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Default Re: Crystal Skull

Originally Posted by GenerationIke View Post
I saw the Crystal Skull many years ago up in Lily Dale, NY. The woman who had it then brought it from Canada and gave a long lecture about the skull and how it was found. We all got a chance to see it up close if we wanted to. I wanted to very much, and when I got near it I could feel the power that was emanating from it as I walked by it. And I felt the eye sockets looking at me! It was very powerful then. I'm sure it is as powerful today.

There is a legend about the skull. It turned blue when President Kennedy was about to be assassinated. Has the skull turned color yet for these times?

It's raining here right now and trying to snow, so I thought you'd like this smiley to go along with the weather tonight here.
If you check out the new Camelot interview w/ the caretaker of the mitchell-hedges skull, he talks about the skull changing color (blue and gold), when in contact with this crystal orb that was found in an underwater pyramid off the coast of Bimini. The caretaker shows a picture of this.

I'm not positive, but I think that all of the skulls have already been brought together for the ceremonial purposes of various indigenous groups. I think they have found all of them (13 I believe).
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Default Re: Crystal Skull

A friend of mine in Northern NSW Australia went to UKI to see the skull last month when it was here, and took numerous photo's and also video when it was being shown to the people attending the viewing.

They each had a small amount of time individually with the skull but were not allowed to touch it in any way.
I viewed all the photo's yesterday, and also viewed the video footage, then had a bit of time asking questions about their time with the skull and what their impressions were............
Quite interesting.

** Click image to view full size **
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