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Default great read from Urban survival reader

"Hi George,

I too, find this rerun boring and thankfully, realize it will be intense from here-ish out (due to the 'water' retreating to the horizon) ... but, my long board is waxed, so how about I use this 'now' to release a little Greb perspective.

The Intensity grows each day ... we're getting what we're asking for, we always do ...

The collective actions of humanities sub-conscious, (see, quality of auto-pilot) feels tired, frustrated, and shallow. The layers of control, manipulation and torture (realized or not) have squeezed the population into a buzzing disharmony for change. The conscious call for change, boils up out of the sub-conscious and sadly, a large percentage of the population has fallen under the indoctrination spell (realized or not), so the call reeks of polarized dichotomy (immovable thinking and finger pointing, including at ourselves (guilt, regret, etc.)). When we pick sides, they (tptb) win and when they have won, they have re-invested (optimized) in the 'squeeze' industry; the cycle continues. The 'squeeze' industry is also reaching for a new complexity level and in order to achieve this goal (N.W.O.), they will have to roll the dice; because, in pulling the field out from under the sheep ... they are challenging the sheep (all of us regardless of what we know or don't know (including themselves (tptb), whether they believe it, or not), to make an evolutionary leap forward, to be responsible for ourselves and demand systems that respects all life and lives, including the Earth and all life beyond the planet. Yes, they have an 'all encompassing' Orwellian plan, for our failure to 'leap' and I'm sure they have dark contingencies, for the none -> to -> some 'leapers' who make the jump ... but, I suspect that if/When the ratio becomes allot -> to -> all 'leapers', likely through energetic epiphany, or sadly attrition (too many non-leapers following the 'programs'; until the ratio of 'leapers' represents the majority)) ... the limitations humanity has swallowed for thousands of years, can be/will be transformed, creating an enhanced opportunity for Peace Love Light Truth ... with a healthy dose of Adventure Imagination Excitement and Forgiveness. Reprogramming ourselves (recognizing our limiting beliefs) and Reconnecting to the Universe (recognizing the difference between our crafty egoism (want,want,want) and Intuition (messages delivered through feelings in our body)) is very easy with a little quiet, patience and focus. First, listen to the voice in your head, "you" are not the voice, you are the 'recognizer', of the voice ... keep listening, don't judge nor give meaning to the thoughts, feel your non-physical self ... our true nature; spiritual non-physical beings, having a physical experience, we are both (Avatar ring a bell?) Do this often, and no one will ever be able to 'tell' you, how "you" feel about anything, soon you will react to everything with the surefootedness of someone who 'knows themselves'. Second, know that everything comes into existence through the spiraling together of clear intention, focused action and intense feeling (knowing and believing). In a group this creative power is exponentially enhanced, whether we know it or not (ie. group prayer, championship sports teams, teevee audiences all reacting at the same time, etc.(ps. who owns the media, why?) Our creative power doesn't discriminate; nor will it, of itself, determine right or wrong ... so, sadly we are amazing creators even when we don't realize we're creating, nor when someone else has programmed the auto-pilot (indoctrinated emotional responses) ... most of humanity are metaphorical 'Zombies' (2D characters with nothing to worry about, having surrendered nearly all response-ability; one of Hollywood's lil jokes on us). Zombies, want change (but don't know why they want it or need it) and due to their majority and programming ... we're getting what we're asking for, we always do ... so lets ride this paradigm changing wave (beauty is determined by us) to an amazing future.

Thought this was very cool!
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