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ElvenMyst 09-08-2008 01:43 AM

London Group
What a wonderful new forum we have here :)
I've seen quite a few Brits on this site but hardly any from London.Can it be...a city of 7 million...that I am alone? Or is it that anyone with any sense has already left..?
So...if you live in the London area...post a reply and lets start networking.

Love & Light

Jeffrey 09-08-2008 12:38 PM

Re: London Group

my wife and I are based in South London. We are well aware, and have started to try to wake others around us up.
Please feel free to contact me, and let's get something going.


ElvenMyst 09-08-2008 01:22 PM

Re: London Group
Welcome Jeffrey....glad to have you with us :) Hopefully we will be inundated by 'aware' Londoners and then we'll see where it goes...

Kate 09-08-2008 01:32 PM

Re: London Group
hello both jeffrey and elven....lovely to have u on boeard this fab forum! great to see some londoners here with their own thread! I lived South east london for many years before coming to BATH, and i am having a hard time waking up my friiends from various places..its very very frustrating!! :mad3:

however, time will tell..and in the meantime here we all are in cyber connected by a commen interest/goal...I am so thrilled to see it growing so quickly here...

If we can all spread the word via other social networking groups etc...and pass on this site and project camelots details...i can imagine things rapidly spreading like wildfire ..as the masses start to come ourt of their slumber and realise there is a 'buzz' going around..something is going on...and maybe more people will quickly start taking notice!

I wish u all the very best...

peace :thumb_yello:

Jeffrey 09-08-2008 01:57 PM

Re: London Group
I have just been contacted by Zelphael, who is also in London.
Just a bit of background on me:
I was born in Germany, german mother, American Dad, am fluent in both languages, have lived in the US for a number of years, as well as in Bavaria, Germany. While in Nashville, TN, I met my wife, and we moved here to the UK in 2000, and have been here with the exception of 1 year where we were back in the US.

My wife and I are well aware of the current situation, I have recently been able to introduce her to everything, and am continuing to show her more and more details about everything that I had found out so far.

I think that there must be quite a few people here in the UK and London, that are fans/followers of some of David Icke's material, and there might be some other groups already in existance.

Anyhow, I am very glad that this Forum has now opened, and that it enables us to get in touch with like-minded people.

Kate 09-08-2008 02:14 PM

Re: London Group
I have been following David Ike's material for years..innitially was very skeptical...especially about the lizards...but now, i think differently..and i salute the guy for taking a stand and enduring so much ridicule over the years from the public....!

Jeffrey, u might be interested in being in touch more with micheal St clair..as he is based in the bavaria/german/swiss area and is looking to be building a community radient safe zone in that region. there is a thread he has here called radient zones

Jeffrey 09-08-2008 02:38 PM

Re: London Group
Thanks for that. I have just subscribed to the german threads as well, and I saw one his postings there. For the time being, we are staying put here, but the options are still on the table...

ElvenMyst 09-08-2008 03:45 PM

Re: London Group
Hi Firehorse...welcome to this thread :) I can see you are a prolific poster ! I too am very excited by what we can achieve here.

As for Mr.Icke....I was lucky enough to see him at Brixton Academy in May.He spoke for 6 hours..without notes...and was very impressive.I couldnt say that i learnt anything new but certainly couldnt disagree with anything he said.As for lizards...I think there is just so much evidence...and esp. from mythology...suggesting they are very real. So hats off to David...as we all know....it takes a lot of courage to bring this material out into the open.

Love & blessings

Zelphael 09-08-2008 09:07 PM

Re: London Group
Hey guys, glad to see a London thread up. Let's make this thread the hub of our London activity.

I think we should wait another couple of weeks for more people to sign up and then we should get together and have a meet up at a time that would be convenient for us all, probably in Central London which is the fairest place to meet for distance, etc.

What do you guys think?

