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Default Bend Over Canad...er Canuckistan

The worlds coldest banana Republic...

Everything seems serene coming down from the alpine on a last minute quest for 'her majesty's' free plant pickings and nothing seems changed. I suppose I could be charged with poaching for ripping some gaultheria procumbens ( https://appserver1.kwantlen.ca/apps/...F?OpenDocument )which makes a delicious jelly and also seems to get rid of back pain. Anyways we acquired 800 or so of them on decommissioned logging roads.

I suppose most Canucks are going to need something to relieve back pain as they bend over and take it from the whole pirate crew formerly known as the 'Government of Canada'. The Americans are going to need stronger medicine. The way I see it, being on my side of the mountains...Canada can go away, leave us alone to our (BC's) penchant for various cultivars of cannabis, an odd desire to see Ottawa and all it's inhabitants slip off the Canadian Shield and be met by an unruly group of Newfies, and the Quebecois simply leave our labeling alone.(sorry for the run on) A few years back Mandarin became the second largest language group in Canada anyways. What makes a sponge of a Province more important or weighty than ours?

Perhaps Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Northern California will choose to come with us and leave the Eastern Establishment to deal with whatever they deal with. There are not very many mountain passes over the Rockies and beyond...it would not take too long to disable them and leave 'them' to deal with 'theirs'.
Of what relevance is either Ottawa or Washington DC to anyone on the Left Coast? We've 'stuff' still to trade, and resources to sell (value added) and we can make even better friends with the Chinese and Russians than we already have.

A New Republic. Fashioned from the flames of the last as the beast goes down with the ship. Maybe it won't be a new country, maybe it will be a groundswell of 'rednecks' like us whom want to forge our own destiny and not have the Oligarchs of the East tell us how to fish (ask the Newfies how they feel about that!), how to do Forestry...I was witness to a 20 year, non-planted regrowth forest today...it was spectacular...not rows of the same tree..BTFW. Or how to live out our lives.

Perhaps those First Nations awake and aware enough will network with the Like of Mr. Means and it will be a whisper of change at first, then slowly, a mountain pass will open. A few will go through the guarded gates and then we will rescue Alberta from Washington (sic), link up with Idaho as they hold back the forces of doom and meet with no-nonsense Nevadians (sp?). Arizona is already as well as can be expected fighting off the hoardes of 'la migra!' whom escaped the fiery collapse of the most idiotically designed city of Los Angelese.

Some bolt upright Saskatchewan farm folk (women included, they are tough) gather in those left from the malarial swamps of Manitoba and see whose left in old North Ontario to swoop down with the Montanans, the North Dakotans, God knows whom from Wisonsin. We all meet in the Heartland of the uSA and by now, joined by the Barbarians of the Yukon, NWT and Innuvik we form an unstoppable force freeing all in our paths as we march to the marsh of DC, burn the damned White House down for good this friggin' time, and then march in our chosen directions. OUR directions, East, West, North and South and rid this place of the miasma of fascism.

Me, I'll come home to my beloved BC, with the knowledge that the knowledge of freedom (there is no better word) is alive and well. I can farm hemp, do Permaculture and trade freely with any whom I so choose...and maybe grow a little pot on the side for medicinal reasons. Running my 20+ year old 4x4 Ford Ranger (I remember that they made great trucks, you don't go to 4000' elevation on decommissioned logging roads with pieces of ****) on alcohol made on my buddies farm and sipping blackberry wine.

Manifest Destiny, maybe, but OUR MANIFEST DESTINY not some crumpled, expensive suits idea of extracting sweat from my God's damn brow.


Sorry for the poor grammar, I'm mad and have not written a longish (for me) anything in a long while. Nor can I type very well. You get the point though.
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Default Re: Bend Over Canad...er Canuckistan

Hear hear; strong words, good video. I'll cya in the mountains soon enough...
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Default Re: Bend Over Canad...er Canuckistan

Nice post Lance, sounds like a little fresh air and 'shroom picking have done you some good.
Canuckistan, I like that.http://projectavalon.net/forum/images/smilies/lol3.gif
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Default Re: Bend Over Canad...er Canuckistan

yeah, bc is great. i love it there.

canada has problems. the gg sold us out...

but don't call newfoundlanders 'newfies', you pot smoking hippy. most newfoundlanders equate that with racist slang in this day and age.

so please and thank you.

in the meantime, i can't wait to see your beautiful province again.

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Default Re: Bend Over Canad...er Canuckistan

hey...what's wrong with pot smoking hippies??!! haha...i'm even a pot smoking hippy of newfie extraction. please don't take offense...none was meant
i doubt that the gg really had any choice in the matter..so much for political theory, but harper told her what to do, i'm sure.
democracy is dead in canada. the pm can act without parlimentary approval and the liberal caucus can choose a new leader without the members approval...sad indeed.
the sh*t is going to hit the fan here as well. i expect that harper will have an opportunity to invoke the war measures act again, due to some false flag operation. only this time it will be american troops patrolling our streets.
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Default Re: Bend Over Canad...er Canuckistan

great post lance, surprised you are still here,
wishing I was there,
not much really open space here.
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