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Default Interesting theme of Scelsi's Uaxuctum

Interesting! I was just exploring some contemporary classical music on youtube to find similarities with solfeggio tones talked about in another thread (more info here: http://projectavalon.net/forum/newre...ote=1&p=226928) when I bumped into a work by Giacinto Scelsi: Uaxuctum

Giacinto Scelsi's Uaxuctum (1966) is subtitled: "The legend of the Maya city, destroyed by themselves for religious reasons" and corresponds to an actual Maya city in Peten, Guatemala which flourished during the first millennium AD. This is an intensely dramatic work, and the most bizarre in Scelsi's output. It depicts the end of an ancient civilization - residing in Central America, but with mythical roots extending back to Egypt and beyond - it is the last flowering of a mystical and mythological culture which was slowly destroyed by our modern world. In this case, Scelsi says, the Mayans made a conscious decision to end the city themselves.

~ This last one is an antidote for too much Scelsi...

More info about the music:
The music of Scelsi, from the very first notes, brings to life a profound sound scape of foreboding, mysticism and menace. This is truly frightening music. It has the ability to project and imprint in your mind visual scenes that your imagination is constantly re-inventing. It also brings to the forefront primordial feelings that we have tried to suppress with society and "civilization" for thousands of years.

The city in question seems to correspond to the largest abandoned Maya city found in the dense jungle of El Petén in northern Guatemala. Archaeologists have found there a complex of cities with more than 4000 elaborate civil and ceremonial buildings. Only a fraction of these have been excavated after decades of archaeological work. In the centre of this mystical area lie the remains of a vast plaza surrounded by 6 gigantic Mesoamerican step pyramid temples (over 60 meters high) and an impressive palace. This was the focal point of all ceremonial and religious activity in Tik'al, the largest city in this area, for almost a thousand years. In 900AD the Mayans suddenly abandoned all the cities, including the bustling Tik'al, and to this day the reason remains a mystery.

The questions is being asked in Von Dänicken's classical documentary: 'Chariots of fire' as well. (to make it easy --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9ehr...eature=related - 02:33). The entire doc is asking questions about the ET-involvement on historical civilizations. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it!

What could this mystery be? Was it the mystery of the 'civilized modern world' destroying them or did these Mayans 'end the city themselves' like Scelsi portrays in his music? Could they have ascended (similar to what 'happened' in The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield)? And why was that? Were they spiritually ripe for ascension? Was there ET involvement in the process? All of the above?

Dear Avalonians, the forum is yours...


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