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Richard Gabriel 05-10-2009 03:27 PM

2012 and the historical reason we should prepare now.
Greetings to all others here from Richard Gabriel.

Although Judith and I have visited for some time to soak up the excellent contributions, this is my first actual post. I hope it is received in the reflective mood it was delivered, and that it conforms to acceptable guidelines. In the post I do use a personal link to material and pics that are very much necessary as evidence within the context of the piece, and that I could deliver in no other way. I hope this will be accepted.
Thank you

2012 And the Historical reason we should prepare now.

While the world speculates on the possibilities or even probabilities relating to 2012, there are a few directions wide open for investigation that may still put meat to the subject.

Inexorably the question of what may or may not happen in 2012 ties to the question of our own origins. Our minds have already been opened through advances in earth science through quantum to the reality of other dimensions of existence. DNA research has shown our genetic pool narrows back, as at the centre point of an hour glass, to a time of catastrophe ten and a half thousand years ago. The results postulate our genetic pool must have been fed before then from a much wider population. These facts alone beg the possibility that we have had plenty of historical time to advance as a race, and be almost lost again to the cataclysmic changes on the planet.

Factual and anecdotal evidence have built up a compelling picture on the other hand to say that somewhere in our distant past, we used technology that defies explanation in today’s terms. Whether it be stories of ancient races and a planetary inundation buried in the collective consciousness of just about every race on earth; or whether it be surviving artefacts needing technology out of their time and in advance of our own, these things are officially dismissed, discounted, ridiculed, or overstepped.

We know also our world is filled with compelling information pointing to the fact of exterrestial visitors. This information sits well with the hard evidence from our accepted ancestors demonstrating knowledge of the cosmos that we are only just catching up to now. Archaeology rooted in current history strives to support the anthropological view of Neolithic creatures emerging with sticks and spears, but contradicts their apparent ability also to be master stone masons, mathematicians, scientists, and cosmologists. On the face of things, nothing fits.

But it does fit if we dare to pull all these factors together and look for logic in them. For the sake of the argument, let us imagine all aspects are rooted in fact. Let us say that there was a Darwinian evolvement on this Planet. Let us take that development back a few million years earlier than accepted, to locate the first emerging humanoid forms.

Let us take a sidestep, and accept the logic that our vast time in history, is actually less than a heartbeat of development in cosmic terms, and the notion therefore of greater development in other life forms elsewhere in the cosmos, is blindingly sensible. Let us presuppose our planet attracted interest in the mists of time from other visitors, (and I will explain later why it would be a matter much more simple than physical science for such a contact to be found.)

But before continuing, there is one other factor to add. This author through personal experience has a living conviction of the dimensions of valid reality outside or beyond physical. A similar acceptance once again can be traced in the consciousness of races around the world. It has been suppressed by the hand of modern man at times such as during the Roman Councils, who wrote-out the belief of afterlife/reincarnation on pain of death. This was done for expediency and to increase the power of conditioning over the masses. We have accepted the modifications enforced through controlled religion at the price of liberated knowledge. But the world has moved forward and today we are again emerging as free thinkers armed with progressive science and an awakening personal consciousness.

It is just straight logic that any advanced race, exterrestial or otherwise, would have a working knowledge of these other life dimensions. We know beyond quantum, the constraints of physical matter and science do not apply. There, we have to apply a science which is also rooted beyond quantum. This is a science which understands the instant recognition between corresponding states of vibrating substance. It is the science which understands how someone can know in the exact moment, when something traumatic has happened to a loved one thousands on miles away. It is the science also that would allow advanced humanoids to home-in on the collective vibrational signature of a planet and its life across billions of miles of lost space, without the need of a single physical probe!

So now we can run the scenario forward. This story tells of how our planet was visited eons ago by more advanced humanoids. DNA experimentation took place and led to the memory we have of mutated life forms and giants in our mythological past. Our predecessors were not alone however, and other forms staked their claim. Their involvements here spanned a vast time through natural cosmic and planetary changes. At some stage their knowledge led to an awareness of huge cosmic changes that could potentially lead to their destruction on this planet. Most of them departed under a mutual agreement to leave us alone to our evolving destiny. The DNA patterns for our future development had been stabilised and there would only be a few chosen leaders who would remain to lead an exodus to the parts of the world which would remain relatively safe.

Hmmm!! It does not take much thought however to figure; if there was such a catastrophe as it seems, wreaking planetary destruction through global inundation, there must be ‘some’ surviving evidence of their long occupation. Satellite imaging allows us to see the effects of a past inundation such as in the desert areas of Egypt and elsewhere. The inundation would have re deposited unimaginable levels of silt across formerly occupied land. These would have been eroded away in many places by receding waters, and any predominating shore line would have become home to races evolving from the survivors. Beneath their feet however, buried in the silt and even the calcified remains from thousands of following years of marine growth, theirs and our ancestral remnants lie buried. The best tool to penetrate the ground and find physical evidence, is from ground penetrating radar, and guess what; we know that governments have funded such a thing.

