure a following at all.

Play the role of positive, syrupy-sweet whispers, then coat it in cooing, gooey guru-speak,
and you can pretty much say anything at all without question or discernment. But I digress...

Well, I invite you to take a step closer into a sense of wholeness
by realizing that Positive is not better than the Negative
in any way that has to be judged or avoided.

If there is any validity and comprehension in our studying Michael's teaching,
then that should be obvious,
but sometimes the dichotomy and the pressure of our peers
can get the best of even the best of students.

Michael describes everything we experience as sitting
within a spectrum between Positive and Negative,
and at no point in their teaching
have they ever described one as being necessary
to avoid in order to sustain the other.

Ironically, the more "positive" we are, the more inclusive
we are of the "negative."

In fact, the only thing that divides Positive from Negative is precisely that: Inclusion vs Exclusion.

Positivity is Inclusion, Wholeness, Adaptability, Flexibility,
Expansion, Embrace, Comprehension. ..

Negativity is Exclusion, Division, Resistance, Rigidity,
Contraction, Repulsion, Incomprehension. ..

The reason for the appeal and encouragement toward Positivity
isn't for the point of avoiding Negativity, but for the point of being
able to deal with Negativity as it arises.

Negativity is a part of life.

It's part of the electrical, mathematical currents of life.

The more we try to avoid, exclude, resist, repel, ignore Negativity,
the more we are actually emphasizing it.
The more we allow room for it, comprehend it, can adapt,
and deal with it, the more we naturally nurture Positivity.

Sometimes Negativity is very important for us to dive into
because it helps us to explore some very specific issues
within ourselves and within life,
and to not go there would mean never being able to truly expand
beyond those issues.

Ironically, the more often we deal directly and openly and honestly
with Negativity, the less "negative" it all feels,
and the more it is experienced as curves in the road,
instead of as derailment.

So I thought a quick reminder of what Positive and Negative
mean from Michael's perspective might help us to navigate
our experiences along that spectrum
so that we don't feel compelled toward having one to replace the other,
or avoiding one for the protection of the other, and so on...

Sometimes when Negativity is being imposed on you,
the very act of distancing yourself is a Positive means to adapt,
include, and comprehend the Negativity.

So when you feel that you are around "negative" people or "negative" conversations,
it's important to be honest and clear
about what is actually going on.

If the negativity is just an inconvenient topic of exploration,
then it's not going to destroy anything for you,
and you can opt out of the conversation/ experience,
or you can keep your wits about you
and not take it as a personal offense,
maybe even lending insight that could be helpful.

So in cases like that, distancing yourself just means being honest
and making room for other people's realities
without feeling one has to be protected from the other.

If the negativity is in any way physically harming you,
then distancing yourself means literally getting yourself to safety
so that you can then deal with what has been imposed on you.

That's not the same thing as avoiding, or rejecting negativity.

Getting yourself out of harm's way is an expansion and comprehension
of the situation that would allow you to better adapt
and deal with the experience.

So I just think it's an important topic for everyone to consider
when dealing with life, people, exchanges, and experiences,
and I hope this gives you some food for thought.

How do you deal with Negativity, and does Michael's perspective help?


ubiquitousquintessence 12-28-2009 04:07 AM

Re: Baby, Young, Mature, Old Souls ... Michael Teachings
I always say "negativity is not a problem".:trumpet:
It seems to **** people off. :naughty:

mkspllmn 12-28-2009 04:51 AM

Re: Baby, Young, Mature, Old Souls ... Michael Teachings

You're answering my question!

Ya know, there is something weird going on here.

I'll read your stuff and get back to you.

mkspllmn 12-28-2009 04:52 AM

Re: Baby, Young, Mature, Old Souls ... Michael Teachings
Who is Troy?

THE eXchanger 12-28-2009 05:13 AM

Re: Baby, Young, Mature, Old Souls ... Michael Teachings

Originally Posted by mkspllmn (Post 210931)
Who is Troy?

he is from www.truthloveenergy.ning.com

(maybe, he will come, and, post here)

mkspllmn 12-28-2009 05:28 AM

Re: Baby, Young, Mature, Old Souls ... Michael Teachings
How much have you spent on the Michael (which is also my name) teachings so far?

