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Default EgoSpiritualEvolution

The ego must and always runs the show to avoid you to loose the coordinates from where you perceive human experience. That is the function of the ego, dimensional coordinates. Wich, usually are breaken down by mystical experiences or entheogens. As far as u feel the need to change because you feel insatisfaction where you are (remember), you feed your ego with the proper learning (digested information) to change dimensionally. As long as you are satisfied with your present situation evolution ceases to exist.

By changing dimensionally means all kind of changes you can imagine, even to move from your bedroom to the fridge to take a sandwich, your coordinates, have changed in search of satisfaction.

Taking a sandwich, as with mostly everything in our civilization, don´t moves people to evolve because it gives people what they need. They are, nostly, way simpler than we are.

That clearly explains why forums like this one exists as a minority, they are filled with purely insatisfied people meanwhile, unbeliebably the huge inmense majority of the population live their lifes more or less under satisfaction, ergo the short need they have to become anymore spiritual in any way because the mother of spirituality is pain indeed.
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