We know for example in Egypt, sites have been earmarked for further investigation, and at least one site where we are able to supply copious detail may be just such a site. The story and photographs can be examined through the following link.
(Scroll down to “Explosions in the Western Desert”)
Would it be too cynical to imagine there is a covert driving force behind the seeming barrier to ‘open’ information whenever ancient discoveries are made or investigated? Just look at the decades of shenanigans over what lies below Giza!

Would it be too unthinkable to gather another set of modern facts together which say the authorities accept and are preparing for a time of cosmic and human change, as we pass through 2012.

The facts I speak of would include the following examples:
Official telescopes pointing to the area of sky where others believe we will see the coming of a returning planetary body. The Vatican even has one in the Arizona desert!!
Scalar technology of unimaginable power tying to the lore of ancient legend.
Quantum advances already exploring the fabric of matter beyond physical, while its effect has been used militarily for years.
Vast underground facilities covertly constructed in many countries.
The suppression or ridicule of any physical discoveries that point to our ancient ancestors.
The covert suppression for centuries of anything that dares to challenge through UFO sightings, Contacts, Recoveries, Crop Circles, Ancient writings, new science and more; the establishment monopoly on the truth.
The continued official denial to face up to the reality of beyond physical dimensions and the ability we all have to interact with them.

If all I have described is true, we must ask the question as to why the establishment would do such a thing. If it is true, we have to remember that we then are our own ancestors, seeded in the cosmos with a whole advanced family out there waiting to lend an open hand when our civilization comes under terminal threat. If we presuppose also that some of our ancestors turned back to sensation in a struggle for power; and in the process through misuse of scalar and crystalline directed energies, they hastened their own destruction, we can understand how their DNA would surface in attitudes today. The same battle for possession and power would be manifest, as it is indeed.

It is incumbent upon the descendants of those who stood for service to others and lost the fight last time that we do not let the controllers and suppressors get away with a single thing this time.

And as to 2012 itself? Personally, it is 30 years since I had my grand Event where my mind was opened up to remember. It is 30 years since I recalled the knowledge that by 2010 we would already be entering a period of cosmic transformation. I knew of No one else then who followed the same thoughts. There was no internet and mass communication as now. I faced the ridicule and looked forward to the future I expected. I understood the seamless process of interaction to higher coherent life levels beyond physical. I knew that existence depends at its core on vibration and motivation.

I have seen how the world has auspiciously gravitated to higher vibration, polarising attitudes, destroying ivory towers, and preparing the galaxy. I have seen how the detractors offer conflict and force resistance. I know how certain authorities in global cooperation are suppressing the truth about what we face on our planet within the cosmic picture.

Openly we may only have a gathering of anecdotal information to support what is really happening, but sooner or later, cosmic forces and the open presence of our friends beyond this planet, will lay it all bare. As we pass through the cusp of 2012 the vibrational state of this planet will be raising to its highest level in a cosmic epoch. The activity of our planets and the Sun will reveal this. We will likely see the presence of another planetary body and its associated satellites moving closer to our system. From this, the effects we are already seeing will increase and will lead to geological movements not witnessed in our modern history.

The reincarnate process will continue, but as we look forward to our next age, those remaining in physical life will face a return to basics and the bottom of the spiritual class again; while those moving on will either integrate with our returning friends from elsewhere, or will continue a far better life on a higher Earth, which to them will seem like a transformed better version of the one we are screwing up at the moment.

What can we do? Well for a start, we need to scream from the top of our voices every time we encounter information suppression on any of these things. You will be busy!!

Otherwise…. Just be open and aware to the signs. Reserve your mind, but miss nothing. When faced with any of the cataclysms to come, you will be able to nod your head knowingly and get on with the job of helping anyone else who does not have the same ability.

with Judith

alyscat 05-10-2009 04:38 PM

Re: 2012 and the historical reason we should prepare now.
What a great first posting, Richard. Welccome to you and Judith (and your grand "coming out." Would love to hear more about your personal "grand event" mentioned in your post.

Tango 05-10-2009 06:17 PM

Re: 2012 and the historical reason we should prepare now.
any find of a faraday cage.... frequency generators [small] near a quarry ?
Tuners ? = wire wrapped glass...? indications of High voltage use ?
A Plazma generator ? Have you found the missing pots and cones...?

It is going to take some time to digest All This.....

Above the arch; the missing, spinning acorn...[Pineal] See vatican courtyard,
between the magnets [leaves], Male; positive / negative; Female... animals
depictions, are the switches... For without switches:


Sooo, let me look at the information and see what, I, can, see... I'm looking
for generators myself... depictions in stone... Magnetic stones that spin...
They've left clues all over, but, the cleaners have done a destruction on key points... As they did at the coral castle frequency generator...

Marko Rodin can help you with the vortex math parts 1 to 44


I, will, be in touch



Tango 05-10-2009 06:56 PM

Re: 2012 and the historical reason we should prepare now.

