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Default Violent Movies, Books, Games, Cartoons, and Toys

I got to thinking...we debate just about everything...even forbidden knowledge...which must certainly attract the attention of Echelon, the Alphabet Agencies, Motherships, and Deep Underground Military Bases. One big happy family! But do we discuss the problem of violence...in an exhaustive and academic manner? Should we declare War on Violence? Is that an oxymoron? Is violence a sin? I've opened some Pandora's Boxes since I arrived at Avalon...and I'm going to open another one. As usual...I have no mapped-out agenda. I just think and speculate out-loud...for better or worse...I don't know.

What really brought this on...was going to see 'Legion'...which profoundly disappointed me. The plot was weak...and the violence was sickening. But the previews for other violent motion-pictures really floored me. I don't go out much...and I shy away from violence...so I was shocked by the glorification of violence on the silver-screen. Our phones are tapped. Our internet activities recorded. Our houses searched without warrants. All for our safety...of course. But violence is promoted and glorified EVERYWHERE. But that's alright. But why is that alright? Aren't Hollywood and the Gaming Industry teaching people to commit violent crime? Aren't they educating future terrorists? I'd like to discuss this online with someone from Homeland Security. There's this supposed fear of social unrest and rioting...and preparations are being made to deal with this threat. But what about the violent movies, books, games, cartoons, and toys? What the hell is going on? Should there be a Sin-Tax on Violent Entertainment which would be used to help victims of war and violent crime...world-wide? This is a day which will live in infamy.


Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom

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