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Default Avalon's compass

look its been talked about that Avalon has been straying away from its original purpose. Which is to connect us all, and organize in a proactive way. So that when the time is right we will be ready as pioneers into a Human future of exponential creation.
I know its easy to get caught up in the institution and how it is run. But if we focus on the problem, and never look to the future for a solution. Then we are paralyzed by fear. Which I tell you is the same exact fear that we sought to avoid by finding the "Truth" in the first place. While Joe Six pack and his stepford wife may fear Iran and the Nukes. We Fear the Matrix that exsists and its deathlike grip it has on our reality. Fear is a disease that has symptoms of apathy, close-mindedness, and aggression. All of which either: allows the status quo to maintain itself, allows the status quo to replenish its ranks with sheeple, allows the status quo to Demonize and dehumanize our fellow man by labeling. We must leave it behind and stop fearing.
How in all creation is it that we do this? Below I have two links to two movements that are trying to get the ball rolling in this cultural shift. Check them out and get involved in any little way you can. I hope we can all be more proactive in our attempts to look forward to this new and exciting time.

The easiest way I can put it is this whole time is like child birth. There is much pain and suffering. Blood and tears, but after all of that a new life arises with a million new pathways to search and explore. If the Mother focused soley at how bad the pain of childbirth could be, and the possiblity of death that could arise. she'd never have the baby in the first place, but knowing the great joys a new life brings the journey is traversed and the pain, blood, tears
are just part of the experience. Nothing more and nothing less.



you want the tangible how to start the ball rolling type of information. It is there at the end of the Zeitgeist movie. I would like people to respond with other possible ways in which we can really get moving on getting organized. What do we need? resources? Land? talent? skilled workers? all of the above i suspect, and how do we compile those resources to effectively get of of the matrix, and leading by example showing the wonders a life like that creates
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Default Re: Avalon's compass

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