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EYES WIDE OPEN 09-25-2008 09:36 AM

Lets get something solid in place & quick!!
I think the intorduction phase is nearly over. Time is not a luxuery we have. I think physical meetings between the ground crews need to take place ASAP. We need to get things going in the next month at the latest.......

Jamie 09-25-2008 09:43 AM

Re: Lets get something solid in place & quick!!

The honey moon period is over, we now need to start getting things sorted. I don't really want to be sitting at my computer having a good old chin wag when the **** hits the fan!

Actually on second thoughts, maybe I do.....lol

I believe that a meeting is set to occur for the southwest crew in October, would have been before but one of the crew members is on holiday till October.


VinnieCooper 09-28-2008 02:42 AM

Re: Lets get something solid in place & quick!!
Yeah We need more meet ups,

Just got back from a meet up with WAX was really cool, banging Drums.

He's got this thing called the Indigenous Cultural Foundation that I've decided to incorperate myself into. Much better Organised than me, and as far as I can see A really Friendly bunch, Said they would be able to give me some help for my little operation.

I'm Certainly going to be working with them.

I've been Providing Free Micro-Farming Solutions to people in my Area Code
(For A While Now).

I'm Not exactly sure what WAX has been up to, I think He's Been Clearing Up Fly Tips or opening up Squats or Somthing Like That.

I Think It would be a good Idea to focus efforts on A few Projects, in our respective regions so we have a number of Meet up Points (Eggs and Baskets)

I'm From the South East So would be happy to work with anybody from that region to set up any Projects.

Happy to share Ideas / Listen to yours and such.
Anyway would be great to meet up with You Guys, What ever Your Doing?

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