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Default Twins

I had an strange experience recurring between 1995 and 2005.
I was approached by several people I had never met before and they would tell me that my spitting image had just been there before me. The first time it happened I was looking at some Gun Mags at the grocery store and a man came up to me and asked if "I was still looking at those magazines?" After talking to him for a few moments I realized he had mistaken me for someone else. I didn't think much of it although I did have an odd feeling about it.
This continued to happen every so often maybe 8 or 9 times in all. One day I walked into an appliance store to buy a toaster oven. (I had never been there before.) While I was choosing the one I wanted the lady behind the counter asked me if I had made up my mind. I told her laughing I had only been her for 3 minutes and she said "You were here for an hour yesterday". She went on to explain that a man who was my mirror image had been looking at the same items the day before. Sometimes people would call me by this guys name and strike up a conversation. One time the owner of a sandwich shop followed me to work (about 10 miles) and when I got out of my car he said "Hey William I straightened out that problem with the employees and the ATM cards." At first he couldn't believe I was not William. Then he told me the story and it was a long one. To top it all off one time I saw William, I was walking out of the locker room at the Gym, and sitting at a preacher bench doing curls was my look alike. The fact that these places are wall to wall mirrors kind of intensified the effect. Let me say that I am sort of odd or distinctive looking. I was standing and he was seated. It was not a good feeling. It freaked me out so bad I turned on my heel and walked back into the locker room. Once I gained my composure I went back out into the weight room and he was gone.
No one I have talked to about this can relate and I get the feeling people don't believe me when I tell about it.
Thats why I am posting it here. Has any one had or heard of something like this happening in day to day life?
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Default Re: Twins

maybe you have a lookalike...
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no caste
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Default Re: Twins

Maybe you do have a twin. Separated (at birth) twins often have the same habits, gestures, interests - even though they haven't been together, ever.

Maybe it's a relation. Maybe your dad or mom had a tryst. You could walk up to the guy! Say hi I have an issue of mistaken identity with you - weird huh.

As long as it's not same you - that would be more of a mothman or multiple personality thing

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Default Re: Twins

I've had something like this happen, though the guy that looks quite much like me is not living close to me. But I have had people ask me what I was doing at certain places, which I never visited at the moments in question.

I think quite many of us have "twins" or lookalikes.
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Default Re: Twins

Dougall, i dont know if this person is you twin but the feeling that you have when you see this person is the same feeling that twins have ! Likeness is amusing and a great problem to twins. Monique.
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Default Re: Twins

Thank you for the response, I felt for a long time that I might have a birth twin and finally asked my Mom if it was true. It was really hard to ask because she is a great Mom and I couldn't imagine her not telling me about something like that.Keep in mind that I am 50 and she is about 80 years old. Let me just say that there is no possibility of my having a birth twin. The other thing is my family doesn't seem to buy in to my story, in fact nobody does. I have seen in the movies how everyone has a Twin or Doppelganger however when it happened to me I was a little upset by it. It's not a big deal but it feels good to write about it on a site where people have open minds to unusual things.
Thank You Again
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Default Re: Twins

Hi Dougal ! If you ever encounter that spitting image of yourself again, and there is a good chance you might, donít be afraid ... approach him and start asking questions ... many interesting things could unfold ... just stay open ... Blessings to you!

In Lve and Light
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