Hear Richard Hoagland....


Interesting info... You may gleen... Info from...

I'll be in touch...



Richard Gabriel 05-10-2009 07:46 PM

Re: 2012 and the historical reason we should prepare now.
Thank you from both of us for your kind words alyscat.

The Event I refer to, though 30 years in passing has the clarity as if it were yesterday. For my lifetime I wrestled to obsession with the Supernormal events that followed me from earliest memories. In brief I underwent a spontaneous total memory recall, like Schwartzeneggar in the Total Recall movie.

For me it was the memory available to all, of the basis behind the structure and tactical application of life and all things; and with it a complete understanding of all that had happened to me along with the route of my Birth Plan. It was several years before the probabilities brought Judith and I together again, but the recognition across thousands of miles of ocean was instantaneous, as was the understanding behind our joint motivation in Egypt.

I have a hesitation out of respect for this Forum to use my personal link again, though the lengthy account is carried in my book preamble on our face page. The intelligent progressive thought shared here on many topics like these is sustinence to the mind and soul. We are grateful for the access and would never wish to abuse the privilage as an out of context link.
http://www.richardgabriel.info This is where you may read it if you wish.
Our other work generally in Egypt came as something as a surprise.
Even when the process of arranged synchronicity is understood , each spectacular time we say WoW! as another event occurs.

So it was initially that a band of intrepid explorers, (each following their own agenda to solve the puzzle of their own calling in Egypt) were brought together. As a part of that group we were presented with fantastic events, and led to new friends in the deep desert and elsewhere. Although we had a healthy interest in the Ancient mysteries and their connection with the roots of Egypt, we hardly realised how deeply we would become a part of the whole thing. If someone had said to us within a year we would be exploring levels below Giza, or that we would led out of the GP at gunpoint, we would have said they were crazy.

Our primary motivation is to complete our task at the GP.
This stands in our minds as important as drawing breath.
Our interrupted first experiment there, though we had the GP to ourselves briefly, was a complete personal vindication to both of us that if it is meant to be for us to complete our task, we 'will' bring back the vindicating proof of our purpose. (The account of our GP experiment BTW is under the preamble 'Echoes from The Chamber.')

Also we recently yielded to the urgency of passing time; and though it may compromise our movements when we return to Egypt, we knew we had to start offering all the little snippets of juicy evidence for an alternate view of the country, its origins, and especially what is going on below the radar!

Lack of time does not allow us to sit solidly and load all we have in one bite. We are having to present the material as I can get to it, but I promise you there is a heck of a lot more to present.

We are presenting it hopefully in a candid way that allows and invites the reader to participate and help us to solve the mysteries offerd on the pages along with many photographs. We will respond also here and anywhere to questions about the material and will supply whatever safe information we can to help others to help us all "together." as it should be; and give public credit to all others who may bring answers.

Though the riciprocal way we are going about this breaks with old convention between different sites, groups and forums, we mean it sincerely when we say we are seeking friendshp, cooperation, and help across even these borders, trying from our tiny corner of knowledge and experience, to allow others who may not be able to tramp around Egypt, genuine access to fresh material themselves. Together perhaps we can get to the truth of some of it.

We had intended specifically with Camelot and Avalon to carry a complete feature page on the incredible work of Bill and Kerry, but we hope by the interest of learned sleuths and kindred souls, we will be able to cross-feature any new findings and open the door to the light just a little bit more.

Blessings again
with Judith

Richard Gabriel 05-10-2009 07:59 PM

Re: 2012 and the historical reason we should prepare now.
Tango, a special thank you for diving into the possibilities with us. I can tell you we are in correspondence with someone at the moment who has translated the writing on the Alien? arch for us and who agrees, (from a more learned background,) that the writing and part of the wall was certainly added later to a much earlier arch form. This is likely to apply to both the arches we have shown so far.

When we have exhausted our discussion as far as we can, I will present his contribution in full. It is entirely possible that many other anomalous pictures we took around the village will help in the detective trail to put age and possibility to the stories they present.

Thank you for the leads to follow, and by the way, although the findings of Nazlet are intriguing enough, I must confess we were most blown away by the apparrent 'sign' in the limestone at the Ancient water saddle out in the desert.

It is just another of the huge questions that maybe could be cracked if the internet attracted enough detectives to lessen the research load. We will answer any specific questions as frankly as possible.

I will keep you updated on anything that correlates or can help. As for the ancient light bulbs, we saw noting to help this question, but in the things we saw and photographed, there may be clues we missed. We have literally thousands of pics, and as said before, it will take a while to load all of it.


TheChosen 05-11-2009 12:26 AM

Re: 2012 and the historical reason we should prepare now.
Richard: I find that I agree with you on many points in your post and web site. I've been feeling for some time now that in order for us to fully prepare for the 2012 we must go back and understand what happened in Atlantis and the way this influences our current DNA structure. The Mayans are releasing a book this year which should shed some light on the subject.

