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Smile The Sir Gilligan Horry Photo Gallery Online Live !

The Sir Gilligan Horry Photo Gallery Online Live !


Hip Hip Huzzah !

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Smile Re: The Sir Gilligan Horry Photo Gallery Online Live !

Here is an introduction from me to FastWalkers in 2006
just before I became forum moderator there ......

I have enjoyed chatting with spo0ks and ko0ks and other folks in... alt.alien.research
... and other ET or UFO related newsgroups for over 5 years.
I chose to chat in Newgroups rather than here...
... as UseNet (Newsgroups) is more free and we can chat off topic too.
Although with that freedom you get some wild stuff in there also.
But it's like fishing, you keep looking and you get some great information sometimes.
Plus we have a laugh

I guess I started studying about UFOs when I was 4 years old watching Dr Who, Lost in Space, UFO, Star Trek, and many other shows on TV.

And as a kid I grew up with 'How and Why Wonder Books'.

Before the Internet I used to go to the public libraries and borrow books on all types of topics including UFOs and Astronomy.

Friends and I haven't seen Fast Walkers yet, but we have seen the trailers and interview trailers and we know everyone in the documentary movie.
Also last night I listened to Kevin Smith's archive MP3 audio of the FastWalkers pre-Christmas premier.

(Update we have seen Fastwalkers DVD documentary now
and it gets a score of 10/10)

In 1997 I started supporting Dr Steven Greer and CSETI and mainly The Disclosure Project as it was leading up to the 2001 may 9th National Press club Disclosure event.
Of all the information and all the people I have studied about over the past 10 years, Dr Steven Greer is a man to be respected.

All modesty aside, I've read so much information from everywhere online and in books and seen in good UFO documentaries, there isn't anything new about the subject of UFOs and/or Extraterrestrials anywhere much these days.
And out of all that information, I respect this information found in Google with the quote marks ...
"Do You Wish That We Show Up".

And of all the Extraterrestrial types I have studied about, I would like to meet the real ET types that Travis Walton encountered.
(Not to be confused with the Hollywood version)

Although, at the same time I'm not into all this to greet any of the millions of different intelligent extraterrestrials in the Universe.
I am more interested in caring about planet Earth and people and ecology and intelligence.
That is one of the reasons I created "Earth Care Day" a very small website here ... http://earth-care-day.tripod.com
With some excellent quotes from astronauts there.

In life I study about most all other topics also.
I love DVD documentaries.

Apart from UFOs and Extraterrestrials some of my favorite interests are these ...

'The Secret'

Richard Causton
(17 February 1920 - 13 January 1995)

(and his book)

A car that runs on water. (not Hydrogen)
Daniel Dingle, Filipino Inventor.
And Fox and Friends recently shared a news story about the Government giving a 500,000,000.00 grant to a US company to develop that car.

Intelligence Data.

Computer Graphic Design and Art.
With Photoshop and Flash.

David Letterman.

Information about deep space.

And a few of my favorite movies are...

The Big Blue. (1988)

The Insider. (1999)

Blast From The Past. (1999)

October Sky. (1999)

Baraka. (1992)

Koyaanisqatsi. (1982)

Silent Running. (1971)

Lastly I would like to say a big howdy and thanks very much to everyone I've admired from the internet, documentaries, books, and in life.
Much love and wisdom to you all.

Have a great day!

Best regards,

(Sir Gilligan Horry)

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photos and pics

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