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Humble Janitor
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Default Thoughts on problem/reaction/solution

While at work, I've taken some time to think through and digest something that I've read on here in regards to the New World Order/PTB and the concept of problem/reaction/solution.

I now believe that we can apply this concept to just about any catastrophic event in the past 50-75 years, possibly further back.

Think about it for a minute:


Problem: A bunch of rogue terrorists crash planes into buildings (I don't fully buy this but it's an example).

Reaction: The public reacts with horror which soon turns into anger. Osama Bin Laden is blamed and the government declares that they will crack down on these terrrorists

Solution: The war in Afghanistan; USA Patriot Act and unwarranted wiretapping;


Problem: Saddam Hussein is a bully who has weapons of mass destruction and could destroy America at any moment.

Reaction: Anger and fear from the public along with cries of war. Public buys into the disinformation and faulty intelligence.

Solution: A war that has claimed over 4,000 American soldiers and possibly millions of Iraqis, mainly innocents.

Reichstag Fire

Problem: Nazis are concerned that Communists are plotting against the German government

Reaction: The usual anti-communist spiel is unleashed by media.

Solution: Reichstag set ablaze supposedly by Marinus Van Der Lubbe and 4 communist leaders. Cause remains "unknown" but it's not hard to imagine a plot.

Problem: Flu pandemic (avian, etc)

Reaction: Fearmongering and articles/preparation tips unleashed upon the public.

Solution: Flu vaccines that could be faulty and kill more people than they'd save. People are constantly pushed by media to go and get a flu vaccine.

Problem: Evil Communists

Reaction: Americans spoon fed ridiculous fears about communism. Media and television follow like lapdogs.

Solution: The Cold War and mutually-assured destruction (M.A.D); Joseph McCarthy and the Un-American Activities Committee;

As you can see here, I may not be completely accurate but it is not hard to spot patterns in how major events are reported to the public.

I believe that everything/everyone has a motive for their actions. We know that the only true beneficiaries of war are major corporations that manufacture weapons and vehicles for the military.

However, I believe that to be truly evil, that one would not need a motive at all.

Feel free to critique me here. This is the first time I've been able to juggle around some of the concepts that I've seen here and to put them together in a theory of sorts.
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Question Re: Thoughts on problem/reaction/solution

Problem: Capitalism

Reaction: Rothchild financed Communism

Solution: A new system in what the "Need" of a person is what matter.


In Southafrica a couple have a hause.

They leave the house alone for vacations.

When they return the House is Occupied by other persons who break in and Lives there now!

Legally= the couple CANNOT kick them out!!!

Because the thieves "have NEED" for a house.

And that's happening NOW


Read the enciclic "Rerum Novarum".

There explains what the controllers allways has wanted for us.

is an XIX century enciclic... that make me think in the periods of time those people thinks for they plans.

Remember that the NWOs are controlled by non human entities but have action trought the Vatican just like Dr. Deagle says in his camelot interview.

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Humble Janitor
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Default Re: Thoughts on problem/reaction/solution

I forgot to add in my original post that the "solutions" proposed are in place simply to placate the masses and to give a false sense of security.
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Default Re: Thoughts on problem/reaction/solution

Every time I hear David Icke , he mentions
problem/reaction/solution. Even more than
Alex Jones. In the Thanksgiving day coasttocoast radio
show David was on for a short interview.
He blasted Obama as the solution to 8 years of Bush.
( he basically was saying DON"T buy it.)

Hey does anybody know where & if that audio is on the net
I blew it and missed recording it....
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milk and honey
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Default Re: Thoughts on problem/reaction/solution

Right on Humble Janitor. By various names the "problem / reaction / solution" scenario is exactly what Icke and others before him have been talking about for decades.

Icke certainly wasn't the first to notice what you're now talking about.

It's about the ugliest concept one can awaken to. Welcome to the 'real' world.

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