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Default The esoteric secrets of the four elements and the birth of the OMEN

In accordance with the Esoteric doctrine, it has been said that the four grosser elements
have descended from the fifth element, the ether principle. Consequently ether is the
cause ultimate and to be regarded as the fifth power, the quintessence.
The etheric principle is the cause of the origin of the
elements. According to the occult scriptures, the first element born from ether is the principle of fire. This element as well as all the others manifest their
influence not only in our 3D material plane but also in everything created.

The basic qualities of the fiery principle are heat and expansion. In the beginning of all things created therefore must have been fire and light, and in the Bible we read let there be light. So the origin of the light, is to be sought in the fire.

Each element has two polarities, i.e., the active and the passive one, which means positive
(+) and negative (-). positive will always signify the constructive, the creative, the productive
sources whereas negative stands for all that is destructive or dissecting. There are always two
basic qualities, which must be clearly distinguished in each element.

Religions have always labeled the good to the active and the evil to the passive side. But fundamentally spoken,there are no such things as good or bad; they are nothing but human conceptions. In the Universe there is neither good nor evil, because everything has been created according to
immutable laws, wherein the Divine Principle is reflected and only by knowing these laws,shall we be able to come near to the Divinity.

As mentioned before, the fiery principle owns the expansion, which is called electrical fluid
the quality of expansion is identical with extension. The elementary principle of fire is latent and active in all things created, as a matter of fact, in the whole Universe, beginning from the tiniest grain of sand to the most sublime substance visible or invisible.

The opposite principle, the water. It is also derived
from the etheric principle. But in comparison with fire, it has quite contrasting qualities. These basic qualities are coldness and shrinkage. The water element also consist of two poles, the active one being constructive, life-giving, nourishing and protective, whereas the
negative pole, similar to the one of fire, is destructive, dissecting, fermenting, and dividing.
As this element owns the basic quality of shrinking and contraction, it has produced the magnetic fluid.

Fire as well as water are operating in all regions. According to the laws of creation, the fiery principle would not be able to exist all by itself if it did not conceal inside as the opposite pole of the principle of water. These two elements, fire and water, are the basic
elements with the help of which all has been created. In consequence of these facts, we have
everywhere the exsistence of two main elements. Moreover with the electrical and magnetical
fluids which represent the contrasting polarities.

The element of air is also derived from the etheric principle. The occult circle do not regard this principle
as a real element, but it is granted as the role of a mediator between the fiery and the watery
principles, so that the principle of air will, in a certain way, establish the neutral equilibrium, acting as a medium between the active and the passive activities of water and of fire. Through the interaction of the active and passive elements of fire and water the whole created life has
become motion.
In its mediatorship the principle of air has assumed the quality of warmth from the fire and
that of humidity from the water. Without these two qualities any life would be inconceivable.
These two qualities will also grant two polarities to the airy principle, which means in the
positive outcome the life-giving polarity, and in the negative aspect the destructive polarity.
In addition to that let me say that the mentioned elements are not to be regarded as ordinary
fire, water and air which would solely represent aspects of the grossly material plane but in
this case universal qualities of all elements are concerned

It has been said of the principle of air that it does not represent an element proper and this
affirmation goes for the principle of earth likewise. Now this means that out of the interaction
of the three foresaid elements the earthy principle has been born as the last element which by
its specific quality, the solidification involves all the three elements. It is this quality in
particular which has given a concrete shape to the three aforesaid elements. But at the same
time the action of the three elements has been limited with the result of space, measure,
weight and time having been born. The reciprocal action of the three elements together with
that of the earth, thus, has become tetrapolar so that the earthy principle may be labeled now
as a 4-pole magnet. The fluid in the polarity of the earthy element is electromagnetic. All the
life created can therefore be explained by the fact that all higher elements are active in the fourth,
i.e., the earth element.


The birth of the O men or Sun men

The solar power is the soular power

Now i will go into detail about how these elements are effecting the flow of events.It is very important that we realize that these four elements are reflected throughout nature every time the number four is expressed.The overstanding of this four fold nature is key to our unfolding.
Below i will attempt to explain based on my overstanding of these occult secrets of the four horseman.
The White HORSE OF Fall- egg stage of the butterfly

Earth- BODY- matter= Ego-Fall-planting seed-dormant - egg stage of the butterfly-death - ignorance- This is the Passive phase of all life.
The effects of the seed of divinity's fall into matter, causes the soul to be stung into a philisophical death that culminates at the winter solstice. This spiritual death starts the journey inward in pursuit to conquer ones demons and overcome all fears. This stage is ground zero where we as fools face the dark night of the soul .Here we are initiated into the 3 degrees of the mysteries ie 3 days in the tomb and (22)JAK'S 3 magic beans. JAK sales his cow for it has served its divine purpose.This new knew state of mind must be nurtured by right actions and right thought. The seed must be quarantined and protected because its still in the earth ie matter and has not yet emerged.(martial law)

The Red Horse- Catepillar stage
The tomb of death has been alchemically transmuted into the womb ie Phoenix from the ashes.
Dec 25th marks the esoteric new Year and birth of a new conciousness.The rider on the red horse rises up conquering city after city bearing his double edge sword of truth and taking the inner kingdom by force as the power of the sun increases and conquer the darkness of ignorance, famine, plague and canabalism.Why canabalism? Because man in the previous state eats like the animal instead of using the submission of his animal nature to plough the feilds for truth.Man's ignorance makes him a cereal killer as he tramples under foot the seed of the divine.At this stage in the process we have water and earth or mud the divine Mother.

mind- Nuetral-Black Horse Of Spring and resurection
spring the time of rightcheousness or right brain thinking that consist of balance and equalibrium.This is the time we emerge and see from the mud as the green man(HULK)
displaying polarity as the new green sprout and master of our emotions. In movies we always see the hulk out of control in order to conceal these secrets.Spring is also the time of high winds that are needed to fan the divine spark into flaming conciousness which is the fourth element of fire.Here is where JAK ascends the bean stalk(spinal column) and steal fire from the gods.

- Summer- heat-fruit - salvation-shade-divine intellect Wheat and bread for the masses. Summer is the time when the labors and toils of winter finally bare fruit and all things bitter has turn sweet. (water into wine). This is the time when life is found in its highest expression. After spring we start the ascension process, as the sun ascends to it higest point in the sign of gemini the twins and over to cancer where it starts the cycle again.Here the soul looses its power as it backs up with cancer the crab. This is the pale horse that brings the second plague as said in the esoteric,man incarnates through the west gate and forgets his divinity and suffers the plague of ignorance and amnesia..

It is very important to notice how each principle builds upon the other.This is why it is so important to breathe properly always and especially durring meditation, as the breath takes the oxygen to the brain and fans the flame in the the furnace of the pineal gland and blows open the crown Chakra..
I N R I IS HEBREW FOR EARTH WATER AIR AND FIRE. This is not a man, it is a state of mind where the mortal becomes immortal by unfolding through four stages as any seed must evolve.Man is father to the kingdom below and mother to the kingdom above.



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