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Default transformative experiences


I'm looking for a way to induce a transformative spiritual experience. I want to get past my shadow self, connect with my higher self, expand my consciousness et cetera. Something that will absolutely change my life. Ive looked into things like meditation and astral projection, I'm currently trying to master both but only starting to have success with the meditation. I feel like I need something like this in my life right now. I have used (many times) certain therapeutic substances in the past which have changed my life and taught me alot. Its been awhile though and I'm not really interested in using them again at this time for many reasons.

Is there anything that you can recommend? Something that's worked for you perhaps? Thanks so much, I really appreciate any answer at all.
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14 Chakras
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Default Re: transformative experiences

There's no one size fits all approach on the spiritual path, each of us has our own unique path laid out ahead of us. Many paths, but there is only one Way ~ the Way of Oneness ~

It sounds like you are seeking this Way, so this is a wonderful start ~

Seek and you shall find ~ Ask and it will be given unto you

For me it's just important to continue to ask, continue to find, always be willing to move beyond my current understanding, current level of beliefs, a never ending upward spiral of growth ~ no attachments ~ just More...

Here's a Website I have rarely shared on this forum (and I've been here for 8 months or so), but it is the one that changed my entire outlook and helped me achieve my own inner connection to a significant (and still expanding of course) degree with my own higher Self ~

If you have zero connection to the real Jesus ~ meaning the Jesus who is not represented by the fundamentalist churches, rather the Jesus who is our brother like Gautama Buddha and all the Ascended Hosts are our brothers, than this resource may not be your thing, there are other resources, but thought I would share, because if you invest the time here, and connect with some of the many exercises available and create momentum with them, I suggest you will make great progress connecting with your I AM Self ~ your true nature ~ your Divine blue print ~


Is that source ~

Espavo ~
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Default Re: transformative experiences

Hi There,

I agree fully with 14 Chakras. If I may just convey some of the things that have helped me along:

1) Law of One material (5 books) as well as LLReasearch
2) The Inner Guide Meditation - this works.
3) All of the Eckhart Tolle material.
4) Keep a consistent and thorough dream log - this is one of the ways your higher self communicates with you. If you have trouble interpreting the symbolic messages, post them in here and we'll try to help.
5) When you meditate, set your intention (be as specific as you can be), set your vibration (use whatever internal or external things you need top help you), then complete some personal affirmations. This may improve your productivity (if you want to call it that). If there is something you want, affirm it and ask for it with an intention and outcome attached - BE CAREFUL. Also, try not to cloud your sessions with too much information - keep it short and simple... then log it between your dream log entries.

I consider these excellent starts for self-realization. If I may be so bold as to add a few principles that are key for me:

1) There is no right answer... only context/experience.
2) Consider your attachments in all forms... and the deep sense of separation they originate from.
3) The Law is One - see the face of God in all.
4) Everything brought into your personal experience comes from love and is generally asked for by you on some level, whether conscious or not.
5) Try to avoid naming and defining everything... this is a process of the mind and not the heart. Let the experience flow without attaching barriers and you may be able to appreciate the multiple layers of meaning in and around it.
6) Know who you are... everything in the illusion is a distortion & fiction.
7) Fear, guilt and other negative emotional responses are there to inform you that your ego and/or animal nature are in control. Be the observer of this nature as opposed to being this nature.
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Default Re: transformative experiences

I agree with both previous writers.
For myself I found being in the presence of an enlightened teacher of great benefit. The energy of the presence of one will have a profond effect on your own spiritual evoulution.

I have been fortunate enough to have had brekfast with Eckhart Toll and his partner Kim when he was In Scotland.
In America I went to a seminar " Living the Prayer " put on by Dr David Hawkins and his wife Susan. They live in Sedona. He is fully enlightened.
His book "Power vesus Force" is an eye opener. If you can go to one of his meditation days that would help you immensly..
I play his video regularly and he is my main teacher now though the Self within is really the teacher.
Eckhart had DVDs you can buy on line or u tube.
On your own it is not good to try to force progress.
However the more time you can spend reading listening to genuine enlightened ones the better. There are many claiming enlightenment but there are only about 30 truly enightened ones on the planet at the moment.
There is a big difference betwen being awake and enlightenment. The truly enlightened state is egoless there is no person left.
Hope this helps
Regards Chris
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