I am buying into the principal so far, I just want to follow the money.

mkspllmn 12-28-2009 05:30 AM

Re: Baby, Young, Mature, Old Souls ... Michael Teachings
Don't we have rules about following other people?

mkspllmn 12-28-2009 05:34 AM

Re: Baby, Young, Mature, Old Souls ... Michael Teachings
Do you have a monetary interest in the Michael teachings?

Do you make money on this?

mkspllmn 12-28-2009 05:42 AM

Re: Baby, Young, Mature, Old Souls ... Michael Teachings
I am begining to think that reality itself is manipulated by a secrete society.

That we actually live in a kind of software over which we have no control and the "Puppeteers" are not nice to us.

Or, we live in a software in which we are our own "Puppeteers" and we are not nice to ourselves.

Ether way, I don't like it.

THE eXchanger 12-28-2009 05:43 AM

Re: Baby, Young, Mature, Old Souls ... Michael Teachings

Originally Posted by mkspllmn (Post 210977)
Do you have a monetary interest in the Michael teachings?

Do you make money on this?

NO, we do NOT have a monetary interest in this,
NOR, make money on it

THE eXchanger 12-28-2009 05:49 AM

Re: Baby, Young, Mature, Old Souls ... Michael Teachings

Originally Posted by mkspllmn (Post 210969)
How much have you spent on the Michael (which is also my name) teachings so far?

I am buying into the principal so far, I just want to follow the money.

i've been aware of it, for over 25 years
the first book i got, was a present
today, you can read a lot of stuff for free online
just search "michael teachings"

likely, as much as $30/month,
and, as little as NOTHING

sometimes, they have live events
online, and, then, i donate $10/or $15 to the person
who channelled the information

it is a pay to play - type of world

i've learned a lot from the study of this eXpanding teachings
of "The Michaels" about myself, and, about others...
and, i love their attitude that 'all is choice' ~ it rings true to me

THE eXchanger 12-28-2009 05:50 AM

Re: Baby, Young, Mature, Old Souls ... Michael Teachings

Originally Posted by mkspllmn (Post 210982)
I don't like it.

funny thing, what you do NOT like, you attract !!!

(maybe that is NOT a funny thing)

mkspllmn 12-28-2009 07:15 PM

Re: Baby, Young, Mature, Old Souls ... Michael Teachings

Originally Posted by THE eXchanger (Post 210990)
funny thing, what you do NOT like, you attract !!!

(maybe that is NOT a funny thing)

Yes but I think it is "What we spend most our time thinking about is attracted to us". But the end result is the same. Getting out of that cycle is nearly impossible when you are alone. I'm really tired of it.

THE eXchanger 12-28-2009 07:47 PM

Re: Baby, Young, Mature, Old Souls ... Michael Teachings

Originally Posted by mkspllmn (Post 211475)
Yes but I think it is "What we spend most our time thinking about is attracted to us". But the end result is the same. Getting out of that cycle is nearly impossible when you are alone. I'm really tired of it.

when you are tired of something you command/and, demand it,
to depart

lots of times, a teacher shows up, and, a student is NOT ready/or receptive

after_all, iT is a choice

THE eXchanger 01-02-2010 01:34 AM

Re: Baby, Young, Mature, Old Souls ... Michael Teachings
Reminder from: TruthLoveEnergy Yahoo! Group


Date: Sunday January 3, 2010
Time: 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Repeats: This event repeats every month on the first Sunday.
Next reminder: The next reminder for this event will be sent in 2 days, 23 hours, 3 minutes.
Location: http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/TruthLoveEnergy
Notes: tleRADIO Live CALL-in Show RETURNS!

CALL-IN @ (646) 200-0772



After a LONG hiatus, we return to the BlogTalkRadio schedule on the FIRST SUNDAYS of each month at 4pm EASTERN.

We start the rejuvenated series with an OPEN DISCUSSION format.

In this episode you should be prepared to call in, or chat, with your questions about channeling, Troy, The Michael Teachings, and anything else you feel might be important or interesting to other students of The Michael Teachings.

The format for this episode will be casual for the sake of getting back into the swing of things, and to use the new features offered by BTR.


CALL-IN @ (646) 200-0772

THE eXchanger 01-02-2010 01:35 AM

Re: Baby, Young, Mature, Old Souls ... Michael Teachings
ENERGY REPORT: 2010 Overleaves
Reading time: 8 – 14 minutes

2010 Overleaves


Though energies shift, change, and adapt all year,

there is a general energy that can be said to affect the calendar year,

at least in terms of your shared reality.

