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Default Rep. Ron Paul Urges Natural Solutions to continue fighting HR 2749

Natural Solutions Foundation
Health Freedom Action eAlert
July 27, 2009


Dr. Ron Paul - Push Back Working
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Dr. Rima

Push Back is Working - Rep. Ron Paul Urges Us to Continue Doing What We Are Doing!

1. Kill HR 2749 Before It Gives FDA Permission to Declare Marshal Law
And Worse...

Join "Dr. No!" and tell Congress NO!!
Action Item here:

2. Demand the Right To Refuse Pandemic Vaccines/Incarceration, Self Shield Instead


Yesterday the Natural Solutions Foundation Trustees contacted Dr. Ron Paul's office asking what the status of the appallingly bad Food Safety [SIC] bill, HR 2749, was and what more we could do to help defeat it. The reply? "Keep it up!" -- referring to the 636,000+ emails we've pounded Congress with to defeat the industrialization of the entire US food supply.

Because of our collective activism, Monsanto's bill, HR 2749, was stuck in Committee and could not be moved forward until protection for small farmers was written in. You poured on the steam and sent well over 1/2 million emails to Congress demanding protection for small and organic farmers and the right to grow your own food -- home, community and co-op gardens must be protected! Protection language was added (not strong enough, but some protection for farm to consumer sales) and the bill moved onto the House floor for a planned vote TODAY!

Your emails are still pouring in. The bill was taken off the voting schedule today. Push back gave us some protection in an otherwise horrifically bad bill. Push back took it off the floor today.

What else can push back do? Let's find out!

Take action NOW and motivate your contacts to do the same urgently. We have little time left to stop this bill and the rest of our lives to regret that we did not.


Press Release: http://www.free-press-release.com/ne...248838616.html

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What Happens When A Make-Believe Crisis Makes Make-Believe News? Meaningful Satire:


Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

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