Jeffrey 09-08-2008 09:28 PM

Re: London Group
Hi Zac,

sounds good to me, and I do agree with giving it a couple of weeks time until the word gets around a bit more...


migovec 09-08-2008 09:39 PM

Re: London Group
Im also in south london
interested to know what meetings are happening- I first realised there was someting seriously wrong in the world when i started studying economics + banking a few years ago - read a few books e.g. 'the mystery of banking' and 'the grip of death' then I accidently watched a 911 film a year ago and have been rapidly catching up ever since (medical monopilies , energy , false flag, illuminati and most recently ufo related stuff) still learning all the time- im quite keen to try and build a free energy device as engineering is my background,
anyway- hope to meet some of you at some point


Zelphael 09-08-2008 09:50 PM

Re: London Group
Hi migovec, good to see you here.

Sounds like you're a person of interest. Would love to know what your thoughts are and ideas you have as an engineer.

Jeffrey 09-08-2008 09:56 PM

Re: London Group
Have you seen the clip on Project Camelot where George Green showed his zero point energy magnet driven "engine"?
Anyhow, glad to have you on board!!!
My wife says she loves you already, and can you get her 1969 Vintage Triumph Car running without Petrol??? :biggrin2::biggrin2::wink2:

migovec 09-08-2008 10:42 PM

Re: London Group
I need to watch the video on the magnetic motor but I have read quite a bit about zero point energy- the objection with all the free energy devices is always that it breaks the laws of thermodynamics (ie u cant get something for nothing) but this assumes a closed system, if you can extract energy from an external source like the ZPF then you are not breaking anything. I have worked on triumphs in the past as we used to have several of them when i was growing up!
my plan is to involve my dad (also an engineer- retired) and try to build one of these water burning hybrids as a start - this will also have the advantage that I can gradually introduce him some of the stuff I have found out in the last year or so.. its quite hard to wake people up by Ive found if you work gradually you can get somewhere - most of my family now realise that 911 was highly dodgy for example- they are also very aware of the financial meltdown that is going on. Another thing im interested in building are these 'beck protocol' devices- anyone any experience with them ?

AMA-GI 09-09-2008 08:23 AM

Re: London Group
Hi people !
Hope you are all well. I live in leigh on sea just 40 miles away from london and i will be happy to join the london group.
I will tell you a little about myself and my skills.
I am a psychic clairvoyant/audiant by birth. I am skilled in the following :
Hypnotherepy, energy manipulation, herbs, i am also an exorcist with large client base for proof, geology, healing, E.F.T, hoodoo magic <which is not evil> i teach meditations which can be used for anything from weight loss to bringing wealth, past life regression, astrology, this list goes on but i dont want to bore you.
My life skills are : some electric experience, counciling, dog training, law, survival skills, food skills to name but a few.

I have been told of these comming events since i was a child but being born into a christian family and predicting events that my parents saw come true i was told it was evil and to keep it secret. Anyways i had better stop so others can write on this forum too, so i hope to speak to you all soon.

LackOf_Funds 09-09-2008 08:49 AM

Re: London Group
Hello, I have posted on another UK thread, this one seems closer to home though. E.London here! What do people think about Land Co-ops. With Lack Of Funds it may be a way forward?

migovec 09-09-2008 11:51 AM

Re: London Group

you sound very interesting- would be interested to know what you think or know about of DMT and floatation tanks? there is some stuff out there Ive read and on the internet (e.g. the book DMT- the spirit molecule) - Ive never tried these things but im interested to know moree about them.

Jeffrey 09-09-2008 01:44 PM

Re: London Group
Does anyone have any experience with HAM Radio?

llyn 09-10-2008 06:30 AM

Re: London Group
Hi Everyone, another South londener here, though splitting my time between wales and here. I really like the David wilcock stuff, which I've just discovered. I think land coops are a great idea-somebody told me today that the goverment were going to introduce a law where they would control what people could grow in their gardens!!!!! Anyboby heard about this?