Our Overleaves system can be used to describe any collection of energies,

ranging from the dynamics of the actual

Personality to the general “mood” of a room, society, fictional character, theme of groups,

or a planet’s general atmosphere of consciousness.

In addition to this, when a block of time is selected, that time frame can be translated

into a description of energies based on what we perceive as the momentum of events,

consciousness, and choices that will POTENTIALLY contribute to that period of time.

The Overleaves for a year, then, are our interpretation of those events

, consciousness, and choices as we see that they are most likely to be brought to bear in your world.

The more participating one is in “the world,” the more likely these energies will be of concern,

though one’s inactivity does not exempt one from world or local energies,

anymore than staying inside can take away the fact of a rainstorm.

The rainstorm outside can have as much an effect on one inside as on one who is outside,

depending on personal interpretations and experiences of that rainstorm.

The very basic energy, or basic context, of a year can be described in two Overleaves:

the Role and the Center. These two basic energies are those that can contribute to your year feeling

“comfortable” or “challenged” during the year unfolding, depending on your own Overleaves

and your method of participation in “the world.” These two energies are most obvious

in the first three months of a year, but their effects will remain steady throughout the year.

It can be said that ALL of the Overleaves we use to describe the year are in effect ALL year,

but the particular frames of time described below are the “seasonal” emphasis

of those particular Overleaf qualities.

General “Seasonal” Energy emphasis:

The ENTIRE YEAR is based within the energies described by the ROLE and CENTERING.

January through March implements and emphasizes the GOAL.
April through June implements and emphasizes the MODE.
July through September implements and emphasizes the ATTITUDE.
October through December implements and emphasizes the CHIEF FEATURE.

With all of that being explained, we would describe the highest probable energy for the year 2010 with these Overleaves:


ROLE: Sage

CENTERING: Emotional


GOAL: Dominance
MODE: Power
ATTITUDE: Spiritualist

CHIEF FEATURES: Arrogance/Self-deprecation

While we do not, and cannot, “predict”, we can share with you what the basic energies

of the Centering and Role may mean for you in the year ahead.


The greatest shift between last year’s energy and this year’s energy is the movement

from passivity, flow, and surrender into activity, direction, and creativity.

Last year’s energy was all about adjustments, adaptations, waiting, watching, dealing, learning,

while this year appears to be a pattern of exploration showing up through inspiration,

action, leadership, direction, possibilities, confidence, and self-esteem.

The base energy, or Centering for the year looks to us to be Emotional,

which means to us that this is a year that would emphasize the INSPIRATION Axis,

which might prompt revitalized dreams, ideas, plans, and intentions t

hat may have felt to be on hold for some time before.

The Part of Centering is Moving,

which means to us that the Inspiration would be followed by Action.

In other words, the time of rest, flow, surrender, waiting, and simply adapting to what has come

to unfold from last year is over, and a renewed wave of energy is surging and rising among people

for making a difference in preferred directions,

and having the motivation and energy available to make that effort.

The Emotional Center has as its Positive Pole PERCEPTION,

which is the capability of assessing a relationship, person, or event with accuracy

beyond any intellectual or physical contradictions.

Perception is a non-linear, non-logical form of intelligence that is dependent on resonance

and empathy as a means to discern. It is the process of “seeing past the obvious”

and into the heart of a relationship, person, or event.

It does not require understanding, proof, or tangibilities, but simply “knows.”

If the emphasis moves in this Positive Pole direction,

2010 could see the dissolving of many factions, divisions,

and conflicts that have plagued the past year, bringing a new sense of unity

among various parts of countries that has been missing for quite some time.

The Emotional Center has its Negative Pole as SENTIMENTALITY,

which is the blurring of lines between symbol and essence

so that the symbols become the very things they represent.

Sentimentality is attachment to a perception that is locked in place

by what represented that perception, and is often outdated.

For instance, if one experienced a sense of freedom and innocence as a child,

then Sentimentality would not only equate childhood with freedom and innocence,

but it would leave the possibilities of qualities like freedom and innocence

locked in the past of childhood.

If the emphasis moves in this Negative Pole direction,

2010 may find itself falling into a struggle to return to the past,

to revert, reverse directions in ways that falsely symbolize experiences

that are felt to be currently missing.

