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Default Fysical poleshift conditions, a guide

Hi there, I just decided to post information about the process of a fysical poleshift, in case there is one, Christmas is a nice occasion to journey in peace . The Hopi, among other indigenous people, know that the use of natural material, like their adobe houses are build from clay, is part of the relatively safe passing through that poleshift. All artificial material will not make the passage. I just pass this knowledge on to you, from the books
"The ancient secret of the Flower of Life" from Drunvalo Melchizedek.
My words are in between ( ).
Just feel what rings true for you.
Drunvalo tells about his memories from earlier poleshifts. (Mind, that it's not absolutely sure how it will happen, as we live in the year 2009 and our collective consciousness is different than some 3000 years ago)
Drunvalo says that when the actual process of the poleshift starts, your eyes notice a change in color around you (probably at that moment you are alert already when you use your intuition, animals and their behaviour are good signals too) At that moment it's important to find a safe place in nature, with some food and water supplies for 3 days. Winds will start to pick up and step by step the veil between dimensions will lift, allowing you to witness much more existences than you knew so far. (Take care of centering in the heart, because it's probably an emotional rollercoaster, specially if you choose to look. You can also choose to go inside and stay centered in your heart, waiting till things calm down. You may be facing your deepest fears probably, as this is a shift on all levels of existence. When things calm down, your existence will have altered quite a bit and contact can be made with our (celestial) brothers and sisters. During this shift, every man and woman on Earth will experience that manifestation follows attention and intention immediately. That's what makes it the moment of truth for life on Earth, no secrets.......going from the 3rd to the next dimensional levels. We can recover and start living in the garden of Eden again. We are eternal souls, so...... fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the journey!)
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Default Re: Fysical poleshift conditions, a guide

Hello tintagelcave. Thank you for the advice, but Drunvalo is certainly not a mayan or hopi respectful expert. There is no mention of physical pole shift in the original mayan prophesy. It was brought up by Drunvalo himself.

What is mentioned in the mayan prophesy is that at the end of the evolution of consciousness, there will be 9 energies that will come from the "heavens" on earth. It will open up a new era on earth.

In my opinion, Drunvalo is one of many self appointed prophet who take advantage of the mayan prophesy and don't care at all about the mayan culture, history and calendar.

A physical pole shift is possible (what else is not in the Universe?). But it is certainly not linked in any way to the mayan or hopi original prophesy.

Here is a blog from Carl Johan Calleman about these kind of people. Here is the site where it come from: http://mayaportal.lucita.net/blog/carl/prophets_bonanza

Namaste, Steven

Quote: "The Prophets Bonanza – The Approach to the Mayan End Date

It seems that at this particular time in the sixth DAY of the Galactic Underworld the discussion intensifies regarding the meaning of the Mayan calendar end date and of course its exact timing. Some people are making claims of being Maya-based prophets or even speaking on behalf of the Mayan people and its council of elders. I take it that for many who like myself have not have had the privilege of studying the Mayan calendar in depth the hearing and reading of this may be very bewildering as they shop around for the truth about “2012”. All kinds of different suggestions are made regarding the time ahead. The Annunaki are coming, there will be a geomagnetic pole shift, a galactic alignment will change everything, a shift in consciousness and volcanic eruptions. Some say that we are going into a special section of the galaxy where everything is speeding up and others that solar flares will intensify. And many of these purported events will take place on December 21, 2012 pretty much out of the blue. It is thus a time of bonanza for all kinds of prophets that not rarely misrepresent who they are and their relationships to the contemporary Maya.

For me, as a professional and accomplished scientist working to elucidate the higher meaning of the Mayan calendar, most of the above suggestions are mildly put irrelevant and are completely outside of any logical context of understanding. The only Mayan inscription about the end date talks of the descent of Nine cosmic energies and not about solar flares pole shifts. Many of these geological or astronomical ideas are simply invented by a bandwagon of purported 2012 experts, who simply have to come up with something special in order to carve out a niche for themselves and it is like they are not really taking our current situation seriously. They will sometimes refer to scientists that supposedly support their claims, maybe in Russian or Norwegian journals that neither they nor their fans have read or can read. When you hear a New Age prophet say that there are scientists backing their claims you can be almost certain that these scientists are saying exactly the opposite to what is claimed. In what they are the model of nine underworlds and thirteen heavens different from this plethora of ideas. I think in two ways.
First of all, being a professional scientist I have a code of honor preventing me from just making things up. True, not every scientist can be trusted, but it is not so common that professional scientists want to dishonor their heritage. Secondly, it is really irrelevant who developed the model of nine underworlds and thirteen heavens, since everything in this model is empirically based. To accept this model you only need to know that the facts and logic are right. As long as people know some basic historic or biologic facts, or be willing to check their accuracy out, they may understand how the Mayan calendar works.

So when I see this whole range of mildly speaking irrelevant ideas serving to confuse people and divert them from preparing for the birth of a new world I of course have to decide what differences between the scientific model and the various purported events of a physical nature on December 21, 2012 are truly important and which ones are not. Is it for instance important to disprove the idea that the Annunaki is coming? Is it important to emphasize that there is no indication that a geomagnetic pole shift is coming in the next few years? Is it important to point out that no Mayan text talks about a galactic alignment? Is it important to inform people as to the real background to the Dreamspell calendar? Is it not possible to let people believe in whatever they like regardless of if this an obvious hoax or not? Can I not just say that ”something” will happen in a ”window” of time between now and 2015?

The reason I am so emphatic that the end of the Mayan energies is on October 28, 2011 is that if people think it is December 21, 2012 they will simply miss out on co-creating the process. And the choice to make regarding this co-creation is something that several indigenous traditions say people have to do, and obviously have to make in time. I also am adamant that what will happen is in the evolution of consciousness the reason being that it will be very disempowering for people if they are to look for some kind of astronomical and geological event, when in actuality what is happening is with the people themselves.
So this is my rule of thumb: If some 2012 idea leads people away from consciously co-creating the new world in time, then I think it is important to clarify the fallacies in that idea.
But I would like to open this up to discussion. Provided that you agree with me that we will now be given the opportunity to be co-creators in the birth of a new world what is it really important to stand for and what can be ignored in the current Prophets Bonanza? What are your rules of thumb?

Seattle, August 30 (4 Chuen)
Carl Johan Calleman" end of the quote.
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Default Re: Fysical poleshift conditions, a guide

What is mentioned in the mayan prophesy is that at the end of the evolution of consciousness, there will be 9 energies that will come from the "heavens" on earth. It will open up a new era on earth.
That's interesting. I didn't know about this particular prophecy. Thanks.
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