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Visvasa144 11-16-2008 09:57 PM

Risk: Elevated.
So, I had to go in and get a Live Scan finger print thing for a new job. As i was entering the station an agent just so happened to walk by telepathically telling me that i will not pass the test. He said that if i worked for them that i will be able to get the job that i was applying for. this is the second time i've got a LiveScan and it's the second time an agent is waiting in front of the police station.

As i was waiting to be scanned i saw the Homeland Security Board. What a crock of ****! I get followed and stalked and harrassed psychically by these agents every single day for 24 hrs and i need some $10 board to remind me to be "in fear".

For the rest of this story. http://heavenlycatalyst144.blogspot.com


Visvasa144 11-17-2008 01:32 AM

Re: Risk: Elevated.

Since i posted this last blog story about 4hours ago. the agents have been asking me everything about everything. if i am applying the tactics to all my situations. again, i said, "yes/no" at the same time.

Visvasa144 12-02-2008 07:02 AM

Risk: Elevated II
The first day of work at my new job was nothing less stranger then this entire blog. I got an intuitive message that the agents would be putting agents “very close” to me. My job was to be a tutor to low income kids in Orange County. I arrived and walked to the classroom I was to be tutoring in. As I hit the corner 2 mid 20 somethings walk towards me. Lets call the lady agent Miss Black and the male agent Mr. White. 50ft and closing. i don’t make eye contact but make contact. They pass me and I know their will be more. This is completely normal to be in a situation that the FBI have rigged.

Their equipped with the standard issued mind control agent hardware; malice, dark energy, and an interface helmet that can monitor how the implant the Reptilians and Gov. put on me is doing. What I mean by doing is that when I H.C. my helmet implant it gets a lot lighter verses a lot tighter when the agents are around or if im around electrical equipment that has been tapered with. For the longest time I just thought that all these trained agents were super psychic and could feel what I felt by tapping into me somehow. That is not such the case. I got the confirmation from Seth and of course all my encounters but Seth said that they also have a type of helmet interface that does various things. I told him that they all feel the same. They almost all feel identical. That’s why I used to call them robots. Seth just said that they get most of their abilities from this interface helmet.

Hhmm their goes the title for my book. It was going to be called The Spirit vs. The Robots.

For the rest of this blog please go to; http://heavenlycatalyst144.blogspot.com

Thank you,
Elias Visvasa.

Magamud 12-02-2008 08:39 AM

Re: Risk: Elevated.
Interesting stuff. You sound familiar to the Watcher thread and James Casbolt. What do you think of them?

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