I also believe that there was information that was hidden with clues left in the astral, not only in Atlantis but also later taken from the library of Alexandria. (Any documents that remained from Atlantis but had to be hidden away because of the growing corruption)

I believe the clues of the locations are on the astral fields only. They would've never risked it enough to leave clues on the physical planes. But I also think that you don't need to go to the king's chamber necessarily to access those 'pocket planes' on the astral. My guess is that it can be done by the same beings who hid the information, that are right now incarnated on earth when the time is right.

My guess would be that there is a number of them, that have parted since Atlantis.. and it is their bringing together that would allow the exhange of the energy and completion of the sequence, which would then enable them to access the correct astral location. (Something like each having one digit of a coordinate showing the location)

Richard Gabriel 05-11-2009 07:18 AM

Re: 2012 and the historical reason we should prepare now.
TheChosen.... We actually agree with you 100%

Along the way we have encountered so many other people who live with a powerful calling to the ancient times. In communications and in reading from such sources it has become an ongoing task separating out those who are at early awakening stages, and although well meaning, have sought to accellerate their apparrent vibrational signiture "by association."

In this I mean for those who take upon themselves a grand channelling name or source, without the understanding of how matter interacts at a vibrational level, and thus lends power to a name for negative or positive purpose. For some therefore, before an inner balancing has taken place, it leads to the person perhaps misguiding others of similar disposition with encouraging platitudes but no definate substance which can be tested definitavely against personal experience.

On the other hand there are those we know, who live their lives like the characters in "Close Encounters," who are driven by an obsessional 'calling' towards Egypt in particular along with the GP, but also to other sacred places in the world. In this time of increasing vibration, the parts of our DNA, dormant and awaiting the right conditions, are stirring to draw us towards the completion of a reincarnative contract we accepted in very Ancient times.

Indeed it is not necessary to be at the GP to access information that was reserved behind the perfect key of astral levels. They knew then as we are relearning, the Sons of Belial may make what mischief they will on this plane, but their vibrational signiture can never elevate sufficiently to access the signiture levels that will give them the knowledge access they seek.

One can define the ability to rise out of body either passively as in sleep or through traumatic circumstance; or as an induced experience, where by preparation and training, having already reached a living vibrational threshold of life; it is then possible to project willfully from the body.

We believe however there is one other way where a person approaching that threshold / requirement, can achieve the out of body state. It is where the vibrational conditions of the environment are specifically controlled to 'induce' a quickening of vibration. We believe our ancestors had their special (call them temples) if you will, where this effect could be produced. We believe these properties were especially incorporated into the replicating design of the Kings Chamber of the GP.

It is the reason so many others are 'driven obsessionally' to this place, as the markers in their Presence, are activated to the potential task they would be able to fulfil there. Having managed to grab our own time of 'experiment' in there, and being able to compare the experience to past out of body experiences, I can tell you the power in the Chamber when it is set ringing, is like being placed in the middle of a huge energy grid. The effect on the physical body is tangible, and for me before the guards interrupted us, it felt like a creeping crystalization was taking place up through my body.

I have no doubt whatsoever of the validity of the Chamber's purpose, and I am sure when the timing is right, and the correct Presence is in the Coffer, whether it be me or undoubtedly a thousand other potential candidates around the world, there will be those from our past who will be waiting on another level to welcome us at last and impart the information that must be given at this time.

One example of the truth of what you say TC. is that , Judith and I had concurring out of body experiences where we explored other passages and chambers in the GP and specifically below the GP. Can you imagine therefore our thoughts when we were talking with special individuals we met while staying in Nazlet village who gave us spontaneous accounts of chambers and passages already discovered but not revealed to the world; but which coincided exactly with our out of body recollections.

We welcome the recollections of others, and as said elsewhere, we hope at last through efforts here and on our own pages, to shine a focussing light on the clues and evidence that must be there still, and which may be the catalyst of higher awakening for others who need the external evidence to believe what their higher mind is trying to tell them.

I certainly also look forward to the book you mention. Thank you


Anchor 05-11-2009 09:59 AM

Re: 2012 and the historical reason we should prepare now.

Amazing posts - thanks for posting them - I love the train of logic in the first post, which for me all resonates well.

Wanderer ?


TheChosen 05-11-2009 12:45 PM

Re: 2012 and the historical reason we should prepare now.
Yes Richard, you are correct for the use of the King's Chamber. You should check the ancient secret of the flower of life by Drunvalo. He goes in great lengths explaining the dynamics behind the King's Chamber and the way it was used for initiation and out of body experiences directly into the higher levels of the astral. It would definately help into producing an OBE like nothing else we currently know.

In fact I had a vision of my own, although somewhat symbolical, that the sarcophagus was used in such manners in the time when I still thought it is just a burial chamber. You can check the rest of my information gained in the Astral regarding Atlantis on the link in my signature.

