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Default new creatures

Has anyone else started seeing unusual creatures in the last couple of days?

Yesterday, I saw a small mammal that looked like a cross between a squirrel, a rat and chinchilla. The body and tail of a rat, the movement charactarized like a squirrel and a head, ears and face like a chinchilla and it was blondish/fawnish in color.

Then just now I saw a bird that was the size of a crow, with a body similar to a peregrine falcon and face like a woodpecker.

I remember reading awhile back that new creatures would start showing up closer to 2012/shift and thought it would way less obvious than this and am quite amazed by it.

Additionally a lot of the normal animals around here seem to be less.

Anyone else noticing these things. In particular in No. Cal.

peace and light,
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Default Re: new creatures

Im not sure if you mean northern california or not, but yes I have been seeing some strange animals. The other day i was at the river(american) and I saw what look to me like a mammal that moved like a squirrel but was the size of a a cat! And it was all black. It was very strange. As far as the usual animals. Haven't seen them in the numbers that I used to..... its as if they no something is coming and are getting the hell out of dodge.....Keep your eyes to the skies as well....just after sunset. STRANGE THINGS GOING ON INDEED!
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Default Re: new creatures

Yes I did mean Northern California.

I meant to mention that they seemed to sense they were out of place, both looked at me with great curiosity and some fear for quite a good while.

I have family in Sacramento and they have been mentioning seeing some crazy looking birds lately but we all were attributing this to global weather change, now I'm curious if is could be something else.

A while ago I remember reading an Indian Elder prophecy (I think it was Hopi) and there was mention of new animals showing up and that if the scientists were paying attention they would be amazed.

I agree, some strange things are going on, one morning a couple of weeks ago we awoke to a small sparrow and 5" dragonfly flying around in our living room, it was like fairy land that day.
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Default Re: new creatures

Animals just can't appear suddenly, they must evolve and grow like everything else.I'm not knocking you by any means but maybe it's just higher awareness, and I am always watching animals, so cool!
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Default Re: new creatures

I see a new animal the other day, it's called Illuminatiti, I catched it but was to much ugly for me, so I let it go and then enter quickly in it's cave to do I don't know what smelly thing.

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Default Re: new creatures

Interesting. I haven't had any experiance with 'new' creatures, though I once did see a spotted hyena in Vermont. When I reported it the ranger's first question was: "Have you taken any psychadelic drugs recently?" lol

In Cryptozoology there are so many cases of out of place animals. Personally, I enjoy reading about a kangaroo appearing in midwest US from seemingly out of nowhere as I do reading about a lake monster or bigfoot.
At least out of place animals can be verified that they're in fact real, though it sometime remains unknown where they came from or how they got there.

But that's not what you're talking about here. Just wanted to share my story.

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