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Default Is this The Beginning of the Beginning of True Freedom on Our Planet?

Economies of most advanced civilizations abandoned money a long time ago. They have transcended all material need or lack thereof. They found money perpetuated greed and separation, the height of which you are experiencing as we speak. It also allowed the few to control the masses eventually ending in an uneven dispersal of wealth and class separation. We can now see the end result of capitalism without consciousness.

Following the path of advanced civilizations cannot be done without a change in consciousness moving into unity consciousness and abandoning the me-my-mine-we-our-us competition and control game, a game of separation. Nature is abundant. We have a mass surplus of food much of which is laying to waste due to transportation costs and price fixing due to government controls. Alcohol is being exported as we speak while gas is seemingly at a shortage. Whether or not this is manufactured lack and the misuse of supply and demand is another issue, the fact of the matter is there is no lack. There are oil fields found and capped that would take care of the next 200 years and adding alcohol to the gas would end the shortage as a short term fix yet again this is not the issue - the issue is consciousness.

We have not needed the oil since the 30's and have had the technology to supply all our energy and transportation needs without fuel courtesy of back engineered ET crafts and inspired individuals given the technology only to have them bought and shelved or the inventors harassed and even killed. There are water technologies as well some of which are very efficient as a fuel. The masses, enslaved through dependency have been ignorant or willing participants in this, often living in survival fearing change. They have become dependant on an enslaving program and they believe their very survival depends on it. The leadership on the whole has not been serving the people and has chosen to perpetuate the enslavement through dependency serving the selfish controllers, the elite who are playing the separation game arrogantly forgetting the universal law called KARMA.

The bottom line is until there is a change in consciousness and the leadership reflects that change there will continue to be a downward spiral in evolution resulting in social, economic and environmental collapse. Your freedom as well will shift to total enslavement unless a shift in consciousness occurs. It is your God given right to live
an abundant life in harmony with each other and your environment. The original plan for Earth was to be an Eden where people lived by universal principles necessary for a healthy society and environment. It was hijacked and it does not take a rocket scientist to see just who is responsible. It is also a no brainer to see who is behind it, who allowed it and is continuing to support it to one degree or another.

Why is it the ETís responsibility to clean up the mess? Are they here to save us from our self created realities, keep us from gaining the wisdom through experience? How dark, how ugly, how enslaving does it have to get before people decide to save themselves? When off world visitors come here they are feared, greeted by the military, shot at with reverse engineered weapons all in an attempt to steal their
technology and use it in the war industry. Some even want to make a religion out of them. Now you know why they don't land on the White House Lawn. Considering the current state of affairs, the condition of society, the economy, the environment and those who were entrusted to act in the highest and best good of humanity and the Earth who serve a different cause it is obvious why our current leadership is
not the avenue for contact. The simple people are a much better avenue for communication, those with pure intent, open minds and loving hearts. How pure is your intent, how open is your mind, how loving is your heart and is your life a reflection of it? Is the leadership a reflection of the people, truly serving the people?

If the leadership truly served the people you would have peace, the end to most diseases, poverty and homelessness would be no more. Face it the war, disease, oil and banking profiteers are running things, the elite with a lust for power and wealth that is insatiable. This will end in social, economic, environmental collapse and total enslavement if the masses don't wake up. Your divine right to live according to the basic principles necessary for a healthy society and environment has been severely undermined. Universal Peace, Brother Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Abundance for all honoring the Sacred Circle of Life, The Omnipresent Creator within all Creation are principles and understandings advanced civilizations live by. We as a civilization, especially in the leadership have not risen to the occasion yet the masses are far beyond the leadership in this evolutionary process. In each individual, their heart of hearts they desire to live a thoroughly loving, joyous, abundant live in harmony with each other and the environment. It is time for this to come forward and what we are experiencing is the uncovering and eventual demise of all that which has stunted humanities evolution. There will be reactions to actions, an acceleration of karma, a grand awakening and healing on every level. It is time to get body, mind and spirit in order, flow and align with this awakening and healing process. It is destiny for humanity and the earth to take a quantum leap in evolution, heal the past, clean up the environment and join the rest of the universe in peace. We can be part of the problem or part of the solution. Take the upward spiral or the downward spiral it is all a matter of choice. Now is the time to choose with loving detachment the upward spiral. The age of tyranny is over and those aligned with the beast shall go the way of the beast.
James Gilliland www.eceti.org
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