Richard Gabriel 05-11-2009 12:56 PM

Re: 2012 and the historical reason we should prepare now.
Thank you again TC. I will look at your link and report back.
Also to you Anchor.

The more and more these wide issues can be properly examined to force more tangible evidence into this world, the better it will be for everyone through whatever we may face in our future. We will value all opinions to help us with our own bag full of so called mysteries.


Richard Gabriel 05-12-2009 01:07 AM

Re: 2012 and the historical reason we should prepare now.
Ah! TC, it would indeed take a Treatise to respond to the spread of experiences and understandings you describe, and which are the foundation of your truth now. There are familiarities in your account, and as with the very personal story that I preamble myself, it is then for each individual encountering the work to privately evaluate its explanations as a test through their own experience.

Truth can nakedly withstand any test that is thrown at it, and understanding can only be advanced when we are able to get to the very essence; the very core of the matter.

Beyond the act of personally considering the contribution made by myself, yourself, or any other, ...then must come the questions.

Incisive, challenging, probing, requiring the nitty gritty detail, wishing to get to the full stop at the end of the sentence and see it there.
The questions of course must have been generated in every form already from within one's self and directed at one's self, and they must have already received the answer.
In offering the full stop at the end of the sentence to others; ...first we must have achieved its validation ourselves.

During the passive reading of new work when a question is not raised within me, and to me; I seek the hidden question even harder in order to draw closer to the truth.

So it was then, a question presented itself as I read; as it may have done for a thousand others looking over my shoulder.

We speak of states beyond physical to include OOB., unconsciousness and a host more, but how 'exactly' can we define these and their interaction?
An understanding would enable sharp discernment.

The question so formed, demands an answer, and pertains to all sources, including mine, and yours TC, and any others we may encounter.

So, by my understanding we must start with a supposition that frames all else following. It is that all things constitute a condensation of physical matter, harmoniously interacting to produce as in our case, the human form.

Our physical form would be inert but for our inhabiting, motivating Presence. Our motivating Presence itself has cohesion, but according to higher laws of science, and of a vibration that allows the seamless interface at quantum with our physical form.

Where all things comprise substance in a state of movement or vibration on all levels, so the tools for our comfort and interaction at this gross level, have manifest as our physical senses.

Our waking world provides us with an avalanche of sensory input, which we have to dissect, interpret and react to for our physical survival, every second, of every waking hour, of every day.

But what guides our discernment?
We grow from the form of a baby, gradually becoming filled with the conditioning imposed from our DNA footprint or breeding; from the cosmic 'fixing' of our life cycle; from our Racial position; from our culture; from the limits of our family status; from our environment; from our sexuality; and from our time in history. But these may be classed as external impositions.

History shows us that some people can break from the imposition of any or most of these things. They therefore cannot possibly be taken as the only factors governing our makeup.

But what about our Presence? If again we presuppose its reality and in fact its singular ability to motivate the life within a person, we must understand its properties. We have already declared that all substance represents vibration, and that within physical, the coming together of 'like' substance is a condensation to grosser matter.

It can be conversely said therefore that our Presence beyond physical represents the 'gravitation' of higher matter into form; and this holds true for everything belonging to 'those' levels.

If the physical senses are the tools of survival for the life of a physical person, there must be tools more natural to a naturally higher level of reality.

At this stage we run into an apparrent barrier because the total acceptance of such a thing is reserved with validation for those who have enjoyed the experience for example of being out of body, and have tested these events.
The conviction is not transferrable so these explanations in good faith must suffice for others still seeking.

However as we build this exposition, the presuppositions will become fitting pieces of a jig saw puzzle that will come together to allow a tangible personal test in the end.

If our Presence dwells naturally beyond physical, we can say that 'as' in the physical, the true measure of the state of that person could be determined if we took a snap-shot of their general vibrationary level.

This would be their vibrationary signiture.
Within physical the signiture would be clouded by the encumberance of the physical body; which in itself would be a reflection of the energy of the Presence motivating it. (but with greater intensity due to the comfort of 'sensational' attachment.)

Released from physical attachment, the vibrational signiture would be nakedly apparrent to anyone who had the ability to 'read' it.

However if we now turn to the nature of vibration and substance again, we can appreciate how the introduction of external matter, in physical or beyond, can refine the nature of its receiving host.
On a gross level a single example would be the manipulation of DNA, whereby the probabilities for the quality of a person can be altered; and this in turn means the vibrational structure per sec is changed.
On an extremely higher level, a single example would be if two people came together, they would already be of such harmoniously refined vibration, they would literally be able to share the product of their joint experience.

Suffice to say therefore, a Presence at either level is the modified product of all previous input, and is subject to all current input. Our Presence is therefore in a stat of flux, able only to be read through a momentary snapshot to indicate the vibrational signiture. Our freed vibrational Presence is able to interact as coherently as we can here, but just as a cork released from water seeks to rise to the surface, so our Presence rises (gravitates) from physical to its own natural level of vibration. By this it is to say, there are regions beyond physical that are like countries, towns and villages are to us here, but which reflect the drawing together of like-to-like vibration in its inhabitents.

