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Default Re: The adamantine particles - the sacred magnetic heart

Excerpts from the book " Love without end " from Glenda Green

My curiosity grew with His encouragement, and my thirst for knowledge came alive. I wanted to know in detail, "What are the adamantine particles?" He replied, "They are the fundamental building blocks of physical existence--particularized energy potentials which activate, unify, and give form to infinity. As points, they are irreducible, indivisible, and generic; and their very existence establishes dimension Between one point and another, there is dimension. Between a series of points, there is a pattern of dimension. Thus there is space. The dynamic of energy exists through rhythemic activation and repetition of these patterns. Matter is formulated as these patterns and rhythems become more complex and specialized.

"Adamantine particles are the only particles that actually create mass. Simply put they are the primary emanation points where energy and mass are the same. The matrix from which is the eminent and undivided presence of the One Spirit. So, from another perspective adamantine particles may be described as the ultimate points which manifest and delineate infinity, thus activating its potential and making possible all manifest form."

I was puzzled, however, "How could infinity be delineated? How could it be integrated with known elements without limiting it," I asked? That seemed like a contradiction in terms.

He further stated, "I'm sure it seems that way, considering the assumptions you are using to explain physical existence. The physical universe as you know it comprises less than one percent of all that is. The law of conservation is directed to explaining that one percent, nothing more. Most of science and most thinking interprets energy as force, combustion, and pressure waves. The concept goes something like this: Force results in pressure waves, pressure waves create density, density results in matter, and everything left over is infinity. Therein lies the real contradiction!

"A leftover cannot be defined and provides no basis for understanding. As long as infinity is regarded as an indefinable leftover, how can its properties be described? How can it be used? How can it be penetrated or activated?

"The truth is, if there is a 'leftover' to creation, it is the physical universe you experience and measure--not its infinite supply, which surrounds and supports it with endless interdimensional possibilities. Even what you consider to be 'physical' is detectable only because of relatively stable patterns of energy and formations of structure. And this is ever changing because of a constant subtle flux of fresh supply and decaying configurations created form it. Adamantine particles belong to both the infinite world and to the limited realm of physical existance. They were the "First Light" of Creation. They are forever the light of conciousness. The provide the fuel and dynanmic energy to propel thoughts into manifestation. They give flesh to Spirit, as well as new life, beauty, nourishment, and healing to life. Because they are commanded by love and conform to the nature and will of Spirit, adamantine particles belong to all dimensions."

Love Always
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