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Default Impact on Jupitor?

IMPACT ON JUPITER? "Jupiter has been hit by something similar to the Shoemaker-Levy impacts in 1994," reports astrophotographer Anthony Wesley. "There is a jet black circular impact mark near its south pole that I imaged tonight from my observatory in Murrumbateman, Australia." South is up in this snapshot of the feature:

"I have imagery of that same location from 2 nights earlier without the impact mark so this is a very recent event. This image shows that the material has already begun to spread out in a fan shape on one side, and should be rapidly pulled apart by the fast jetstream winds. I'm sure this will generate some interest around the astronomy community, as impacts like this are rare. I recorded a lot of footage, and will be generating more images and a rotation animation."

Amateur astronomers around the world should train their telescopes on Jupiter tonight to monitor the progress of this possible impact event. Stay tuned for more images and updates.
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Default Re: Impact on Jupitor?

I saw this and was going to post it up...you beat me by 3 minutes!

The Dwarf Star is on it's way!
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