Even on the Earth plane this is true where everyone understands the differences between esoteric races and backward races. The vibration of the former is closer to spirit than the condensed vibration of the latter. But we wish to highlight the tools of the Presence, and all this talk of vibrational matter may seem as a diversion. However the understandings are necessary because we may now appreciate the part we play with our thoughts. This brings us to the core of our motivation. The divine spark (as it is so called,) within us, provides us with the choice, of Creation.

All things happen to a degree of Probability. As circumstances conspire, the factor of Probability for an event increases. It remains along with a thousand other Probabilities as a 'virtual' event until the circumstances continue to conspire and produce the Actuality of the event; but in its passing it too becomes part of another Probability.

Our divine choice enables us to Actualise something.
Within our Presence, as we form a reaction to something according to our vibrationary state, we command our thoughts to Actualise our will.
As our thoughts Actualise, our 'Cause,' becomes 'Effect.'

Our Effect modifies the potential for a myriad of new Probabilities, depending upon the circumstances and the 'Cause' rising from within others as a reaction. Their provoked reaction is a reciprocal effect and it is the 'Consequence.'

So, we can expose the process of interaction between people by the simple Cause, Effect and Consequence formula. But here is the twist!
Our planetary race can be distinguished by the singular ability of individuals to dress Consequence as Effect, and thereby avoid the responsibility of their own 'Cause' (choice of thought process) which began the sequence of Probability in the first place!

We have examined how the vibrational quality of everyone is modified by this ebb and flow of reaction and reciprocal reaction. The results can be seen in the speed of spiritual progress throughout our known history, and in the jagged lifeline of mankind.

We have divorced ourselves from the memory of the process. If we could remember, we would no more precipitate it with continued intolerence and service to self, than we would cut our own hand from our body. In doing so we would finally realise that a cut anywhere is a cut to ourselves.

It would seem we have travelled a long way from the origin of this post, but not so. When we are able to distance ourselves from the sensation of this level... When we are able to detach ourselves from the input of our physical senses... When we are able to rest our mind in peace from the Probabilities of conflict we may be planning for the next day... When we are able to seek ourselves at the core... Or even when we fall asleep, we can then reach out to our enduring home beyond physical.

In sleep for a mundane mind, the input of data from the senses of the day will have caused multitudes of turbulance within the vibrational circulations of the Presence. Like water sloshing about in a bath tub, this will need a night of physical rest for the frequencies to settle out of chaos again.

In the morning the person may still carry the chaos if their signiture is not yet developed to command tolerance. If the person is so, they may return with the shadow of these turbulations as they play with images and scenarios in the mind.

But this is not all. At the same time as the person is playing with all of these turbulations, they are trialing all the Probability scenarios that go with them. If the person is of base nature, they are more likely to return to physical in the morning with a recollection and continued attitude based on the empathic lower vibration scenarios, regardless of their strength of Probability.

If the vibration of the person is more refiined, during sleep they may sort their thought problems out quickly and have time-off to venture further.
For most of us we may be drawn like-to-like, into interactions of many a weird and wonderful kind, many of which may be more worldly speculations of Probability that we have a wish to consider.

During the sleep process we may be free enough to have a receptive awareness of grander Probabilities building. Remember at this level we are all still of lowly vibration in the grand scheme of things, and as such when the Probabilities are conspiring for example before a great natural disaster, 'its' lower vibration can be detected in empathy by many on the earth plane. Hence the ability in particular for people to forsee 'disasters.'

During the sleep process, if we are a person at peace and understanding with ourselves and the world, we still rise to a commensurate level of vibration, but this would take us to where we could converse and interact with our Minders and friends, and enjoy inspirational experiences, or even simply to bathe in rest and healing. This is the source of a lucid dream for next morning, which may also be polluted by less settled vibrational frequencies in the person.

This type of person will be interacting like to a Colt dancing in a field. It is the person who has access within themselves to higher levels of freedom, but still requires the order and tranquility of total connection or understanding to rise to their full potential.

During the sleep process if we are an elevated soul in physical embarked on a noble Birth Plan, we may become actively involved as Guide or Minder to someone beyond physical whom we know in current life.

The interaction of these possibilities is not sharply defined. There will be a mixture of experience, along with the disjointed memories deserving to each individual as they awaken again.

The process is no different for someone who is unconscious for other reasons. If so, it may be a necessary part of their Probability path, for their physical timing to be ajusted for some reason, or that by their state, a choice of probability will be created for someone else. It will all have been forseen and agreed.

For another type of person who has a higher signiture, the possibility ever remains for them to undergo a spontaneous or involuntary out of body experience. This is totally different from all other unconscious experiences.

