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Default Re: Drugs for a survival situation?

Originally Posted by Anchor View Post
A post here by Lance was deleted as the result of an Anchor error. Lance has been contacted with the text of that post so it can be reposted with him as the owner. This message will dissappear once that has been achieved.

to get by the screening BS and noted by at least 5 other 'up mountain' folk besides me. So go to wrack and ruin and pull out hair and moan to yer hearts delight. The best survival drug on any market.
Just ask every single German soldier from WW II especially the Luftwaffe. They invented it, and I almost needed it the other day. If ya don't get what drugs are for, you are simply a dolt and probably a stoner. Or live in a city...in which case a fine 22 handgun to simply off yourself will do, we don't need you folks anyways.

I sure as heck ain't going to stop carrying it as drug number 1 because a bunch of politically correct idiots seem to want to edit stuff. Good luck to you all, if those kind take over. But hey, come visit, 'MY' mountain dale and we shall see what we shall see. Editors tend to be tasty.


I am not trying to tell people to carry items which will give them some sort of 'high' on their investment. The focus of this thread should be on the least number of items per poundage to carry in a wilderness situation. Xtal acts as a pain killer when need be, a clarity producer when need be, a boost to carry you buddy through 3 miles of slash when need be.
if you are cold and up mountain, with nothing but a moss floor on which to NOT light your fire, you can go up a tree and sing songs all night with wee jogs in between to get yer blood flowing (sic). Just because it is 'illegal' does not make it bad.
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Default Re: Drugs for a survival situation?

MMS and Colloidal Silver should cover it.
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