In general, 2010’s Center and Part of Center will mostly show up as a fast-paced,

rather impulsive tone that leads many on high adventures,

both internally and externally, along with some amount of over-sensitivity and overreaction at times.

We see the year ahead in terms of Role as being best described by SAGE.

We see this as indicating a craving for knowledge,

substance in communication and entertainment,

and deeper and more intimate dialog about the issues at hand in your world.

Based on patterns we can see unfolding among most, 2010 may become a rather entertaining, dramatic, suspenseful, theatrical, exciting, playful, and fun year ahead with a great emphasis on technology, media, performances, teachings, education, communication, and outrageousness.

It seems to us that most are craving a brake from the seriousness of the past several years and from the impending concerns of 2012,

so Sages and Sage energy is being called to the foreground of life and events.

In fact, it would not surprise us if at least 3 new media icons

come into awareness who are Sages

and 2 more well-known Sages

coming back into positions of influence as a kind of rekindling of career.

Because of the Sage influences,

we see the year ahead as one that might find a wave of craving among people for knowledge,

updated philosophies, changes in the school systems, a patronizing of more refined arts,

and a leap in technology that would be in the realm of entertainment.

Often the funding for more practical uses of technology comes first through

the use of it as entertainment.

One of the ways we see the straddling of practical, but entertaining,

uses of technology in your next decade appears to be the establishment of personal robots

as fairly common; to the extent that personal electronic devices have become rather common

over the first decade.

Those personal devices may find their uses extended to their uses

in remotely controlling various robotic, or “intelligent” devices associated with the home,

vehicles, and work.

The Positive Pole of Sage is DISSEMINATION.

This is the process of sharing information in a way that can be heard and comprehended.

If the move is more toward the Positive Pole, 2010 could find a highlight

being the dissolving of barriers among groups that had previously found challenges

in communication, language, and sharing of information.

The Negative Pole of Sage is ORATION.

This is the process of dumping information upon those who have no interest,

communicating with presumptions about the listeners,

and speaking in ways that have no value beyond filling space and time.

If the move of energy is more toward the Negative Pole,

2010 could find in retrospect to have been an exercise in information overload, mental masturbation,

deceit, empty promises, arguments, grandstanding, obnoxiousness, and “bull****.”

Keep in mind that both the Positive and Negative Poles

would be explored in any year, but one end of the spectrum may tend to dominate

as the year unfolds.

Because so many appear to be ready for a break,

and ready to make uplifting changes within their personal lives

, it would seem to us that the pattern may find a Positive Pole leaning,

but this cannot be predicted, only speculated.


Based on these two basic contexts for the year ahead, we would suggest a few key phrases in mind for helping to navigate your choices:


However cliche this phrase has become, we suggest this because it is simply true, in any year.

Because of the emphasis of Emotional Sage energy over 2010,

there may be a wave of nostalgia and longing for a return to simpler times

when you felt you were happier.

These waves of feelings are invitations for recreating the qualities you crave,

but with new symbols.

Experiences that bring joy are never locked in the past by the previous reasons for those experiences.

It is simply that new experiences are required to act as media for your joy and happiness.

Which leads us into our next key phrase.


You may never be able to be a child again,

but you can experience the joys you remember having as a child.

You may never be able to return to a relationship you long for,

but you can invite a new relationship that provides the same qualities of experience

as one from the past.

You may have missed out on fulfilling your intentions in your youth,

but your intentions can be fulfilled at any point in your life,

even if you have to alter the method, process, and details to accommodate your adulthood.


In a year that is inspirational, it can be easy to assume that external things,

people, and events are the source of inspiration, but that is never the case.

Only when one has allowed room within oneself for his or her own inspiration

does the external show up.

If you find yourself inspired by an external thing, person, or event,

it means you have already generated that source from within.

All external sources of inspiration are only reflections of your internal resources, given shape.

This can come in handy for those of you who might “sit around” and wait for inspiration to show up.

You may have to still wait patiently for your inner world to settle

so that you may access your sense of inspiration,

but you will not have had to wait for it to show up outside of you somehow.

This does not mean that you cannot look for it externally,

but keep in mind that if one seeks inspiration externally,

you merely seek a mirror for clarity of what is already within you.

For instance, if you are suddenly inspired by a display of nature,

you have simply found your reflection given form externally,

and this can be helpful, especially when seen as information about your own resources,

instead of being dependent upon these symbols.