An out of body experience it is like recalling the detal and exactness of what happened a few hours previously. One week later, the event is recalled as strongly as an important physical event on the same time scale. In fact the memory from an out of body experience remains proportionately in the mind as would any important physical memory.

And now to channelled information.! You can appreciate there are a multitude of sources for the thoughts and ideas in our head upon waking. These indeed may hold teachings and inspirations from either our Minders or from the clarity of our own released thought - and our discerning view of the probabilities.

More often such work is presented as channeling gained while the person claims to subjugate their senses and mind to the input of a higher Helper.

This may indeed happen, but most often the recollection is an impure memory containing some comforting descriptions that match the aspirations of the person. It occurs because the person is motivated beyond their vibrational capability, and tries to impose a higher connection by 'Association.'

There is a danger in this though because the very process produces a drop in the person's vibration sufficient to prevent the deep and true inspiration they seek.
In this position the person also holds themselves passively vulnerable to those individuals beyond physical who would still inspire mischief or harm to us. 'They' still seek their attention and this is a perfect way for them to do so.

In all of these understandings there is one thing above all I would use to draw them together. We all aspire to grow. If we have any kind of awakening we aspire first to grow spiritually. In this we actually mean, (to further refine the vibration of our Presence,) and to draw back from the temporary world of physical sensation.

If we centre to our own core and manifest its seamless connection with the highest spheres of light.
If we yield to our genuine connection with all things as told in The Law of One, or described otherwise as a connection to the Christ Consciousness, our vibration will automatically rise beyond the levels where no one nor anything of any lower vibration can ever do us harm.
The truth of this is in the experience and is there to be grabbed by each individual.

There really is no need for all my rambling words, nor for the fine descriptions and grand sounding names elsewhere.

It is there within everyone as it has always been.
All we have to do is make the connection ourselves and test it to truth.

with Judith

TheChosen 05-12-2009 07:23 PM

Re: 2012 and the historical reason we should prepare now.
Yes, I share the same opinion. Only through self experiencing the higher layers and finding your own intuition and higher will you can grow past those that would seek to dominate your will or make you believe in their illusions serving their agenda.

Richard Gabriel 05-12-2009 08:31 PM

Re: 2012 and the historical reason we should prepare now.
Thank you TC.

I have to add this little anecdote which is seemingly appropriate to the understanding of vibrational interaction across levels.

Tonight I am overdue to try and answer a question elsewhere, where someone has called out to myself and Judith for positive advice.
The question touches on profound processes and their effect in the person's life.

When I write in this vein it does not come easy. The answer must be through detachment from my lower mind and preferably from a true alpha state.
This takes much effort because I constantly have to fight against the wieght of lower vibrational consequences from the day.
My days are busy, and intense. I hit the ground running in the morning and am unable to stop until late!

When I sit down therefore to raise my mind, a tug of war begins.
On the one hand my higher mind is striving to reach to higher levels and the connections there.
On the other hand the weight of lower vibration from the day which has not yet been allowed the chance of sleep for it to be rebalanced, struggles to prevent my Presence from escaping its lower connection.

The physical body must have its time of separation in sleep so its substance can release its electrical energy and recover.
The Presence must also recharge in the same way.
However ,the Presence recovers to balance by one other method, which is to draw fresh refined substance into its matrix like a Chakral 'fix' from the higher levels.

As I sit and strive consciously to raise my vibration, I am effectively calling upon more than my Presence has left to give, before it gets its chance to recharge.

The result is an instant uncanny drowsiness.
The Presence is saying...
"Look here buddy!! I got things to sort from the day, and now you are calling upon me for more higher work HuH!!!
I gotta chill out and get my batteries renewed first.
You gotta lay down for a nap my friend."

And so it is... I can't go any further in the right frame of spirit right now.
I am typing and I pray my reserves are not churning out nonsense!!
I am going to set my alarm clock for at least an hour lol. Night night yawn !!!

with Judith

Richard Gabriel 05-13-2009 07:52 AM

Re: 2012 and the historical reason we should prepare now.
Good morning truth seekers :-)

I woke up to a gift today in the form of :
.................................................. ...........................


132 archaeological sites in Egypt not excavated

May 12th 2009

Egypt State Information Service Culture Minister Farouk Hosni said that the researches conducted via satellites have confirmed the existence of 132 archaeological sites in Egypt that witnessed no excavations until now.

Farouk Hosni said Egypt's shows full cooperation with the research teams to explore the archaeological sites, and has recently issued a number of laws seeking to stop the illegal digging in areas likely to contain the buried monuments. He is pointing out that project of monuments photography via satellite is being implemented in collaboration with the National Authority for Remote Sensing, Space Sciences and Mubarak City for Scientific Research for the aerial photography and ground laser.

Meanwhile, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) Zahi Hawas pointed out that satellites took photos for many archeological sites including Habu city.
.................................................. ................

There is no great satisfaction for me when I say " I told you so! " Only sadness that it has taken this long to be reported officially.

