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Old 10-06-2008, 09:43 PM   #1
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Default Predictive linguistics

Just a thought - this 7th October is almost viral!
What does anyone think that it may be a 'shoot yourself-in-the foot' prediction?
We are so hyped up on the web now - and have been from the time since UrbanSurvival/HalfPastHuman et al went a little more public. Thanks to them as it was in our interests. However, in the timeframe of things, can we be making the scenario real by the wrong usage of this information? Can we actually be influencing our 'timeline' by reacting to their predictions by our reactions??? (Store food/buy/sell etc)
Sounds complex, but not at all, as we panic/react to news which may be derogatory to our lifestyle, and notwithstanding the critical financial arena, this would almost certainly be in the predictive linguistics. To narrow it down, however, may - just MAY, have some leakage into these very predictive linguistics themselves.
If we just accept and acknowledge our own responsibilities, without needing the affirmations of the wondrous George and Cliff (+ Igor), and all the other influential seers and sages, we may actually be able to turn the tables ourselves. This little assumption may be in hindsight, but it DOES bear thinking about!
Absolutely NO OFFENCE to George and Cliff, just a thought that is kind of rotating - just like reciprocative behaviours....

I am now going to chill with a camomile tea, go to bed and sleep peacefully. No fuelling of fearful fires, just hoping that 7th brings us hope and happiness, a bright light for the future, a changed timeline, and an awakened society who appreciate and honour each other.
Sleep well - awaken happy x
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Default Re: Predictive linguistics

I do believe that this is one reason they've been so careful in what they've said - so that our reaction doesn't influence the actual data that is collected.

That said, I have an AT&T air card at home, and can't get out on the internet - haven't been able to for several hours. Finally came into work (which I've retired from <G>) to use a computer here. According to Michael Mandeville, the Iway is swamped and slow with panic'd people. Is he right, dunno. But there was some major CDS today (Fannie and Freddie, as I recall, but I could be wrong) -

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Old 10-06-2008, 11:24 PM   #3
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Default Re: Predictive linguistics

I think it's a valid concern.

We should probably spend more time creating the future we want, than agreeing with the nasty future some evil beings want for us.

We'll get that corrected shortly, I'm quite sure.
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