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Default Was i contected? or what?

Massachusetts - Springfield - 2004

I was sleeping in my bed, with my head two feet from the living room window. I heard this singing at the top of my head, at the same time I saw in the back of my head a hand and a crystal, I am not even sure what kind of hand it was as I got two images at the same time, this hand was threw the window but not, along with it's body.

I had woken up and felt really refreshed but odd, but at the same time safe. At the same time I could hear the whole neighborhood speaking and having conversations, this was around 5:00 A.M. I thought to myself cool I can do this, It was awesome to hear so much and I heard the baby next door speak English though' it was a Spanish speaking family.

Well after a few minutes I needed to go to the bathroom, when I was done with that I went to go back to bed. I laid down in bed and then I started to relax, when all of the sudden I saw a bright light at my kitchen door and two figures closing the door and that is the only thing that scared me for all that I went threw for that night.


The resean for the way i put this in is because i had put this in my book "The Unseen" I just copied and pasted
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