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Default Train blast in India

Three killed, 30 wounded in Assam train blast

GUWAHATI: Three people were killed and more than 30 wounded on Tuesday in a blast that ripped through a passenger train in Assam, police
officials said.


I don't think that Cliff and Igor of www.halfpasthuman.com would mind my sharing a bit of the predictive linguistics from last week because this gunfire in the streets of India seems to be just a warm-up act.

"As if the current rate of emotional tension release is not enough, there are indications from the movement of Populace/USofA entity through modelspace that [anger] and [rage], and [revenge] will be rising [visibility] within the [populace/usofa] from late in the day on December 1, and continuing to rise through to December 15th where it reaches a plateau that extends at the same level until late in January. The precipitating 'events' that will trigger the [onset of visible rage/anger] will themselves start to become [visible] just after midnight on the 26th of November. These events will continue at a low(ish) level through the last few days of November and then become much more dramatic in both [scope] and [presence] as we turn the calendar into December. The data sets indicate that the [financial calamity] of late September and early October *will* be revisited on a [scale/extent] that is both [broad] and [deep] within the USofA [financial structure(s)] over these 17/seventeen days (or thereabouts). The longer term data sets are indicating that the [manifesting circumstances] of this November 27th through to December 14th (more or less) will also be [echoed] again, only with more intensity, and at deeper levels of the [social economic order] from January 25th through February 14th."
Tuesday morning Dec 2 in India = late in the day on December 1 in the USA
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Default Re: Train blast in India

Oh poo.

Thats not what i wanted to read with my morning cup of tea. Some one is really trying to stir the hornets nest into striking out.

RIP for the fallen, and my deepest sadness at this terrible act within India.
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