TLE FORUM Entry: http://truthloveenergy.ning.com/foru...010-overleaves
(private group ~ only members can read ~ thus posted in its entirety)


THE eXchanger 01-03-2010 06:15 PM

Re: Baby, Young, Mature, Old Souls ... Michael Teachings
January 2010

For most of our students, we saw the last three months of 2009 as being fairly liberating. The exploration of the Chief Negative Features become emphasized during October, November, and December, and last year’s tended toward Impatience and Martyrdom. What we saw happening over 2009 was a genuine exploration of Flow, the Goal of last year, that allowed for a serious examination of how one deals with the challenges of life when there is a lack of control and power; in this case, a lack of control and power over time and often your space, those qualities linked to Impatience and Martyrdom, respectively. What could have turned into rather devastating and intense final few months of the year were met, instead, with resolve, patience, flexibility, pause, and reflection. However difficult the past year was, we have seen most of our students having brought a sort of softness to the process, a kind of trust, and an authentic surrender to those things that are simply not within the immediate control of the Personality.

This pattern of reflection, pause, and gentle flexibility is helping to confidently launch 2010 into its Goal of Dominance, a clear indication to us that many are ready to direct the experiences of the next year, instead of simply “dealing with them.”

The Goal of Dominance is an effort to generate a state of management over various factors, facets, and elements that are intended for alignment toward the same accomplishments, satisfactions, fulfillments.

The Positive Pole of Dominance is LEADERSHIP. This is the state that draws out of all factors, facets, and elements a clear path toward fulfillment of a shared goal, and is the provision of the necessary tools for that to be accomplished. Leadership is an invitation in a certain direction that is adaptable, and the support of those factors, facets, and elements in that direction. Leadership is the capacity for identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the parts necessary for fulfillment of a direction, and the organization of those accordingly.

The Negative Pole of Dominance is DICTATORSHIP. This is the state the imposes a direction upon various factors, facets, and elements necessary for fulfilling an intention, with punishment or collapse as a result of any straying from that direction. Dictatorship is a demand that has no room for negotiation, and has no concern for the various strengths that may come from one factor over another, simply assigning tasks and functions as needed, rather than with any strategy. Dictatorship is a loss of awareness of the process and a blindness by the anticipation for the end result.

Over January, we see that many of our students are jump-starting their lives again in a way that requires access to new sources of Inspiration. For those who might exemplify Dominance in the Positive Pole, this access to new sources of inspiration would not be something that is going to show up as an active process as much as it might show up as a practice in awareness. This would be a form of Leadership, in that an assessment period is first, before any actual direction is concluded. For those who might exemplify Dominance in the Negative Pole, this access to new sources of inspiration would be expected to have already become clear, and there is an eagerness to simply get to where one wants to go, figuratively or literally. This might show up as agitation, annoyance, and scattered distraction as end result becomes more important than the steps necessary for fulfillment.

What we can suggest for most of you is to keep in mind that this is a SAGE year, so when there is a tendency toward Negative Poles, it would do you well to LISTEN. Often the static and chatter of the brain and over-anticipations can leave one with a deficit of focus and an overabundance of misdirected energy. Listening is a means of activating your senses in a way that pays attention to feedback around you, pays attention to internal voices, hints and clues from your world around you. Listening would help you to embrace your sense of inspiration and direction, and allow you to clearly see who or what is on board in the interest of the same direction and end result, keeping you in Leadership, instead of Dominance.

If you feel you would like to “make a difference” in the year ahead, or that “this is the year” that you would like to alter directions for any level of your being, the energy is full force for this to occur, and with great support. However, this will require some amount of delicate handling of energy in a way that can be used in the way you intend, instead of scatter-spraying your intentions outwardly and hoping something of satisfaction comes from that.

There is little passivity showing up in the months ahead, so it may be important to take your moments of rest seriously, allowing those moments to be full, deep, and invigorating, rather than squeezed in, or done with guilt.


NEXUS – January 11 – 13 focused on pivoting toward Agreements involved with personal tasks


WHEN I AM LOST, I WILL LISTEN – This is simply a reminder that when feeling scattered, hyper, or agitated, it may simply be because you are missing the details in the information and communication coming to you from around you. Listening may bring you the insights and connection to your inspiration again, which would help balance your energy in a way that allows for a focus of direction again.