In Lakesh

llyn 09-10-2008 06:36 AM

Re: London Group
Hi Everyone, another South londener here, though splitting my time between wales and here. I really like the David wilcock stuff, which I've just discovered. I think land coops are a great idea-somebody told me today that the goverment were going to introduce a law where they would control what people could grow in their gardens!!!!! Anyboby heard about this?

In Lakesh

chaostheory 09-10-2008 08:44 AM

Re: London Group
Hey all,

Im in south london, originally from wales too. just wanted to say hi to everyone here. what a great site this is....looking forward to some interesting discussions with you!:original:

i love anything hoagland or nassim harramein based, amongst many others, but well up for discussing anythign else!


Zelphael 09-10-2008 11:52 AM

Re: London Group
Hi Londoners,

I've created a social group called "The London Crew" and sent you all personal invites. If I have missed anyone, please let me know. I will invite more Londoners to the group as I become aware of them.

You can reach Social Groups by clicking the "Quick Links" pulldown menu at the top of the forum page near the Log Out link.

jaychilton 09-10-2008 12:40 PM

Re: London Group
Hello its Jason here from Tilburg in the netherlands here, originally from the UK, at the moment debating where to relocate, currently looking at the Black forest Munich area. my friend has some land in south of france on the spanish border but no planning permission for building, so maybe good for a bunker. also maybe even the Uk. all depends where we end up. Will be building up our survival gear over the next few months and really need to get a group together or looking to join a group which has already been established. I have family in the UK so may even up end there

She-Ra 09-10-2008 10:49 PM

Re: London Group
migovec - is the magnetic motor a practical 'solution' regarding Bessler's Wheel?

In general, if 'something' were to happen and communication/mobile networks were restricted or cut we may not even have text messages and not everyone will know how to work a radio. So, when you meet up it would be best to sort out meeting points to go to in an event, and when to be there i.e. after how many hours/days and how long to wait. Also, if travelling to locations, which places are not likely targets, unlikely to be affected too much by weather e.g. flooding, relatively straightforward to get to (access) especially for those who don't drive or wont be able to help in driving shifts and of course has your basic resources. Plus, a route to the continent may be a good idea.

Supplies tend to take up a lot of planning time for people but dependency and how high on the list supplies are for people and moreso for some than others, but travel needs to be certain too because at least with resources you can pick things up along the way or learn how to get what you need together. Mobility, or the possibility of mobility, is especially a concern for those with dependents young, old, disabled and with other animals.

For what it's worth, I think it's best to get 'fundamentals' in planning like meeting points, travel/how to travel and supplies/resources down first before choosing who does what. Those fundamentals can be flexible but a general plan needs to outlined first so that then people can say what they are definitely comfortable doing (based on experience/education or whatnot), what they could try with what probable degree of success and what they are willing/likely able to learn. I say that because it prevents social heirarchical issues and different methodological/methodical approaches from crippling a team.

I live in London but wont be participating in the ground crew.

Jacqui D 09-10-2008 11:11 PM

Re: London Group
Hi i live in kent but lived in london for years in the plaistow area, newham.
i have been following david for years now he awoke my intuitions around 7 years ago now, literally a book of his fell off a shelf in a book store at my feet.
Once i saw the picture on the cover i knew and understood his theories.
I too also think that a reptilian race run this earth, and found evidence in Canterbury cathedral.
A murel on the wall called the st eustace murel depicts clearly a reptile being brandishing a weapon or sorts.
It stance is human but it looks rather like a ninja turtle.
It is green in colour.
I have no doubt that these beings are around and that they can shapeshift.
Actually saw someones eye changed once it freaked me out!
Another site which follows david icke's work is Matthew delooze.
Matt explains how the reptilians extract spiritual energy from you in various ways, a good one is our famous music festivals.
he also believes the ferris wheel is another extraction aid, our energy is taken within the symbology of these large group attraction while you are giving your spiritual energy in chanting, singing to their sun gods it is being extracted and fed down to the lower forth dimentions from where these beings reside.
Very interesting stuff:winksmiley02:

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