From our own information as others will have read, the Egyptian Government have been working much more deeply than this article suggests with GPR imaging to sniff out the really ancient anomolies. In fact this forms the basis behind our conclusions to the "Explosions in the Desert" page, displayed on site. http://www.richardgabriel.info/002%20INDEX%20PAGE.html

We understand the locations of speculated sites cannot be splashed over the internet before investigation, but just as we have done in our presentation pages, there is nothing to stop the reporting and discussing of the potential from these sites while still protecting their identities.

For sure it would be cited that they wish not to fuel pure speculation, but readers are not fools.
Healthy and fair interest would be shown if at least the preliminary reasons were given for the various targets.

I would understand completely however if they wished to keep everyone dumb to the finding of anomolies which suggested advanced technology.... like the aquaduct from mountain range to barren desert over tens of underground miles which we learned of and wrote about!!

Sorry, but it is so difficult to remain uncynical.

with Judith

Richard Gabriel 05-13-2009 04:43 PM

Re: 2012 and the historical reason we should prepare now.
I can tell you this for free:
With all that is seeing some light at last in the world, (thanks to the internet and people across the world such as can be found here,) we are more 'driven' than ever before to return to the Chamber with serious intent; that we may finally try and bring back a rock solid vindication for all that we understand and believe!

with Judith

Anchor 05-14-2009 10:00 AM

Re: 2012 and the historical reason we should prepare now.

Originally Posted by Richard Gabriel (Post 136977)
Tonight I am overdue to try and answer a question elsewhere, where someone has called out to myself and Judith for positive advice. The question touches on profound processes and their effect in the person's life.

And so it is... I can't go any further in the right frame of spirit right now.
I am typing and I pray my reserves are not churning out nonsense!!
I am going to set my alarm clock for at least an hour lol. Night night yawn !!!

Actually it is perfectly lucid and I have the same thing.

In the case where someone has specifically asked for your help, I normally find that (if you allow it) such a "call" can be allowed to catalyze a condition that basically trumps the harping of the lower mind. I find no matter how tired I am there are occasions where true need allows you to step out of your "sense condition" and forge on with the crafting of a suitable message on the internet - or make that phone call - whatever it is.

I am glad there are people like you around right now. You sound practical and down to earth, yet well versed in the mechanics of light and love.

Bless you for being here at this time.


Richard Gabriel 05-14-2009 09:17 PM

Re: 2012 and the historical reason we should prepare now.
Hehe! bless you for that Anchor.

When I spoke with Judith about it however, she reminded me of the times when I have just passed out at the screen, and I can tell you it is not a pretty sight to have a flattened forehead from using the monitor as a pillow, with my hair frizzed out from the static electricity like a bad version of an electrified pink panther !!!

On other things, a short while ago I wrote a longer article about the issue of Indigo children. It is on one of our site pages, but was initially conceived for our friend Bruce's site :

Well. yesterday there was another balancing anecdote from Judith's beautiful little grand daughter. All of five years old and she broke from baby talk as she frequently does to utter a few things in a serious Adult way before returning again to her age.

This time it was to say something about the trees.

She said,
"Grammy I had a dream. Jesus was teaching me about the trees and animals. He was teaching me Evvveeerrryytthing! .....and I taught YOU!!"

When Judith asked her how she could have taught HER, her grand daughter replied,
" Grammy, We are really really really really really really old!!

SHE giggled ...and then very seriously said,
"Jesus really loves me,"

...and then turned into a little 5 year old child again to play with her toys.
She often has these profound episodes. It runs in Jadie's line.

with Judith

Richard Gabriel 05-15-2009 09:51 PM

Re: 2012 and the historical reason we should prepare now.

Sorry to take a while to respond to your posts properly.

Despite Rodin's hesitating delivery style he definately puts meat to the geometric / holographic things I saw during my Event experience. In my book I describe how they unfolded in my memory.

Briefly, I saw the animation of a flat strip fold and half twist to create a mobius loop. The loop filled out like a rubber water pipe while retaining a spiral rotation of movement. Presently it became a Torus which continued to expand. Within its core where the flux was most condensed, the motivation actualised matter from potential, or virtuality; and I realised I was remembering the creation process at quantum.

And the correlation to Richard Hoagland (whom I have linked to with great respect in the past,) was appropriate. The established view looks back with cynicisim dressed as method, to the possibility that our forebearers possessed a full working knowledge of these things. But even more recently in diverse examples such as Hmmm.... the people of Macchu Picchu who understood enough about the motivation and potential of cosmic influence, to gather their pregnant women at certain times there to ensure their unborn received a chosen cosmic fix!

We are like children again learning the true basis of life and its order. But it's nothing new. We had it in our hand once before and screwed it all up. We are entering another actuality. Have we learned anything? Will we screw it up again? If we dig deep enough within ourselves, we will not need the physicists and mathematicians and polititions to give us the answers. We all have the power to remember for ourselves.

with Judith

I have been mailed to give our link again, thank you muchly.

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