THE Michaels thru TROY

THE eXchanger 01-05-2010 05:59 PM

Re: Baby, Young, Mature, Old Souls ... Michael Teachings
Title: MICHAEL SPEAKS (online)
Date: Sunday January 10, 2010
Time: 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Location: http://www.TruthLoveEnergy.com

(online-NOTE, if you wish to ask questions,
related to WORLD events, etc.,
general questions ~ NOT questions OF a personal nature
but, questions that benefit, all who are listening that can be done)

TROY-operates very specifically
there is no chatting during the session,
unless he solicits your comments

also, it is NOT until he asks/and,
opens the QUE for questions
that you should type his requested prompt of (***)
meaning, i wish to ask a question & be placed in the que for questions
then, he takes, one person, at a time
he will state your user name...and, then, ask you to ask your question

there is always a script to read, that is archieved

The event is FREE, however, many do give small donations
thru paypal, etc.,

Join the CausalConnection Chat Room
at http://www.truthloveenergy.com
and interact with Michael, Troy, and the many students and friends who love learning about life, the universe, and everything!

Format is OPEN FLOOR, so all questions are encouraged.
Personal questions can be asked,
but ONLY when phrased in a way that is applicable to all. ENJOY!
(which means, it is NOT a place, to ask for your own personal chart/or overleaves)

Though the chat is FREE,
it is highly encouraged to occasionally donate as a means to help keep this possible. You may use the convenient donation link found at the home page of the site. Thank you so much!!

troy www.truthloveenergy.com

THE eXchanger 01-06-2010 06:50 PM

Re: Baby, Young, Mature, Old Souls ... Michael Teachings
NOTICE: Michael aka The Michaels through TROY
2nd SUNDAY OF The Month
4pm - 7pm EASTERN
FREE - Though this chat is offered freely, please consider a donation!
No RSVP Necessary

Transcripts are archived in the FORUM

Identifying and Resolving Your Self-Karma
Self-Karma is an internal conflict, a division within yourself,
that interferes with your capacity for Choice.

**note: it is highly recommended that you make sure the chat room works well for you before arriving to the chat!**

1. Go to the chatroom about 10 minutes early (or earlier)
and enter a username
2. Enjoy some social time with students and Troy
before the chat so we can begin by 4pm

3. Chat begins promptly at the scheduled time,
so please arrive early if you intend to socialize.

4. When the chat begins, Michael will share on the topic for about 30 minutes.
Please refrain from any interruptions until you are invited
to begin rounds of Q&A.

(this means, do NOT chat - just be in listen mode)

5. When Troy asks, if you wish to ask a question,
wait for him, to formally open the Queue,
(sometimes, he plays with us, and, tricks us,
and, then, does NOT let us, ask one,
so, wait for the formal chat to begin)

To join the queue (for asking yoru question)
simply type in 3 asterisks (***)
and you will be put on a list,
and, then called upon in order

6. You may ask anything to Michael that is related to the topic.

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THE eXchanger 01-11-2010 02:00 AM

Re: Baby, Young, Mature, Old Souls ... Michael Teachings
Shepherd Hoodwin www.summerjoy.com
and, www.michaelteachings.com

radio show - tonight at 9pm est - 11pm est

in archieves after 11;30pm est


or go to

search "michaelteachings"

9pm est -- 10JAN2010

THE eXchanger 01-24-2010 08:10 PM

Re: Baby, Young, Mature, Old Souls ... Michael Teachings

today- at 4pm est (and, then in archieves, after 6pm) JAN 24/2009

Call-in Number: (646) 200-0772
at 4;00 pm est

joe2288 01-24-2010 08:19 PM

Re: Baby, Young, Mature, Old Souls ... Michael Teachings
hey whats the show about I might listen.

THE eXchanger 03-06-2010 03:18 PM

Re: Baby, Young, Mature, Old Souls ... Michael Teachings
March 2010

March continues the emphasis on the energy of the Goal of Dominance for the year. This describes how many of our students have moved into a sense of direction, awareness of choice, and active participation in building their lives in ways that are felt to be more in alignment with their intentions and desires. The Positive Pole of this energy, Leadership, describes those who are looking at all of the factors that need to come together for fulfillment of a specific intention or direction, while the Negative Pole of this energy, Dictatorship, describes those who are simply demanding or expecting a direction or intention to come together without the work necessary for fulfillment, and with a complete lack of regard for appropriate resources.

