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Ordo 11-04-2008 08:23 AM

Sitchin and the Axlerverse
I've been waiting for somebody else to post about these books but nobody has.

let me start by saying I'm not convinced that Zecharia Sitchin or Richard Hoagland are 100% accurate. I'm not saying they are spreading dis-info or telling the absolute truth. I simply do not know.

what I do know is that both of these guys have some incredibly interesting ideas. these ideas have been put in the form of fiction through the works of James Axler. James Axler is not a person, "he" is actually a stable of authors who publish under this name through Gold Eagle books.

here is a link explaining their inspiriation:

the first series is called Deathlands and starts roughly 100 years after a nuclear exchange between the U.S. and Russia. nearly every book starts with a group of adventurers leaving a teleportation device (a Mat-Trans unit) in an unknown location since they have no control of where they materialize. everywhere they go, they deal with mutants and evil tyrants. what is now the U.S. (and the rest of the world...as much as is revealed) is run by small baronies, invariably ruled by a severly corrupt baron who controls the local populace. they have their adventure and travel back to the Mat-Trans unit and start again with the next book.
85 books so far in the Deathlands series.

the Sci-Fi channel actually did a movie based on one of the best books starring Vincent Spano and Tracey Lords: Homeward Bound.


the second series is called Outlanders. this series takes place a generation after Deathlands leaves off and delves deeper into the underpinnings of the post apocalyptic society. it is revealed that all of the major baronies are under the control of the Annunaki. there are bases located on the moon and mars from witch Enki and Enlil still rule. there are even a couple of books in which our heroes take part in their continuing power struggle. I forget which as I have misplaced my copies.
49 books so far in the Outlanders series.

what's interesting about these books is not only the Sitching Lore but also that of Richard Hoagland as well. these books give descriptions of moon and mars bases that are eerily familiar to readers of Hoagland's work. I actually started reading these books long before I came across the work of Sitchin or Hoagland. when I stubled upon their work it was already familiar to me as works of fiction.

for anybody who is a sci-fi reader like me, these books are great. they are pretty gory and will never win a Hugo but they are pretty good for what they are; good fiction and a great passtime.

does Gold Eagle books know something? doesn't matter to me. I'll still keep reading those books.

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