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seeing clearly
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Default HR 1955 S 1959 makes YOU a YouTube Terrorist - lucky you



HR 1955 S 1959 makes YOU a YouTube Terrorist - lucky you

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USA180 - Operation Playball -The USA learned about the torture of one of its citizens by Canada -did nothing - MLK, JFK and Ron Paul

From: AdvocacyCorporation
Added: September 21, 2008

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USA180 ( http://www.usa180.org )
- Operation Playbal...
USA180 ( http://www.usa180.org )
- Operation Playball The Global Campaign
To Wake Up 80-90 Percent - Has Begun

CRITICAL -Involving civil rights attorneys, a US congressman and having implications as far as the Hague. 4 Banks and 2 Mortgage companies have failed. We discovered that Congress and the Corporate Media are covering up the torture of a US citizen


PRLog (Press Release) Sep 19, 2008 Operation Playball is the campaign to wake up the 80-90 percent of the people of the world.

We have all grown to accept a certain level of corruption in the United States government - in the Congress; the Senate and the Presidency.

We have all grown to accept that the corporate media often takes advantage of a court ruling in Florida in 2003 where it was determined it was not illegal to falsify the news.

We rationalized both as normal. Nothing we could do about it. We just have to accept it and continually accept the lesser of two evils. Each more gruesome then the last.

Last year 6 people voted in the House to protect the 1st amendment. HR 1955 was voted on and out with it came a NEW DEFINITION OF TERRORISM. We accepted that even though that definition can MAKE ANYONE A TERRORIST since it is so loosely worded. Its a BLANK CHECK to name who you want a terrorist. We accepted that. It got a good enough media spin to make the people forget about it - and a new movie came out so their attention span waned.

Ignore that Barack Obama is on the committee with Joseph Lieberman in the Senate and Lieberman has been aggressively pressuring YouTube to adopt this definition of Terrorism and apply it as policy there. Under that definition, the assassination of JFK, MLK and RFK - and passionate emotional speech aimed at influencing people (radicalizing people) would not be permitted on YouTube.

"Oh, Britney Spears is dancing with John Mccain and Barak Obama - lost my attention again. What were you saying?"

We accept now when 4 banks fall and 2 mortgage companies are Federalized. People even say it is normal - a natural part of business. We even take money from the taxpayers to bail them out if they make unsound business decisions (AIG: 85 billion). Where's the accountability or responsibility? We will rationalize that too: "They don't need any accountability/responsibility; they have money."

We even accept that "might makes right" and we give other countries money (1 billion), when they attack themselves and conveniently spin popular opinion to whatever lie we make up on that day such as: "Russia attacked Georgia". We leave out the Caspian oil pipeline, NATO admission, missile defense systems in Poland, securing staging grounds to attack Iran and arming Georgia, Russian subs now in Venezuela, etc. We DEFINITELY make sure that no one uses the terms "Grand Chessboard" or "Full Spectrum Dominance".

However, can we justify the torture of a US citizen by a foreign government and members of our own Congress flat out admitting that they WILL NOT SEEK JUSTICE? THEY WILL NOT HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE.

That the US State Department and members of Congress KNOWINGLY allowed and REFUSED to prosecute parties that committed torture on an American citizen - which could be YOU or me - but they are all to ready to rush to bailout AIG and Georgia with 86 billion dollars of OUR MONEY IN HAND.

Let's find out if we as a people can justify Congress failing to seek justice over the torture of an American citizen.

Go to the link below to learn more. Get ready to be disgusted. Let's measure the moral fiber of our Congress and see if they do anything. That will tell us who these people WE THE PEOPLE ELECTED work for and it just might be time to clean House.

# # #

USA180 Is an organization dedicated to protecting the rights and freedoms of all people under the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The stated goal of USA180 is to STOP S 1959 and make this a key issue in the upcoming Presidential debates.
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Default Re: HR 1955 S 1959 makes YOU a YouTube Terrorist - lucky you

That was the intent to point the war on terror policy's right at the American people.

I knew this all along. This fact may wake more up.

Don't dwell on this too long.

Have a great day.
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