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2infinityandbeyond 09-21-2008 11:27 PM

I'd like to thank the Admins.
I know i know, word on the street is there has been too many insignificant threads lately but this one isnt one of them, it needs to be said :wink2:

Id just like to thank the admins of project avalon with the job they have done in moderating the forums so far. youve done an amazing job of relating to everyone here while at the same time keeping the place in check.

Ive seen forums of incredible value go down the swanny because of power hungry, ego driven young men and woman. I wont name and shame but i will tell you the site was www.astralprojection.com - What an awesome place, it was bringing to the table so much valuable information to people who were interested in exploring their spirituality but was eventually corrupted in a fight between the owner of the site and the staff who then used the community (Which was huge, maybe over 5,000 regular forum members and growing) as a tool in their bitter little feud.
Shame on those people by the way, i would love to name them but i wont.

- The renegade admins created their own site and even threatened the owner of astralsociety.com with legal action for the trademark (which i think was actually carried through) until the owner eventualy renamed it to astralcommune.com , whilst the renegades made their own little forum www.astralsociety.us (which is absoultely **** in comaprison). And that is all that remains of the astralsociety legacy, ****. Sentinal and Rahie, both your names are worthy of a mention here. You crucified the jesus of the internet for your own egotistical selfish little reasons. [This is also an excelent example of Karma in effect, the site literally rotted from the inside. I found that very sad.]

Which is why i commend and respect you guys, youve done an awesome job.

I offer my assistance in any way i can.

Best of luck for the future

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