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Default Thank you for blaming yourself (very deep subject here)

I didn't know where to post this subject, but it's definitely something that needs to be talked about.

At first I thought this subject being more spiritual because we're all spiritual beings of eternal and unlimited energy. Another reason I posted this because we're all here to learn from other perspectives. Still, how does all this tie mostly into the subject of spirituality?

At any rate it's the point to where you comprehend something so big that it's also called an "Ah Ha!" or Eureka! moment. Question is, will some here reach such a moment? It's like all problems are nothing but challenges that are nothing but solutions. Keep all that in mind as I'm sure that so many of you already do ; )

Challenge: Who's fault is what? Or, should we all continually blame anyone for any or all of our life experience? Call it the "Blame game" and if your continuing such be fare warned of it's limitations. For it is also part of the worlds whole limited manipulation game as well. This also goes into what the game players (on any level) call, "conspiracy's, secrets, lies and such". This game can seem to get very serious at times. For example, think about some of the most horrific crimes that others have committed. Such folks who are blamed for such crimes are soon murdered by society or worse. All of which you continually agree to exist with concerning ever changing reality. We all continually change our reality to remain or seem like remaining the same. Such as crimes and punishments. Is it our fault that someone grow up to be more involved in crime? At what poin do we or “should we” begin to blame people for being separate from the so called norm’s of life?

Why is it news media, school systems, religions, government, videos games, books, people never seem to talk about anything being their fault (for the most part)? Is this us being the satin for our world or the heaven? Because it seems that when folks talk more and more in detail concerning possible solutions as a whole (for all involved) then solutions as a whole begin to happen in reality. One of the best ways to help continue any challenges in life is to help complain or blame them on who and/or what ever, yes?

Solution: When you discover that you are your whole reality... that all reality is "you constantly being your reality", then who's fault (if any) is what in reality? Especially concerning you personally. Then again, how personal is personal or what is personal? Anyways, when do you begin to play the blame game and if so how or when do you win? For every game must have a winner, yes? If any winners what exactly do they win? If after winning does it all make such winners more experienced players who have more "blame game bragging rights" than others in the game? So many other questions concerning the blame game that it‘s only gets more confusing. Which is one reason how and why such game can begin for anyone who decides to play. Like how many blame games should one player play at one time? Which players are allowed to blame what on others?

My solution is that everything around and far from me is all my fault and nothing can be blamed on anyone except myself. I blame myself for all the good and all the bad in this world. Because I was born a responsible being of my whole reality, society, this world and beyond and because all reality is constant and ever changing “change”. Whether I chose changing or not at any time. There for, there is no "blame game" for me to play. To evolve such game is to either continue playing it in what ever ways or evolve it into another game. For me that game is understanding myself more, which again concerns my path of spirituality.

What do I call this new game and how do I play? I really don’t know all details except that my evolving open mind and heart are definitely key players of it all. I must look at all secrets, conspiracy’s, all low & high frequency and all reality being my whole reality because I am eternal unlimited being of energy, which is ever changing and never ending. Just as all truth is. When you begin to experience such perspectives, the possibilities you discover are either just another day in the life of you or just something for you to ignore.

Maybe this subject is just too deep for many to understand. Or maybe I didn’t explain it all in more simplistic ways, I dunno. It’s definitely something that needs to be talked about because it all seems such a secretive or taboo subject and probably one of the biggest reason’s why we have such truth seekers such as Project Camelot. Because we’re all searching for truths that are already with us. I believe that once the majority discovers who they really are and their whole blame game evolves into a non-blame game things will be much, much different than they all are now. If so then reality could be a much better reality as a whole.

Sorry for such an extensive perception here but I'm just being "me" as your being yourself or you should be yourself.

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