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Default I had a dream-The why behind the financial fiasco

Uncle John here: OK, since I'm on a roll, I might as well keep going.

I have not been sleeping good lately. Too many dreams.

I awoke early this morning from a dream where the current world financial situation was revealed to me.

There are two fundamental questions about this whole financial fiasco.

1 - Why did all these financial institutions with the best minds available let themselves get into the state of bankrupting themselves?

2 - Why didn't the governments of the world let these companies go bankrupt like they deserve instead of bailing them out thereby destroying the future of the countries doing this?

An equally interesting question is why do I have to be the one to find and publish the answers to these hard questions.

The answers all have to do with financial transparency.

The black ops have been funneling trillions off the top for their projects. I assume that they are secretly preparing for some eminent disaster that was foretold by their secret future viewing technologies, Looking Glass for instance.

The answer to question one is that the governments wanted to run the financial system at a much higher rate than was sustainable in order to be able to funnel off insane amounts of money for their secret projects to prepare for eminent disaster.

The answer to question two is that the governments can't let the financial records of companies that should go bankrupt be examined by all the lawyers and accountants that would be involved in a bankruptcy proceedings. This would let the cat out of the bag. The excuse that they are too big to fail is plain stupid.

The real sad part is that the governments were hoodwinked into believing in the eminent disaster by the trickery of the ET's running this planet. There was no real reason for orchestrating this financial fiasco.

Forget the excuse put out by the conspiracy theorist that this was the plan put out by the Illuminati to form a one world government. This excuse just doesn't fly.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program. LOL. Perhaps I can get some sleep tonight.
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Default Re: I had a dream-The why behind the financial fiasco

I had a similar dream. In it I was told that "as your spirituality and love of God deflates then so will your money. As your ego inflates so will your money. You must achieve balance."

That was really all I remember but if felt so profound. What's happening in our world is a reflection of ourselves.
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