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Default WINHS HEALTHWATCH: CODEX ALIMENTARIUS - A Self Fulfilling Prophesy‏ ***Please Read***


Dear Members,

While we are involved in numerous programs surrounding the issue of sustainable health and nutrition, our focus and overall campaign remains true to our original purpose;

To facilitate, support and defend the natural, innovative and alternative health care industries; their sciences, manufacturers, suppliers, practitioners and the individual's right of access to them.

With this purpose, we have invested much time and resources in order to investigate the situation and accurately tell the real story behind the anti-vitamin legislative campaign while identifying and exposing the vested interests behind it.

The difficulty has always been one of clarity and credibility. This is mainly due to an almost inconceivable, yet quite formidable strategy by the vested interests to confuse the industry itself, manipulate government agencies and mislead advocates and consumers alike while slowly and systematically perverting and ultimately engulfing the natural health industry.

And yet, unbelievable as it may appear to be to be by most level-headed, non-conspiracy theorists, the facts speak for themselves and unfortunately the story remains quite true.

Major anti-vitamin legislation has already been approved and upheld in the courts throughout Europe. Legislation that will eventually eliminate the majority of currently available supplements, amino acids, herbs and traditional medicines and then reduce the remainder to ineffectiveness.

Our focus now is with the agency that is seeking to forward this very same anti-vitamin legislation as “recommendations and standards” for most of the rest of the world; Codex Alimentarius. Not coincidentally, several existing international trade agreements provide Codex with the authority to successfully do so.

Originally envisioned and designed by what became the most ruthless and inhumane of 20th Century Western European regimes, Codex Alimentarius (Codex) was later organized and officiated by members of an emerging pharmaceutical industry spawned by that very same source.

In its near half-century of existence Codex has emerged as the self-proclaimed international authority on food and nutrition. Intent on dictating or significantly influencing international health and nutritional policy and legislation, backed by international trade agreements and the United Nations, Codex has done much to accomplish unimpeded protection of chemical and pharmaceutical interests on a global scale – much to the detriment of sustainable health and nutrition.

The true aims of Codex Alimentarius can more clearly be deciphered by their actions as opposed to their misleading and voluminous press releases. Following anti-vitamin legislation bullied into the evolving European Union in 2002, these aims include the worldwide adoption of this European legislation in the form of international recommendations and standards. “Standards” that will reduce the overall number of available vitamins and natural supplements, dramatically lower legally allowable maximum dosage levels down to virtual ineffectiveness, reclassify supplements as medicine and wholly ban published statements on the beneficial effects of vitamins and other natural remedies while making such statements a punishable legal offense.

And if there were any doubts, these aims are already moving toward a self-fulfilled prophesy. Codex aims are already being closely followed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which has already sent “cease and desist” letters to vitamin manufacturers for their promotion of mental and physiological benefits of vitamin supplements on their web sites.Nearly 2/3rds of existing available vitamin substances have already been banned by the European Union through the European Food Supplements Directive which was passed into law in 2002 and upheld as law by the European court of Justice in 2005.

Note: These supplements are scheduled to be removed from online sites and store shelves throughout in 2009 and 2010.
The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is now working to accomplish an international standard for the Maximum Permitted (dosage) Levels (MPLs) for the remaining 1/3rd of approved supplements along with additional laws that will reclassify supplements as medicines.

See the full article: CODEX ALIMENTARIUS – A Self Fulfilling Prophesy

Editor’s Note: If you truly wish to help prevent Codex Alimentarius from influencing your government against vitamins and other forms of natural health products superseding existing pro-vitamin law in your country, then we need your help.
1. Appropriately distribute information you receive from WINHS to your friends and associates in order that they too can learn what is going on and also join WINHS in our efforts to protect our right of access to ALL available natural products and therapies.

2. Promote this issue to your friends, associates, community and opinion leaders, celebrity contacts, government representatives and others that you are in direct and personal communication with. Ensure that they learn what is really going on. This can enable us to better impact the media, our legislators and many more consumers.

3. If you can do so, raise your WINHS membership status and sign up as a new Supporting Member of WINHS. Funds are needed for professional investigations into the vested interests and the legislators they have in their pockets, a counter media campaign to the anti-vitamin campaign running internationally (also funded by drug company front groups), and adequate lobby activities in Europe and the U.S.

Go to: https://www.winhs.org/contribute.htm It is simple to do, certified, totally secure and completely confidential.

Thank you for your help!


Rudi C. Loehwing
Managing Director
World Institute of Natural Health Sciences
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