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Thumbs down Trusted computing

i found this article pretty interesting, its just one more control that is planned to be put in place to take away more of our freedoms.

What do you all think about this?

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Default Re: Trusted computing

It's intriguing to say the least.

However the number of potential hackers to break systems like these are also startling. I guess it's just again another version of electronic warfare.

A new battle, with new weapons ...

Although we're not happy with this **** of course it comes to the same scenario again and again : action - reaction

And the reaction will be reconnaissance and destroy ....

Since it 's a small number of 'bad' grey cells trying to overthrow a 'big' number of
grey cells they always seem to forget that THEY are outnumbered !

Why don't they start using their grey cells to figure that out
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Default Re: Trusted computing

Nothing surprises me anymore-corruption everywhere i'm afraid to say-interesting posting,thanks.
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Default Re: Trusted computing

i've read a few articles that seem to encompass POV's from "it's evil" to "it's the next best thing". It is an interesting topic though. If "they" can't get control over the www, what does it matter if "they" can control your PC? Something to think about, perhaps.

i don't feel like looking it up, but i recall an article about "trusted computing" being based on some sort of an "open source" standard. The problem is, if you want to participate in it's development you have to be invited. I think Microsoft was "invited". That about says it all, doesn't it? Yes, the same nazi outfit that develops a method of closed source "encryption" that is easily broken by forensics is now involved in "trusted computing".

on a side note:

read a forum post by a fella whose father suffered from alzheimers. He's off at work, or wherever, and pop is watching some "all hackers are malicious" garbage on TV and he gets the idea his son is an evil overlord so he calls the cops. The son has a Thinkpad (IBM) with the "trusted computing" chip enabled. He also has passwords in place. The cops come and download the contents of his drive, without ever opening the lid of the notebook, by connecting some sort of device to one of the ports of his machine. They do not take his computer. Nothing interesting to them is found upon later analysis.

the son learns of this and checks his logs and finds that, sure enough, someone had logged on to the system. How he knows this if they never booted the OS i do not know. He calls the cops and asks what's up. Specifically he wants to know HOW they got data off the machine. The conversation deteriorated from there and he never was able to find out the whole story, but i think he said that they told him they can get the data through a certain port (PCMCIA?).

now, i'm in Huntsville, AL. This was several years ago. I was selling stuff in prep for a move, among which were a few PC's. Guy shows up to buy a machine and we start talking about stuff which i was aware of at the time (black ops, 9/11 discrepancies, etc.). He says he's an ex-gov contractor with a crypto clearance. We talked about encryption very briefly and he says "it's useless". I could kick myself in the ass for not diving deeper on that subject at the time. That's twice i've been told that. Have not been able to contact the guy since (i may have deleted his addy or never recorded it).

ok, f-it... deeper...

before the ex-g-man bought a PC, i met a guy on MSFN (micro$ft forum network). I needed a logo designed for something and he jumped in. Somehow we start talking about some totally unrelated stuff via PM's, after which i suggested we move to IM or email. We had a couple conversations via IM and exchanged some emails, the latter of which i have copies of. I considered the stuff we were talking about to be very "sensitive", though really it was nothing that hasn't been covered on sites such as camelot, but i wasn't aware of such resources at the time. And so i suggest using encryption. Useless, he says. Again i dropped the ball and didn't question this in depth.

i hate this because it really pushes the edge of my little mind, but...

for a long time i've had the belief that the human race was the result of extra-terrestrial genetic engineering (we simply "don't fit" here). He's not very forthcoming with information, but i'm asking allot of questions about god, ET's, their role in our development, etc., and he tells me he basically IS an ET and that we are all the product of ET genetic engineering. So therefore we ALL have alien DNA? Yes is the answer. God? God is not who you think he is, he says (i'm a total non-believer in any sort of traditional god or mainstream religion anyway). He said some things which i thought we're very strange (ok, even stranger - how's that?); we all hate Jews but we don't know why. This made no sense to me. I don't really recall the details of his response, but i think he said this had something to do with Jews being more pure than the rest of us. Also said we have an embedded craving to dig (mine). Why, i ask. Because "they", (the ET's) developed us as slaves to mine some minerals that they needed/wanted but he didn't know what they were. This made little sense, to me anyway, as i have a craving to AVOID digging, not engage in it. However i am fascinated by caves, mines and buried/sunken treasure, etc..

somewhere in this conversation he starts talking about "good" and "bad" ET races which occupy different planets (some of which he named -- i never heard of any of them at the time). Says they're fighting a war and they are very interested in this little spinning glob of dirt of ours. He says i'll have to choose [between the good/bad] at some point. At this point we're talking about 2012. I'm trying to get more out of him and he's resistant, so i change the mood and say that "i want a ride on a UFO!". The whole time i'm laughing to myself because i see this guy as little more than a social engineer having some fun with me (it's only lately that some of what he said has begun to make sense to me). Anyway, he says that i might get that ride in the very near future and all this **** is somehow related to the middle east (the point of origin for "us" he says). He also says that there will be some sort of event in 2012 or shortly before. From this point i get mixed up because i remember reading that some faction of ET's will visit us in the near future, regardless of any resistance by governments, and make themselves known to us. I don't know that he said this though, or if this was something i read later.

what strange times we live in

Knowing what i [think] i know now, i'd like to talk to this guy again but i can't get him on IM and he hasn't answered further emails.
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