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mpea 02-04-2010 01:18 PM

Energy healing of a cancer tumour
Check this out - amazing footage of energy healers 'zapping' cancer cells in a patient with bladder cancer


much love

pea x x x x

burgundia 02-04-2010 02:16 PM

Re: Energy healing of a cancer tumour

cloud9 02-04-2010 04:36 PM

Re: Energy healing of a cancer tumour
This is a video Gregg Braden has been showing for some years now and he speaks about it in his books too, I think it's wonderful but we need more information about HOW it's done; why is't the technique explained? As far as I know, this healing technique is used somewhere in China but it's not something that a lot of people know about even there.

mntruthseeker 02-04-2010 05:09 PM

Re: Energy healing of a cancer tumour
Yes I seen it on the video of Gregg Bradens video Spontaneous Healing

He says that it is done by "thought" the same way that group meditation is used. He also mentioned that it didnt need to be a crowd of people, one person could do this.

You just have to ask. He points out that the full writings of Jesus was not in the Bible. No one has to imagine too hard about who was responsible for taking much of Jesus's words out of the Bible

I am not sure of the exact wordings as Gregg put it but here is what I do remember

He says Jesus says Ask and ye shall recieve. What was removed was the part that says......When you ask, you must ask with no restrictions. Fell the change and walk away as if you have already recieved what you asked for

He does the example of the Shaman asking for rain............He goes to the field, puts his head down to say a prayer, feels the moisture in the ground as if it rained, smiles and walks away !

So in Spontaneous Healing, all the people visualize the tumor disapearing

Tatiana 02-15-2010 03:29 PM

Re: Energy healing of a cancer tumour
Cloud9 - you live in NYC? I used to live there and I know that you have Chi Gong healers there. I knew a young man some years back (when I still lived in NYC) who had a horrendous car accident which put him in a wheel chair. Conventional western medical experts said he would spend the rest of his days there. He heard about this school where people learn about Chi Gong (I think it was somewhere on lower Broadway) and he signed up for it and he is no longer in the wheel chair! Plus he has learned a valuable skill. I think the method they taught there was called Pak Qua (not sure of the spelling).

I also know of a Buddhist monk who lives on 13th street near a hospital on the West side who teaches Chi Gong (for free!) to all who want to learn. His name is Alex and I might still have his phone # somewhere around here if you are interested. His classes are in the evening and during the day - some of the classes are taught by his students if he is at work - yes he works, living in NYC is expensive as you well know. He is a wonderful person - I used to take his classes so I know.

As far as the school at Broadway - you could probably find out where it is by checking in the martial arts community or Chinatown. There are many traditional Chinese herbalists who might know or check in one of the shops along Mott street which sell martial arts tapes - some of these are by local martial arts teachers who very well might know where this school is.

The young man who escaped his fate of being in a wheel chair once gave me a small demonstration of what he learned there. He held a piece of paper about 6" from his hands while he concentrated. Within a few minutes the paper started to darken then smoke and finally burn! Needless to say I was impressed. It is a matter of learning to increase the inner energies (Chi) we all have, then focus and direct them. Which is basically the teachings of all martial arts. In fact, fighting is the lowest form of the art, healing being the highest.

Any good martial arts school will at least teach you part of this wisdom. As you live in NYC there are many schools (especially in Chinatown) where you can learn this if you are serious. But stay away from the chains and the showy schools who focus on belts and competitions - usually that is where their energy goes.

Btw, Chinese herbal medicine is awesome! I used to go to one of their doctors who was educated in China. He has a family run herb shop on Elizabeth street across from the 4th precinct. His name is Dr Chen of Lin Sisters pharmacy - I can highly recommend him. I really miss having access to all that - in upstate NY where I now live, all you get is 6 month certifcates - not at all the same thing! Dr Chen might even know where that school is, a lot of the martial artists used to go to him for herbs.

voltus 02-15-2010 04:32 PM

Re: Energy healing of a cancer tumour
Nice :)

greybeard 02-15-2010 06:33 PM

Re: Energy healing of a cancer tumour
There are hospital in China where only Medical Qui Gong is used.
They have thousands of years of study and practise of the effectiveness of such cures.

I qualified as Bio energy practioner.
Energy blockages ( stagnent energy) are cleared from the chakra systems.
Then the immune system can do what it does well.
Practitioners are trained to develope their own energy by practising Qui Gong exercises.
This powers up the treatment.

One lady that i was working on was relieved of ovarian cancer( not that I personally did it but was a channel) not claiming that I healed her, that was 15 years ago.. In our country
as far as I remember it is illegal to claim that you have cured cancer. My memory may be faulty on this point.
Anyway a few month latter I heard that she had died.
That made me wonder till I was told that she had blood clot in the leg with detached and when it reached her heart it killed her.
I think positive attitude can also play a part as can karma.

Anyway I would recommend energy treatment to anyone as it can be incredibly effective


futureyes 02-15-2010 07:54 PM

Re: Energy healing of a cancer tumour
energy healing ...
some people ask ... how can this be ...
what we should be saying is ...
why can it not ...

rigidness vs flexibility in believing ...

flexibility of belief ... opens doors ... allows the positive to enter ...
makes space for healing ...

rigidness of thought ... keeps doors closed ...

open the mind to what can be ...
and the heart ... opens to what actually is ...


Malletzky 02-15-2010 08:27 PM

Re: Energy healing of a cancer tumour
And I say FINALY...finaly this is becomming more and more public.

This is nothing new for me. I LOVE doing energy healing...I just love it :wub2:

And not only that we should try to open our minds that we really can heal other as well as we can heal ourself....much more...WE should finaly try to open our minds and accept the fact that we don't even have to have any diseases.

Great video, thanks for posting. It just confirmes what I already knew before.


Majorion 02-15-2010 10:11 PM

Re: Energy healing of a cancer tumour

Originally Posted by mntruthseeker (Post 233410)
.When you ask, you must ask with no restrictions. Fell the change and walk away as if you have already recieved what you asked for

There is a scientific basis for that, its termed a Placebo effect.

The medical fields are hesitant to admit it, but, the human mind is literally capable of healing or even bringing about distress to the physical body, all related to what the mind is perceiving and focusing on and believing in, in effect, the mind will magnify the conviction to suit the parameters of said conviction.

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