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Default For years I have had these visions.

For as long as I can remember I have had just things pop into my head, about buying some property and asking like minded souls to come live, grow things, help each other. I also saw some living underground as well as above, sort of like the hobbit house only less up the top and a bit more under the earth.

I am stuck here with a husband who thinks I am a loony tune and every decision is made by him. I did live with my mother for a while this year but that didnt work out as well. Didn't have the funds myself to get away from everyone.

I wrote two little books way before I came across Camelot and Avalon - go to themagiccat - shopfront on Lulu, or put in Meg and Mr Biggs - The Magic Cat - based on my true story of Mr Biggs shown in my avatar - illustrated by a wonderful woman called Lynne and also Afternoon Tea with James the Alien - on my own thoughts about stuff to do with things. I thought to myself if 10,000 copies of these sold around the world, well I would have enough to leave and start something with like minded souls.

I am trying to manifest. Not many copies sold yet. All I want to do is be myself and I obviously cant here. We do not have alimony if your kids are adults over here in Oz, and because of some health problems and mental health problems (bipolar and OCD) I cannot work full time in the workforce.
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Default Re: For years I have had these visions.

I and probably more here would love to come down under. You live there, any suggestions where to settle? Speaking about a hobbit house this is one here
Found it here on Avalon and i think this is what a lot of us want to realise.
It's a fantastic link! have a look pls.
If we could find 100 people that are willing to make the step we can do it!
It would cost hardly more then what it will cost you to get there. Im virtually sure when we would move our *sses to Norway. How is Australia on eco farming?
Love to dig in but wont yet. In general your treated like a King in Norway when youre into biological eco farming and hobbithousing.
If at least 100 people would really like to live like that, give me your names and you can come over tomorrow. (Almost.) Thing is we can have it for free (virtually) but we have to be selfsufficient! Biological farming is big in Norway.
Recently read about a dutch farmer that went there who said "Can live very comfertable here with my family (and friends) milking only 30 cows and a big chop of land .Though me and my wife could not make a proper living in Holland having 150 cows!"
I know abandend villages in Norway that you can have for free if you promise to take care of it. Cold winters beauitiful summers!! vertily land high grounded.
To go short probably preferable to the Australian desert. Might be gone, soon as i said it ,but i have wished to know a 100 people who would like to join me there very recent. (days ago!)
If a lot of us want this, step forward please. If were quick and lucky Norway might be tropical in 3 years when this polar shift comes...
Being aware is being considered to be a nutter.
Often i feel like we (all of us) will lose it anyway. You will, i will- one day, yes but also all at ones, soon...
But its over and over. This is just... whatever. I want to live these coming three years in this body. I can get my own universe when i like, would i?

There is still some freeland left in this world.
It's a four season country in extrema. Smart housing and a lot of festivals would make it so... please lets go. I dont want to be alone out there.
But with you i would love to. Thousands of people can drop in to this. Here you have a thousands acres take care of it. DONT just PROFIT from it! Thats Norway.

I could sell you the same story for Spain. Been there.Ive been a truckdriver for 10 years. ive been in every European corner. Ive been contacted, couldnt concentrate anymore... thats 7 years ago, now i have hardly got a nail to scratch my *ss. If you dont understand it means i m poor. 40 bucks a week aint much.

I lost my connection when i was 9.
I decided to go for the truth when i was 15.
I m 38 now and im still aware.

Srry have to end here
i cant do without a lot of you.

We have to take care
thats not a lot of work
but it takes some attention

i truely hope i havent hurt
What i tried to say it is there, there, and there.

Im deleting my writings now
but i will press submit.
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