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Default The physics of mind and basis of reality

Hi...an interesting article on Quantum Mechanics and the structure of the invisible world.

A new model of Reality is emerging that describes a whole, indivisible, frequential universe. That is, a Complete Reality description, which is better explained in terms of energy vibration and unity, than by the use of time or space variables. Its frequential base is supported by String Theory, that describes the elementary components of matter as solely made up of vibrations (strings), while the indivisible base of Complete Reality is supported by Quantum Mechanics’ non-locality, now an indisputable property of nature.
The discovery by quantum physics that the character of physical reality is non-local is certainly the most important revelation in the history of science. After all, even the Copernican revolution merely changed man’s position in the universe. Nonlocality, instead, means that we are all indissolubly connected to it. In a literal sense, we are all at the center of the universe.


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