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Default SaLuSa 6-November-2009

SaLuSa 6-November-2009

As your levels of consciousness continue to grow exponentially, you are effectively lifting others up with you. This is resulting in rapid changes in your mass consciousness, and you are able to cut your ties with the lower vibrations more easily. As you do so it is taking away power of the dark Ones to hold people back, and they can awaken to their true selves. The dark Ones have systematically made you feel inferior, and reliant on their support and direction in your lives. In so doing they have controlled you for their own purposes, and kept you from the truth about your creative powers. However, you are learning quickly that your future is in your own hands, and denying them further control over you. You are claiming back your rights to freedom from their oppression, and helping create the energies for change. What you now see is a chaotic state on Earth, yet out of it shall come the new energies that will speedily raise you to new levels. So, we can talk of First Contact that is coming as the result of your dedication to overthrow the dark Ones, and foil their plan for your enslavement.

You Dear Ones over many lives have been coming to Earth with the intention of bringing Light to shadow world. There has always been a long-term plan to help you rise up, and many of you here today have been responsible for the success in changing the balance in favour of the Light. It is really only in the last century that you have achieved a massive breakthrough, and it set the stage for the final thrust towards total freedom. Success may still feel as though it is far away, but with the full co-operation of the various councils that oversee your evolution, it is much nearer than you could imagine. You chose to be here to experience it, and be part of the final chapter in the cycle of duality. Many, many souls sought such an opportunity, but your presence means that you were more suited to the occasion and brought with you a wealth of experience. The dark Ones have no real answers when competing with the Light, and for a long time feared the success you have achieved. They knew it was inevitable, but true to their colours they obstinately refuse to recognise their demise. Is it not ironic Dear Ones, that they are now the ones who are in a state of fear after having used it as a weapon against you.

We may frequently refer to the Dark Ones but we do not judge them, and that will be left for their own self-judgement when their time is also finished in this cycle. We would ask you to be forgiving, as would be expected from those who have moved into the Light frequencies and carry the truth with them. All souls are equal and loved by the Creator, who does not punish the errant ones as some believe. Each of you has had experiences of the dark and Light, because that is the reason you entered this cycle. Experience means progress and is your pathway back to the Light that knows no equal. You have so much to learn, and Ascension will be your first major step towards a true understanding of your purpose for being here. You will also learn of the continuing plan for your greater evolution in the higher realms. You are not afloat like a cork aimlessly bobbing up and down in the sea, but have a clear course mapped out ahead of you and we shall steer you towards it.

You are quickly awakening with a good appreciation of where we fit into your lives. We have been with you all along, and with our coming openly with prior announcement you will soon accept that we are one family within this Universe. All life is interconnected from the consciousness of the smallest particle to the complete Universe, and it is revered for that reason. It is therefore sad to see how some of you view other people as different simply because of their appearance or beliefs. Allow for freedom of choice, as each has chosen their own place and time for their experience. Help each other as you would your own family, and soon there will be a totally new feeling of Oneness. You are capable of it and more, but your feelings have been frozen out by your experiences at the mercy of the dark Ones. A new day is opening up when all shall start to change at a pace that will surprise you. Everything has been planned for a long time for this very occasion, and there is absolutely nothing that is beyond our handling abilities or resources. We know that some of you question it, as you are not familiar with our advanced technologies or our high level of co-operation with our Federation members.

Most of you shall see it all come true within your life span, and it will be as if the nightmare has turned into a pleasant dream. It will be more of course, because we are talking about your reality and uplift into an entirely new dimension of Light. Truth is stranger than fiction, although your authors such as Arthur C. Clarke were inspired to incorporate true facts in their stories. Over a long period the battle for your minds has been at this level, and it has been necessary to overcome the fearful stories about Space Beings with series such as Star Trek. In the end you decide what to believe, but with our coming there will have to be re-think on the part of many of you. You will quickly find acceptance of us, as our intentions will be seen as peaceful and for the good of all.

Be of good cheer, and when the opportunity arises share your knowledge about coming events with those who express some interest. Try not to flood someone with too much information at the time; it may otherwise cause them to ignore it all. We can tell you that the consciousness levels have risen much higher in the last year than any corresponding period. They will of course continue at an ever-increasing rate, and those of you who are sensitive to them will register the difference. We can record the levels so we can assure you that there are enormous advances being made, and exactly as we expected.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and have learnt so much from you about Humanís and their ways. There is nothing like first hand experience which is why you have entered the cycle of duality. You may wonder why you did so, but for a real evolutionary step of some significance there is little that will match it. It will be so wonderful when you hang up your duality hat, and we shall be with and join your celebrations. Keep your sight on your goal and never look back.

Thank you SaLuSa.
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Default Re: SaLuSa 6-November-2009

No matter how the one or another may feel or think about this message, I just wanted to share with you my experiences when reading (or hearing) such messages:

First , I read this and all similar messages with an open heart. I take it as it is: as a message! Nothing more and nothing less.

I don't jugde the validity or the truth of the presented messages, but I accept the fact that it could be both true or false. What's important, I try to feel or sense if there's anything inside that suits with me (or at least what I feel it could suit with me)...

...and I must admit, there's a kind of trigger inside these messages...a trigger that, more or less, awakes "the real me", a trigger that rises my energies, a trigger that rises the feeling that there's much more to experience but only this reality, a trigger that the truth is in ME...

I guess, the real "message" of these messages is not to inform us of any imminent events, but to trigger something in our unconsciossnes, which is essential in order to become the beings that we trully are...


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Default Re: SaLuSa 6-November-2009

SaLuSa...put this in your pipe...and smoke it: http://projectavalon.net/forum/showt...orthodoxymoron Are you from Sirius A or Sirius B? Are you really a Human Extraterrestrial? Are you really originally from the Pleiades or Aldebaran? Are you the same beings who have been deceiving and manipulating us all along? Are you just trying a new approach? Why don't you talk about Responsible Freedom, in the context of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, in the context of the United Nations, and applied to the Solar System? Do you follow the orders of Interdimensional Reptilians...or are you an Interdimensional Reptilian? You remind me of Anna in the new "V" series. In the old "V" series...the 'Visitors' were from Sirius...just like you claim to be. Is your true purpose to reign us in...and keep us from truly attaining Responsible Freedom? I don't mean to be rude...but I'm very, very tired of the BS. Namaste SaLuSa.

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