Over February, we have seen many of our students fall into patterns described the Negative Pole, and this has left many of our students frustrated with themselves, and on the verge of resigning from any effort that was originally inspired within them at the beginning of the year.

What we would say to this is a suggestion to remember that every quality that has a spectrum, such as a Goal with a Positive and Negative Pole, will have that entire spectrum explored before choosing or settling on a place within that spectrum. You are never condemned to a Negative Pole, nor are you intended to exist solely in the Positive Pole. For those who have experienced a "hiccup" or frustration in their efforts over February, we would simply point out that you may have moved into the Negative Pole as an experiment, and that you now know that it simply does not work to just "want" things to change, or "wish" for things to be better, or for you to simply decide something; you must DO SOMETHING. Not only must you participate in that process, but you must also be your own Leader in that process, meaning that it is also your responsibility to provide the lenience, the enthusiasm, the redirections, the corrections, the anticipations, the structure, the kindness, etc. In terms of this year and this type of energy, you are exploring your position in your life as a LEADER, not as a follower waiting for something to change. It will be of your own strength and creativity that you take the steps in the direction that you would like this year to go.

Over March, we see a pattern of return to Leadership for those who may have slipped in their process of taking charge of their lives. March may come to be a rather full and active month for those returning from Dictatorship, as the ideas, inspiration, enthusiasm, invigoration wells up again and draws in Agreements, Tools, and activates patterns for fulfillment of your intentions and desires.

What we would suggest for those who are regaining their footing, so to speak, is to gently take your time in that regaining of your footing. If you think in terms of needing to make up for lost time, or if you spend your time reprimanding yourself for what you could have, or should have, done differently, you will have lost the point. The point being that this pattern is most likely not new to you. It is probably familiar to you in the sense that you talk yourself out of your progress, find reasons for how it should be different, halt your direction because it is leading into unknown territory, or you may think it is moot to go forward because you should have been where you want to go already. All of these variations are distortions from the Chief Negative Features stepping in to protect you from what you fear. You do not necessarily have to figure out what it is that you fear, but if you choose to do so, there may be great insight for future endeavors. But more importantly, in terms of your moving forward, is merely to choose to move forward; return to your sense of progress and direction. That return is as simple as A CHOICE.

In short, we would describe March as being a month that appears to emphasize a glaringly obvious look at how you tend to make choices, and how you tend to use that power. This awareness may be very helpful for you and your year ahead as April comes around with its emphasis on Power Mode.

For those who have stayed leaning toward Leadership over February, we simply see a pleasant momentum over March.

KEY DATES over MARCH: 14th - 20th NEXUS - emphasizing relationships and Agreements that have lain dormant or dismissed. This is a Convergence of parallels that appears to be bringing people back into many of our students' lives. We do not see the actual reunions necessarily happening during that time frame, but the patterns activated for those reunions to manifest and/or stabilize over April.

KEY PHRASE over March: "WHY NOT?" We suggest this as a key phrase because it may gently and kindly remind you to take the chances that you may not have taken otherwise in moving forward with your choices. It is also helpful for those who are presented with opportunities that may have otherwise been dismissed. Of course, this can be a helpful phrase at any point within a lifetime, but we choose it for March because it seems to have the most meaning for the most students over the month ahead.


THE eXchanger 03-06-2010 03:19 PM

Re: Baby, Young, Mature, Old Souls ... Michael Teachings
overleaves for the year 2010
(is on page 4)

lliona24 said:
I read an exercise once where if you wanted a particular thing, lets say more freedom, and have been thinking someone external has to give that to you, that the thing to do is examine where you already have freedom in your life, and then enjoy that. Usually people alredy have more of a desired quality already than they think.

EXACTLY! It's one of the fastest ways to attract more of what you want, and not knowing when you have it is the fastest way to repel getting more.

Gnosis5 03-07-2010 01:26 AM

Re: Baby, Young, Mature, Old Souls ... Michael Teachings
Interesting, as I was starting to explore the concept of Leadership and how that would play out if polarities and dualities were not fixed in either negative or positive.

THE eXchanger 03-13-2010 10:36 PM

Re: Baby, Young, Mature, Old Souls ... Michael Teachings
yup, lead / follow - or, get out of the way :lmao:

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