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conkling 09-24-2008 11:55 AM

Half Past Human
We had quite an interesting 'Half Past Human' thread previously...
shall we try it again...???


Here is the 'Half Past Human' interview with George Knapp from Coast to Coast...
The interview took place Sunday September 22nd...

Half Past Interview on C2C:




Included here are mp3's of hour 2-3-4 where the interview takes place.

I am not in the habit of recycling 'subscriber' material from coast to coast or any other online show or publication....however....I believe the 'time monks' of 'half past human' to be honest and forthwith in their information.
Therefore this interview contains vital information in which everyone should be privy to. (This is the precise purpose of George & Cliff's interview)

....Remember, we are 'spirit beings' on a 'human journey'....if we hang on to tightly to this world, we may be missing an opportunity of many lifetimes.

Zynox 09-25-2008 04:34 PM

Re: Half Past Human
Too Classic to Miss - Half Pint Humans and the Spiral Web

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