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Default Re: And we are Back...

Kerry moving to Aussie makes real sense! ? Airfares from there to the U.S.A and the rest of the world are expensive. It is a long way. The are not alot of whistleblowers in Aussie compared to the the U.S and Europe.

More astonishing is how important some people find this forum. Like it IS their lives! Whatever did they do before it went online a couple of years ago.

I will still listen to both B and K. It is after all the people being interviewed that is important. The opinions of B or K are secondary.

I will add that I find Bills opinions more worth listening to than Kerry's.
Bill is not into channeled information.
I aggree. Sewage is channeled too. Only one letter of difference between sewage and newage! Maybe that gives newsage. That takes us to newsagent that channels the newsage!
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Default Re: And we are Back...


" ..The cream, Always, Rises to the Top.." I just THINK about, a successful transition..



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Default Re: And we are Back...

My thoughts are: that I'm glad the forum came back on for us. That was kind. They could have left it down until any disputes resolved.

I'm also glad that we are the ground crew. We will always be. In our hearts, whether the forum stays or goes. We put an energy into Avalon... this is not a forum but an ideal. And we give of ourselves to it, in whichever ways we do. Different people choose a different style to that giving, but the net result is growth.

I've been here over 18 months and one thing I notice is that the forum (well, the people on it actually) is more important than any of the videos. I've stopped watching them really, I don't want to know about that any more.

But people... can't get enough of them. And not only that, but the dreams, the desires, the human condition, to improve, to love, to be.

I still think we'd do well to remember that the forum was created for social networking. Not gossiping and not fear mongering either.

The greatest shame would be if this forum closes and we do not have the details of those we love to read. Hopefully the apparent fragility of this latest judder will encourage us to seek each other out in the real world a bit more.

Remember: That was the original purpose of Avalon; forming communities.

We're lucky that this really has grown into a community in that time, blessed with a lot of positive and happy energy.

That has a feeling of truth to it. The videos don't always generate that in me. It's also active, whereas watching videos is passive. So going forward, you will probably more likely find me here on the forum, than watching "camelot productions".

I'd love to read more posts from Bill and Kerry too. I'm glad Bill is handling the forum, I'm sure he's going to be a little more hands on from now on here...I hope Kerry still visits.

Love to you all....

Sorry for the long post Tango.. but you did ask !


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Default Re: And we are Back...

Tango, Mudra, Kulapops--

Just wanted to commend ya'll for reminding us of these lovely truths ..... the absolute necessity of utilizing our gifts to promote community, loving attitude (gratitude), tolerance, peace-in-the-midst-of-chaos, hope, healing, resurrection. To me, this is Avalon!

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