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Default Mind Control and how to Take Control

Okay, I'm going to break my rule and give some "bad news". The more clearing work I do and the more I get involved with helping others the more I see this sort of mind control technology, both on planet and off planet and other dimensions.

I was not going to talk about it if I did not have a permanent solution.

What I have been able to recall has also been recalled by many others. When we do recall these mind-control freaks and their techniques we rid ourselves of a lot of emotional/mental baggage and recover ourselves once again. Whether the details of these mind control techniques are accurate or not makes no difference to the person who finds great relief in finally being able to confront the horrors of their mind control incidents. The Deep Looking of Superconscious state of mind with the aid of my practitioner/guide ensures I will never fall into that implant trap again.

I was the subject of mind control experiments last lifetime in the late 40's.

I was the subject of mind control in the between lives zone, both before this lifetime and before the last lifetime.

After my associate and I processed a planetary Satrap I was once again subjected to mind control. This is the most drawn out (they expanded time) and multifarious, sophisticated mind control and genetic experimentation I have to date experienced. It has taken 4 days of sessions (and one week of feeling lousy) to clear me of the mess they tried to put me in so that I could come out stronger and ready to continue the good work we started.

I call them generically, Implanters, for their favorite thing is to put messages, statements, commands into the mind, among other things, that a normal person would not imagine doing to anyone.

Here are two YouTube videos that fit in very much with what I'm seeing personally and with what others whom I never met before are also telling me about. My practitioner is no stranger to hearing about such incidents and assured me that I am in no way delusional, and that nothing these Implanters do surprise him anymore. It sure suprised me though.

After this last session I was able to let go of all the desires that they knew I had and that they played upon. I left them holding the bag almost literally. I left them so absorbed in delving into my astral and etheric bodies and mapping the schematics of all my layers of desires and laying mental minefields within my layers of vestigial etheric bodies.

I finally was able to count all of that unimportant and floated behind them, weightless for once, and laughed at their inability to see the real me. "Hi, I'm over here! HELLO!!!"

This morning before dawn I felt the beam trying to lift me off the bed and it was a FAILED attempt. The clearing work had already started to make it so that they had not enough mental mass or energy mass to lock onto. I did not need that stuff anymore anyways. Let them have it!!

Three times Implanters attempted to get me to believe that the thoughts or scary pictures I was having about my associate were my own. In the first instance, they, knowing that I was afraid of big black hairy spiders, somehow tricked me into thinking that my associate was a big black hairy spider and for about two minutes I could not talk or respond to anything he said. I continued with the deep looking until I saw where the picture really came from and then once again I could relate to my associate. Close call!!

One person who worked with my associate was approached by MIB and they screamed at him, telling him to stop this clearing work he was doing on himself. He was exposing their lies because of his past life background with these MIB. They were still connected somehow and he was still being tracked by them.

It is a spiritual war, but the way I operate in this warfare is with the intention that everyone becomes a good guy, everyone wins, and that is a "forever solution". No more prisons, no more criminals, no more insane people, everyone I touch will return to who they really are -- decent, orderly beings or they will flee like banshees into a black hole.

The Implanters and the Implanted are all of us -- we simply take turns and the more clearing work you do the more you will see this as your personal truth and the more you will be able to understand what turns a good being into an Implanter, etc, AND the more likely you are to be able to put an end to this lose/lose game.

I am giving you the almost eternal problem with an eternal solution. But first get a good grasp of reality of the Mind Control that occurs for thousands on this planet every night.

Here the details of the transference of mind into the clone is quite accurate. The Implanters also have technology that performs a cross transference -- they upload someone else's mind -- I'm slated for a session to go and take a closer look at that.

Of course they have a thousand different and simultaneous ways to keep one from every recalling or even wanting to recall, and in my case it took over a year of clearing work before I was able to go and take a deep look. without clanging the door shut forever.

After what I saw and cleared within myself I made the decision to put a stop to this nonsense.

The world is getting lighter and lighter -- because of people like you and me and others who are willing to take the risk of exposing themselves to a lot of emotional turmoil for the sake of establishing truth and sanity as a rule.

Each one of us through sound and regular spiritual practices can clear out our negative energies and karma because it is this clutter within us that the Implanters lock onto, not you, but your "clutter". Dump the clutter and they have nothing to work with.

Once I saw a "ghost" (a disembodied being) hanging around an old morgue. The reason I could "see" him was because he had all this grey filmy cotton-candy looking mass around him. If he had not been carrying that around with him I would not have been able to see him. I suppose he valued his grey mass as much as Gollum valued his "Precious" :-)

I'm being reminded it's past my bedtime.....g'night.


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