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Default 10 Links To Find The Truth!


Here's an excellent video from TheBaByG who has kindly given me permission to re-post it here.

Please show your support and subscribe to TheBaByG and all the other channels featured in this video. Many thanks, NufffRespect

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From TheBaByG:

Press the channel you want to visit, and it takes you there =)

The POINT of this video, is NOT wether these people agree or not; These people were picked by ME; Without their knowledge, and if they dislike someone in here; It doesn't change anything. HOWEVER; If you post this vid as a feature on your channel, it's an awesome way to spread the word and the truth.
Every box have a link to the persons channel, so you can CHOOSE who you wanna watch; I just presented this as a guide sorta, there are many truthseekers out there, and alot of them are new on YT; Im giving them a hand in finding the REAL people.

I Applaude free thinking; I am TIRED of the arguing amongst the truthers;
Example; The 9-11 truthers are many; some believe the government LET it all happen, some believe it was a demolition, some believe there was no planes at all, ETC;
Does the details (that noone really KNOWs yet) matter so much?
Or do you see it like I do; The more people who know the truth; 9-11 was an inside job; The more people will wake up to the truth; Doesn't matter what catches their attention.

And finally; I love these people. All of them.
These are some amazing human beings, who doesn't always agree. But the bottom line is; They all CARE. And They CARE about getting the TRUTH out. To you.

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Default Re: 10 Links To Find The Truth!

Great Job JesterTerrestrial!!!,
It is sooo important that each and every one of us in what ever stage of awakening we are, spread the word to the still slumbering masses. I have posted the link to my facebook and my space.
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Default Re: 10 Links To Find The Truth!

I have followed nufffrespect on youtube and glad to see he is still at it. He sure has alot of "bumps and bruises"

The only problem I have is figuring out if what is being said via the media is true or not. We do all know it is "whitewashed"

Sorry for that

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