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Default Anna Hayes-nee Diana Katherine Herhenreader-aka Diane Kathryn Smith-Anna Gruber

any person who comes to earth,
to do anything highly specific,
is going to be - a target

most unfortunate - we think, this person has a lot of value
to add, to full disclosure

however, when the thread started, we were NOT aware
of all she has done in this world


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ufo - cults from www.greatdreams.com


Anna Hayes - nee Diana Katherine Herhenreader - aka Diane Kathryn Smith - Anna Gruber - Ashayana Deanne - Diane Kathryn Tigue - Anna Gruber - Anna is derived from "Aneayhea" - claims to be Jesus Christ's half sister Martha, Goddess Sekhmet, Kia: Secondary wife of Akhenaten. Very possibly the mother of Tutankkhamon, and possible Smenkhare, by Akhenaten. Titles included the phrases "the favorite", "wife", "beloved" and "the lady".
Anna Hayes is an American, born in Pennsylvaniia, who has had contact with ET's all of her life. Anna's alien abduction experiences began at the age of four. She was initially abducted by a negative "intruder"' faction of Zeta Reticuli greys because they were interested in harvesting her special encoded genes and were preparing her to become a mind controlled "breeder" of alien hybrids. She was essentially "rescued" from this fate at the age of seven by another group of positive aliens that refer to themselves as members of the Guardian Alliance. For a time, she was being taken by both groups, but gradually the Guardian Alliance taught her how to resist the coersive and manipulative technologies that the negative greys were employing to control her and she was eventurally able to free herself from their domination. After moving to Sarasota, Florida and opening up a temple, she changed her mind about its importance and moved with her new husband Michael Deane aka Azurtanya Deane to Greece, then to England.

Anna/Ashayana and her husband offer workshops in various spots around the world for their followers to come and activate sacred sites and do special dances and have their followers stand on and paste special codes on their bodies and do multiple meditations and prayers and songs daily to save themselves from the bad aliens who might try to abduct them and destroy the world. These workshops cost thousands of dollars and no person is allowed at these workshops unless they buy their plane and hotel fares through Anna's company. People who have traveled on their own to the site of the workshop have not been allowed to attend the workshops - which means that Anna's comany pockets any profits from the airfares not used through discounts, etc.

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